Healing classes compared, with a side of QQ.

85 Worgen Druid
I wanted to make my own thread because I want to be the center of attention. If you want to rage at me making a new topic go for it :)

So back story. I have raided sense the start of WoW switching mains, and the druid is my newest main. I killed twin emps at 60 as a rogue, didnt raid TBC, I killed LK at 5% buff as a shaman and quit pve for pvp and became a priest, I got to 2100 in pvp.

So I am not the best player in the world, but I am better than a lot of people. Heroics for me range from easy to near impossible. Healing is generally easy for me as a druid, and I run low on mana every few pulls. Problems happen when dps and tanks mess up and I spam heals run oom in 20 seconds and everyone dies...

I was talked into healing on my shaman, the shaman is totally different, between level 81-83 (maybe its different at 85?) We run hard mode dungeons. A example of this is new blockrock instance. First boss: Pull boss plus 1+2 trash packs. Second boss: Dont interupt beams, (once we had 3 dps become MCed, plus the adds at 50% and we still killed the boss with me at 60% mana) Third boss: Dont take him out of the fire. Fourth boss and fifth boss: Not much fun :(

I think this is funny because the way I heal on a shaman is 2 buttons, riptide and healing surge, chain heal and the healing waves are a waste of time and mana. I played my priest, I cant even keep tanks alive, and I have never healed as a paladin.

My point of all this is, LOOK AT ME! I AM BORED AND SERVERS ARE DOWN! And also, I dont care if you buff druids and priests, or nerf shamans and paladins. But this gap needs to be closed. I personally think druids and priests need a slight buff, and like 10% less mana usage. While Pallys and shamans need nerfed healing and mana.

Feel free to discuss and rage.
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85 Dwarf Shaman
RAGE*! yur dumb RAGE*!, youve been playing that long and thats all you could come up with...

time to go back to your rogue.

windshear, hex and bind elements make shaman healers the most powerful 5man heroic healers

get the fear glyph on your priest.

stop thinking like this is endless spam faceroll wotlk.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
I'd be interested to see some Healing Done stats from other healing classes. I tried to heal heroic SFK yesterday on my holy priest. It was a pug, but a well-geared pug using vent. The first two bosses were pretty easy for me. Then we got to Commander whatshisface, and that was a complete disaster. We wiped on him about 12 times because I kept going stone cold oom with him at about 20 percent health.

With all my CDs up, I was able to consistently push close to 1.3M heals on each attempt. My gear score is around 7k atm. I'm not fully optimized in that I'm still using cheap LK gems and flasks. In this case, the group didn't freak on me despite the repeated wipes, because they admitted that they kept letting him get two stacks of the debuff that increases his damage.

So my question for other healers who just recently qualified to run random heroics is... how much heals can you push with all your CDs up before you run oom and everyone dies. My max number appears to be 1.3M as a holy priest. (This was in a fight with near constant healing; in other words, a short fight with very little passive mana regen.)
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85 Troll Shaman
Youtube video of you healing with healing surge and riptide only and not ooming or it didnt happen.
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Druids are fine. We only need two things right now:
1) The +mount speed guild perk needs to work for flight form.
2) OoC should not consume swiftmend, but should consume WG and rejuv.
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