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85 Tauren Paladin
The paragraph below is a bit of a back story, skip ahead a bit to get to the current content thought. If I sound like I'm whining I assure you I don't at all mean to make it sound that way. Sorry ahead of time for grammatical errors.

I started healing around level 30 as a druid. Burning Crusade dropped and i wanted to see what that alliance only Paladin being brought over to horde was all about. Enjoyed leveling but due to my spastic mind set, I flipped between all 3 specs. I enjoyed my self but never had over 100G due to no duel spec at the time. As I hit 70 I hit the wall of "What in the hell do I do now?" After much struggle and fruitless efforts I found a group of friends whom already had allot of heroics under there belt. I joined in as "The Backup" whatever roll we didn't have I filled. Toward the end of it I settled into healing as what i wanted to be. Now I never got into BC or Sunwell. But! I did get SSC down before the patch. We were delighted and awaited the next expansion to come out. I leveled as retribution till about 74-ish, I then tried holy out. After having the ability to AoE down 30+ mobs and heal my self I fell in love all over again. I stayed holy though out most of Wrath switching over to the other specs when my friends needed me. I never got into Ulduar as I was still in high school at the time, it was kinda suck hearing all the stories of the epic fights but I made due being a heroic all-star. Likewise with ToC, but I don't think I missed that much. Around ICC I joined in 2-3 months late but jumped in the fray as a healer with the newly attained T9 that you could get off of badges. I was able to farm quickly, being a heroic all-star after all. I only got up to Sindragosa but it was quite fun. Now rolling into the Cataclysm I started out as Holy till about 82. I was Protecbution for 83, and finished strong as Retribution. All whilst gathering gear for holy from most of my quests, only getting the other specs when there was no other option available. Sorry for this wall of text just thought I'd add a back story for the topic at hand.

My first time healing in Cataclysm was in Blackrock Caverns. It still felt very "spammy" while running, nothing I couldn't handle. Getting used to using Word of Glory in conjunction with Tower of Radiance. The healing felt different. It wasn't quite hard at all, but it was a nice change from the ability of just using one spell. I was now using two! My next stop was Stonecore. This is were the Culture Shock of healing took place. I felt helpless as my tank was taking a fairly large amount of damage and so was the group. The groups would take large AoE damage and the tank still taking a good dose of damage, as a paladin I've never been good with more than 2 people getting hit factor. Even with Light of Dawn(I dislike the spell so much.) But in the end each time I made it though almost unscathed, a few wipes from trash pulls gone bad or boss mechanics being ignored. Looking back now that I'm 85 and have a few heroics under my belt, it wasn't anything compared to the coming storm.

At 83 I stopped running dungeons and focused on the prize of 85. After reaching my goal I started into the swing of healing. Jumping into Halls of Origination the first trash pull burned almost all of my mana. I had no idea as to what in the hell happened. That tank ordered CC to be used. After words pulls only started 3/4 of my mana pool. I was confused as to what was wrong, was it my gear? I was only using Holy Light, Word of Glory, Beacon of Light, and Holy Shock. The mana coasts matched my level of mana. Everything seemed fine I only had to use flash of light once due the lack of interrupts on a shadowlancer. Keeping my cool, I didn't say a word just thought about what was wrong. Checked the tanks gear, he had a heroic helm and the rest of his gear matched up fine, the DPS was pulling along just fine. A wipe on the boss due to not understand the switch mechanics, but on our 2nd and winning attempt I ran ou of mana! I was already not used to hear the smokers voice of the Tauren, but that and it saying that I had no mana was something new. I was freaking out, racing around my head on what tricks I could pull. Thankfully the Retribution noticed my confusion and pulled out a few heals and saved the day while the boss was at 10%. It gave me enough time to gather the mana for a Divine Light on the tank to keep him from eating dirt. After words I tanked the other paladin for his quick timing and apologized for running out of mana. We continued on to finish the dungeons with no other wipes.
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85 Tauren Paladin
Afterwords I thought about what caused me to burn most of my mana away. At first I blamed the DPS and my self taking alot of extra damage. But to what? They moved every time out of the fire only taking a tick. As I recalled I never got caught in anything that wasn't unavoidable. Rulling my self out with 2 points into Protector of the Innocent. I them remembered that most fights had some sort of unavoidable damage. Temple Guardian Anhuur's Reverberating Hymn, Earthrager Ptah's, Flame Bolt, Anraphet's Omega Stance, Isiset's Astral Rain, Ammunae's Rampant Growth, Setesh's Seed of Chaos (I know you can dodge this but predicting were it will land was tricky for us,) and last Rajh's Blessing of the Sun. While I kept everyone up I had to use almost all of my mana to do it and at most points I had to pick who gets that holy shock and who gets to wait for it's cool down risking there death. I felt helpless and I also felt bad when a dps got knocked down to 40% with everyone else and they were the last one to get a heal.

In closing, I'm not saying I'm the best. I really do enjoy this healing, it's a challenge and I love it. But there are points to me that still feel very "spammy" I understand that this will never change but it feels the same. Just my Holy Light doesn't always hit for 15K, they hit for 8-10 and I have to use holy shock to cover on some spots. I also didn't like the culture shock of the healing change it felt so sudden that it still is catching my off guard. But I do enjoy the way the expansion is turning out, I like the direction they are taking dungeons by bring back that hard feel to them. But spending three hours in one is a bit overkill, I can get on board for 2 if asked nicely. Just my thoughts on it in case a blue came across this on there lunch break. Good luck!
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85 Dwarf Paladin
I posted this little guide in another thread, I hope it works to your advantage!

A) Your best friend however is still HOLY LIGHT, cuz thats whats gonna charge your holy power by using it on the beacon. The way dungeon encounters function has been changed completely and you have to play healing a little closer to the side of danger if you want to keep your mana reserves out of the red. The basic strategy I've discovered is to spam holy light on the beacon, your tank, at all times when other healing isn't needed, and then drop your light of the dawn whenever you hit three charges of holy power or the dps starts taking damage from the increased amount of aoe damage bosses and mobs are throwing in cataclysm dungeons. If you do this for periods of light to medium damage, you can keep your mana reserves pretty steady, as if you have enough spirit built up the rotation of 3 holy lights and a light of the dawn will actually have you gaining mana especially if your throwing a judgement out whenever its cooldown pops.

B) Another thing, light of the dawn is your friend! even though the beacon of light only heals the tank for 50%, with 3 charges up your throwing out 5 heals for 6-8k plus the 4k talent heal on yourself, that totals up to a heal of around 24k on the tank if your whole group gets hit by light of the dawn (7k*5(LoD) + 4k = 34/2k + 7k LoD on the tank ) and that doesn't even cost any mana!

C) Flash of light i've discovered is good for periods of medium-heavy, but mostly heavy, damage, (to quote someone its an oh @#*@ button) i'd agree and say also its major use is charging the hell out of your holy power when you need it most. Lots of damage? 3 flashes and a light of the dawn has your whole group healed for a good sum.

D)Next, i'd recomend getting power auras classic so you can keep track of the 2 very important procs that are daybreak and infusion of light. If your healing properly that means your dropping holy lights almost nonstop and that means that daybreak is gonna proc ALOT. Holy shock is, MOST of time, a bit of a wasted heal if you throw it at the tank . Holy shock is best used on your non beacon targets, because it heals them and still gives you a charge of holy power that otherwise you wouldn't get by healing someone other than your tank.

E)If you have daybreak USE IT! that double holy shock makes it very likely your gonna proc your infusion of light, which has a much longer duration than daybreak. with power auras its really easy and usefull to know when u have it. If your tank starts taking alot of damage that 1 second divine light healing for 22k+ is really nice in a bind.

F)The last spell I want to cover is holy radiance. This aoe hot is good for that super obnoxious massive aoe that almost every dungeon has at least one mob or boss that uses, and while i don't think this thing works with the beacon is still really nice for aoe because it heals the whole group and its just a kickass spell. Hope this wordy block of text crits you for a major wakeup call on how to own the new healadin in all its holy glory!

I know what your talking about in stonecore even I hate that place and its aoe nonsense
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