Resto Shaman..Thoughts

85 Dwarf Shaman
To all the resto shamans out there...hi!

Anyway these are my thoughts. I find healing fun as hell its a challenge, but i tend to get anoyed alot with it also (But im not giving up!). When we are stuck on a boss for hours in a heroic. For example the 2nd boss in h vortex..ugh!

I also go oom a fair bit trying my best to heal party wide its just so hard. Im slowly getting gear and my oomness is improving but im sort of stuck on certin bosses.

Anyway i would like to know how all you resto shammys are going? other class healers your input is welcome to :D

Get your totems out
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85 Troll Shaman
Resto shammy healing has never been more fun! CC, AoE heals, Tank heals, offensive and defensive dispels, interrupts, the list goes on... we couldnt ask for more tools as a healer. Some of our healing is gear dependant, a lot of our healing is based on the party/raid's awareness, and some is based off of spell choice. I have gotten my heroic cata dungeon achievement and can say it has made healing far more fun than it was in WotLK.
For my spells, I usually follow a riptide > healing wave x2 on the tank, and repeat. If he needs big heals, it becomes Riptide > Unleash Elements > Greater Healing Wave x2. For aoe, as others have said, healing rain is amazing. Chain heal is meh compared to WotLK chain heal, but it is nice in addition to other aoe. Also remember to keep riptide rolling on your party members (you can do this while still spamming healing wave / greater healing waves on the tank).
I rarely use healing surge, unless i have extra mana and know the tank wont live.
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85 Troll Shaman
Vortex is an easy heroic in general.

The cone attack is advertised well in advance (the dragon faces in a direction) and if youve got the camera zoomed out past the back of your character's skull you can see the tornados everywhere too.

Biggest advice for tank healing is Riptide + UE + GHW combination whenever its available and wont cause overhealing.

If youre getting knocked around a lot Spiritwalker's grace is good to use too.

Good luck
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100 Tauren Shaman
Resto shaman healing is the best thing iv chosen to do in awhile. i was healing through wraith and i found it quite boring now its so much FUN! Please dont nerf the bosses blizz you made this game actually fun and challenging again.
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85 Troll Shaman
Throw down a Healing Rain, Earth Shield the Tank, throw a Rip Tide on him, and he'll survive long enough for you to top up the DPS. I love all the tools Resto Shammys have now, I just wish Greater Healing Wave healed for about 10k more than it does for me right now. It might be a gear issue, but the piddly 14-20k healing it does on a target with 100k health is under whelming.
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83 Goblin Shaman
While my new shammy isn't seeing any new content yet, I've been healing quite a bit as resto. I know it isn't anywhere near the same thing as the Cata dungeons, but I've got to say - the heal on dispel talent is one of those "Seems minor but ends up being very handy" sorts of things. Love it :D

I do think my wife's holy paladin seems a bit more engaging though (at least, more room for skillful gains - a lot more involved in terms of making the correct decision and planning ahead, on paper anyway).
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80 Draenei Hunter
The second boss in VP is the dragon.. thing, yes?

To be honest, that fight is not hard to heal if you and the rest of the group can avoid typhoons and the boss's chilling breath when he targets someone. Tell people to spread out on that fight, and obviously try to find the 'upwind' buff. I barely even have to do anything but riptide at random times, or just heal the tank.

Anyway.. for general resto shammy tips.

50% < Healing Wave.
35-40% < Greater Healing Wave.
Creeping under 15% - Healing surge.

Always keep ES and Riptide up.. but don't spam it until they fall off your target.

Also, you kinda need to know what each mob in every instance does.. somewhat. You can then prioritize on whether to heal the DPS, or just focus on the tank when he's keeping smacked up in the head. Your group needs to CC / Not stand in fires if you are noticing massive damage to each and everyone in your party.

Tho, remind your party that THE BLUE CIRCLE THAT MAKES PRETTY SPARKLY RAIN is good for them and they should not run out of it.

Keybind Windshear, Purge, Hex. If you have a second to do something else other than heal.. i.e. CC being broken, mob has a dispellable buff or is casting a huge damaging spell.
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85 Draenei Shaman
Definetly its the best class to heal atm, to all ppl QQ'ing about resto shammie its just useless

ES the tank and stay close, Hex a spellcaster, drop totems.... riptide + UE + healling wave on tank, tell all the ranged dps to stay close to each other, refresh hex, healing rain the range dps who are taking damage and at the end of the fight i have 80% of my mana

i really missed this strategy dungeons, a lot more fun and more challenging than just leeroy aggro 10 mobs and spam heals since you have insane mana regen

havent healed heroics yet but normal dungeons are fun as hell, only thing that makes me rage its the tank saying "what's CC?" /facepalm
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90 Orc Shaman
It really is an endurace fight for us but quite easy if dps are not standing in tornados.
What you need to do is make sure you use RT as soon as its off CD then use a HW for insurance. Dont worry about DPS taking too much dmg, its not spiky unless they cop a blast, then just RT, HW, if they are really low then healing surge (but really consider it given the situation and health of the boss), then let em go because you need to check your tank. Dont use Chain unless you have more than one melee dps then use it if they are both below say 50%. Be aware with healing rain on that fight as it can be a bit mobile, but use it over Chain if you can. Use mana tide if you are about 15% then when it dies pop mana tot up, dont forget to lust!

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85 Dwarf Shaman
Thanks heaps for your input guys, as i said i love healing atm but struggle a bit. I'l take all the advice on board and will keep trying my best untill im the best healer in teh world...of warcraft mmk?

Ps Lust > Hero
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