A resto druids plea. (non broken heal QQ)

I'm not going into if I think healing is broken or whatnot. What I am going to discuss is Blizzards "idea" of what healing should be. Ok blizzard you have said on SEVERAL occasions that you want us to PICK which heals to use at what time. Why then am I being pigeonholed into rolling lifebloom on the tank and then useing nourish. Omen procs I use healing touch. On oh ##@* moments I have tranquility and tree form. Guess what I do in tree form. Thats right put lifebloom on everyone and healing touch for the most part. Thats 99.9% of druid healing right now. Regrowth is all but completely useless. I dont even have it on my bar. No point to it being there. Rejuv is really close to useless. Its purpose is swiftmend. Do I have alot of experiance healing heroics yet? Nope havent finished a single one yet. Do I care? In my current gear and the current lack of skill by most dps/healers/tanks at this time no I dont care.

What I DO care about is being told healing is going to require alot more focus and I will have to pick what heals to use when and then making it so I use a grand total of 2 buttons the MAJORITY of the time. Thats even less than I used in wrath. At least in wrath I could use ALL my skills to get the same results. Now I have no choice but to be a 2 button wonder (except in extreem boss situations).

So this brings me to my plea to blizzard. Please look at your healing model. Tougher is fine! Tougher to heal while the actual act of healing being even more boring than in wrath is not fine. As it stands now, at least for druids, we are 2 button wonders when things go right. Thats not fun in the least and anyone telling you it is, is lieing through there teeth.
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85 Troll Druid
Regrowth is amazing when you're in ToL, spam the party with LB, and get your insane amount of CC procs. I don't use Nourish very much, I stop-cast Healing Touch.

You also didn't mention Rejuv/Efflorescence.

Wild Growth is still viable, while weak.

I'd call us more "Clearcast Healers" than "Two Button Healers."
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85 Tauren Druid
I'm sure the trolls will look at my gear and say "you're wearing cloth! Need more spirit! Upgrade those greens!" etc, but what I want to say is that druids don't feel like druids anymore. We're not hot-based anymore. We roll lifeblooms on the tank, but aside from that we use nourish 90% of the time. I should have done more research so I would have known what it would be like from the start - that way I could have avoided leveling my druid in the first place and level my priest instead so I could at least be a cute goblin.

It's just boring. I have less variety in spell usage now than I did in wrath. I thought that was the point of this change? To use more spells? Regrowth, rejuv and wild growth basically have no purpose. Rejuv will set up a swiftmend, but swiftmend is pretty pitiful itself as well as efflorescence. I miss playing a hot-based healer. I haven't had trouble healing dungeons so far (and no, I haven't done heroics yet - been working on leveling a goblin), but it's just less FUN than it used to be. I'm disappointed.
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Out. I understand what you are saying. Going into ToL in "oh crap" moments are the only time I feel like I'm actually doing anything though. My point was they claimed healing would be more involved. Picking the right heal for the right time. Its ANYTHING but that. Most of the time we roll lifebloom and cast nourish. Toss a healing touch when OoC procs. Thats just not fun imo. Yet except for "oh crap" moments its all we do. Its all we CAN do and not waste mana. Thats not the healing they told me I would be doing. I love healing but right now its just not fun. Even when thing ARE going well I dont dare cast something just to cast it (like a wrath for example) incase I need that mana if things do go wrong.
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90 Worgen Druid
I am posting here in full agreeance to the original poster. In their attempt to take away our ability to use all of our spells and enjoy our gameplay, Blizzard turned us into a pathetic watered down version of a paladin.

Where as we used to be able to pick which spells we wanted to heal with and have a great deal of flexibility we are now forced to stack lifebloom and press nourish. As an extra insult two of our main hots have been made so mana inneficient we cannot even group heal with rejuv or regrowth anymore.

I do not understand how in their infinite wisdom Blizzard's team thought that making it SO A CLASS CANNOT USE THEIR ABILITIES THROUGH OVERSIZED MANA COSTS was a way of leveling out the play field for healers.

Blizzard needs to remember that we are customer's purchsing a product. If you buy sour milk and don't enjoy it odds are you won't buy it from that company again.
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90 Worgen Druid

Fix mana costs and heal ratios.

Allow people to be able to enjoy the gameplay and have some flexibilty in how they play their character.

Remember the mistake they made here and please never repeat it.

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90 Night Elf Druid
I've healed a few heroics and rejuv is still a very useful spell, you just have to use like it's meant to be used. Keep it up on the tank almost all the time, and dps get it if they're below about 60%. Having 12.5% haste gives rejuv an extra tick and makes it our most efficient spell, but only if you're using it on players who need it.

Nourish and regrowth on the other hand are next to useless. If someone isn't injured enough for healing touch, then they aren't in danger of dying and don't need nourish, and regrowth heals for no where near enough to make up for its insane mana cost no matter how fast it is.

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90 Night Elf Druid
I To have had issues with Mana, and while I can generally get through all the regular dungeons currently except Grim Batol, There are pulls or certain boss fights that I an saying over and over again in my head "I'm not healing any more".

After several Respecs I have finally got my spec to where I can make Mana last a bit longer and I'm doing the lifeblood nourish rotation... ( Can it even be called a rotation with it being only two spells) with Swift Mend when the tank is in trouble, ToL for Oh Poop moments and Yes its HARD but I honestly think its harder then TBC.

I'm not saying I like the way the druids are set up now, actually I hate it. But if they would either lower the mana cost on these spells or give us back our once wicked mana regen, or even so much as:


That would be a big help.

Well thats my two cents.
Blizzard I'm sure doesn't care as long as they get my 15 bucks.
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85 Worgen Druid
I'm actually quite happy with healing as it is now.

My favorite druid memory will always be Patchwerk 25 rolling hots on all 3 tanks. While this isn't back to those days exactly, I would hope you're not genuinely saying you miss the days of rejuv rejuv rejuv rejuv rejuv WILD GROWTH rejuv rejuv rejuv rejuv rejuv WILD GROWTH rejuv rejuv rejuv rejuv rejuv WILD GROWTH.
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We're fine--I've done every heroic, plus Halfus, the vault boss, and work on Omnitron. The raiding is 10man and 2healing (opposite a priest, he's been trying both specs).

You don't just spam nourish. In heroics, it's lifebloom and rejuv on the tank, mend basically on cooldown (unless you're saving it to use efflo on a gimmick), nourish as necessary. If they dip too low, an HT instead of nourish. Regrowth or HT on OoC procs, just if you want a faster heal or a bigger one--regrowth usually works better for me, but it does depend on the situation. Group healing is a mix of efflo, WG/(rejuv or nourish for a particularly low target), and regrowth/HT (followed also by rejuv or nourish, for a particularly low target) from OoC procs.

We've already cut way back on the CC we bother to use. I drink between a half dozen and 10 times a run, generally. If you get behind, tell your tank to use a cooldown, pop Broccoli and lifebloom everyone--with the ridiculous number of OoC procs you get, insta-regrowth anyone low. Bonus points for WG up first, so the lifeblooms get mastery. If you get really behind, tranq.

For (10man) raids, lifebloom/rejuv on tank A, rejuv on B and use OoC for regrowth on B when possible, for mastery. Mend either, preferably the one melee is near. Raid healing works the same way. If you want to deal with it, you can keep lifebloom rolling on both tanks by using nourish (or HT, but you shouldn't need it often) after getting the stacks up via Broccoli, but that cuts significantly into the time you can spend on the raid.

Resto druids only need two things right now:
1) The +mount speed guild perk needs to work for flight form.
2) OoC should not consume swiftmend, but should consume WG and rejuv.
EDIT: 3) Using survey should automatically cancel form that don't allow it (i.e. flight form).

/cast [target=focus, exists, harm] Entangling Roots; Entangling Roots
/cast [target=focus, exists, harm] Hibernate; Hibernate
You can't use both together, if you're trying to use both in a single pull, but one at a time they're fine. Focus your CC target, and just keep an eye on your CC ticking down.
Edited by Galashin on 12/14/2010 9:31 AM PST
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85 Tauren Druid
You are just fail mogway. There are situations to use every one of our heals now.
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<3 Galashin.

Use regrowth. It's efficient.
Gear intelligently. NEVER cloth.
If CC needs happening, you have CCs...
If people are being dumb, explain how they can stop.
Don't complain. Analyze and adapt.
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