Holy Vs. Disc Priest?

85 Dwarf Priest
Which spec would you guys say is more effective for heroics?
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85 Worgen Priest
It's going to depend on your playstyle. Holy probably has more room for margin of error though.
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85 Tauren Priest
The 20% extra regen from holy concentration is huge. I don't know why people choose disc atm.
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85 Human Priest
Right now the throughput and toolbox of holy is better suited for heroics in my opinion. Guardian Spirit flat out saves wipes if you get behind on tankhealing, and your aoe toolbox is much better. Holy also has more throughput. That said, I love the disc spec and while I've just started on healing heroics, I would like to say that I've had only limited trouble with halls of origination on any boss/trash, including spike tank healing or aoe pulse healing. Those results were with good groups that CC'd on trash, and knew the fights coming in. I've really not noticed much difference in mana efficiency between holy or disc from healing normal modes, although disc will give you more mana from the passive intellect buff. If you do want to play disc, use your cd's proactively. I have far better results in using them to prevent panic situations rather than using them once you get into a panic situation. Disc does not shine when u have an insurmountable amount of dmg to recover from. It's all well and good to conserve mana, but you cant be unwilling to pull the trigger on cds, nor can you afford to heal too conservatively.

I don't buy into the thought that certain fights or types of content are impossible if you are a certain spec. If you play well enough and think through the content things will work out. I can play holy just fine, but since I am more profficient at Disc I am better on mana as disc, and I prefer healing as disc. This is new content, you're going to want to be on your game so play what allows you to best do so.

Generally regardless of class or spec, if you have a bad tank, dps, or healer you will fail in a heroic. If you refuse to CC or proceed carefully, and if you don't know what you are doing things wont work out well, and that's just what was intended. Healing is more difficult across the board, be prepared but don't panic. If you can, run with your guild, they know your abilities and they will work with you which will save you the insults, and unwarranted blame. This is current pve content and a part of new progression. It needs to be treated as such.

Hope this is helpful.

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100 Draenei Priest
I'd recommend Holy at the moment. The mastery and talents in Disc are heavily reliant on crits to proc DA, and our crit rates just aren't high enough at the moment.

With 10% base crit, you'll have 20% crit for Renewed Hope / Weakened Soul. I had a mastery bonus of +28%, so the total value of DA is;

crit rate * DA value * average heal (including crits) * mastery bonus.
0.2 * 0.3 * (0.2 * 2 + 0.8) * 1.28 = about a 9.5% overall boost to your healing from DA.

Holy mastery in the same gear is about +17% heal over time.

Disc gets up to +24% from Grace, but you lose it when you switch targets. Holy gets a flat +15%.

Disc gets +15% Intellect, Holy gets +20% regen.

Disc gets Penance and PWS; Holy gets rolling Renews and HW Serenity.

Disc gets Inner Focus, Holy gets Serendipity and Surge of Light (okay, Disc clearly comes out on top for this one)

There are other factors at play, of course (not least of which is that Chakra is a really damn annoying mechanic), but in raw numbers I think Holy is pretty clearly on top right now. On the other hand, Disc scales far better with +crit so once we're geared up a little I think it will start to hold it's own.
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