Some of you may remember a certain guild on Kel'thuzad named <Haha I Farted>. Well, we've left those inflated queue times and the unfavored imbalance of our old realm behind us.

Restoration is the rebirth of our old guild, but with a more... mature sounding name (prior guild name was named in honor of the GM and Co-GM's 3 year old son). Our guild is made up of friends and family and a few others we've picked up since our transfer, but we're always looking for more who are interested in leveling our characters to the new level cap, leveling our guild up, and, sometime down the road, a little raiding here and there.

If you're interested in joining our guild, then go ahead and /who Restoration and ask anyone online for an invite. If no one online is able to invite, then send an in-game message to Magelust or Pay and I'll get back to you as soon as you log back on.

Thank you! =)