It's a RP realm, so lets RP?

20 Worgen Druid
I'm getting really tired of getting made fun of and flamed for Role Playing in The Scryers.
It's an RP realm so please respect the Role Players of the realm. Lots of people say their here just for the friends,etc,etc and I understand that, but it gives you no right to flame the Role Players for Role Playing.

Ok I've vented so I feel better now!
So, I've been to Moon Guard and there was something I liked about it, just about the whole server is at Goldshire Role Playing. Does The Scryers have something like that? If not we should make something like that! Maybe like Westfalls for the Alliance and Barrens for the Horde. I just think if there was a place for people to Role Play then maybe it will be easyer to find other Role Players.

What do you guys think?
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20 Worgen Warrior
Moon Guard's Goldshire RP has a... reputation, one which I've seen first hand on multiple occasions, that I wish not to see on our delightful little server.

Years ago, when RP was more abundent, the Stormwind Park was the closet thing to a "RP hot spot". Someone would take claim to one of the bars, random people would come to the moonwell for meditation and relaxation, there were several events held there. All in all, it was "the place" for Alliance RP here, and even then you had to be lucky if there were people there.

And now a dragon ate our park.

That said, its hard to "force" RP to happen. We can't just pick a spot and say "This is where we will RP!", especially now that most zones have some level of phasing going on (like Westfall). Personally, I'm a big fan of RPing wherever you are out in the world while questing and raiding instead of always going to some bar to get my RP on. Its nice to have a drink and chat every now and then, but there are dragons to kill! Kittens to save! Old Gods to serve!

Maybe all we need is more open RP events...
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86 Human Warlock
....And I have no idea why I posted that under my Worgen. He looks snazzy in that tux, doesn't he? If only you could see his top hat...
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20 Worgen Druid
Yes there are some parts of Moon Guard I would NOT want in my realm.
But it would be nice if there was like a day out of the week that is like an official Role Play Day for all RP Realms. Sadly I don't see blizzard doing that.

But can't we come together as a realm and make it happen? I don't know, like some kinda RpCon or something? I would really love to see The Scryers a grade A RP realm.

Also Im not trying to force people too, I understand they could have friends on this realm.. Wonder why none of my friends followed me to this realm? xD

Anyways I suggest we have some kinda RpCon once a month or something until we get the RP scene re-noticed in the realm. I know its a childish Idea but all we need is people and our realm has plenty of people.
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90 Worgen Druid
Do what I do. Simply never break character with one or more of your toons, no matter if people LOL or WTF or ask you to stop in whispers etc. I have several characters that I quite simply NEVER slip out of IC, even in whispers. It's extremely enjoyable, and you would be surprised how many people will join in and participate, even for a minute or two.

You cannot force others to RP with you, you cannot really even do proper RP events in public at this time. But you CAN find the fun in RP wherever you go, and have some laughs while you do it.
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86 Human Warlock
Or do what I do and RP with NPCs!

...I get lonely sometimes. Varian is the only one that understands me!
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85 Night Elf Rogue
Heh. I RP with the NPCs as well -- if you happen to see me out and about and doing so, that's usually one of the ways I go "OMG OVER HERE I RP PLEASE RP WITH ME".

I agree with Pestle. If you're in an RP mood -- stay in character and see who plays along. I have found some fun RP that way.

Also -- HINTHINT -- take note of the names here. If you feel like RP, send out some tells.

I should mention, though, that even with no more park, the back end of SW is now filled with nooks and crannies that loan themselves well to RP hooks.

ETA: Calnos - Choline quite likes the cut of your jib and shall be on the lookout for you.
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Well hey I just found three people that RP on the forums, maybe there is hope for Scyers yet!.. I'm makin a Death Knight (Even Thought their Skin Textures are buggy) So I can RP with some of you sometime
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12/15/2010 8:10 AMPosted by Calnos

Hahaha you just made my day, and the day is just starting.
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90 Tauren Hunter
12/15/2010 11:19 PMPosted by Choline
ETA: Calnos - Choline quite likes the cut of your jib and shall be on the lookout for you.

Then I should let you know that I actually spend most of my time on this fella, who is my main, and in the process of my slow grind to 85! In other words, I'm not actually on Calnos very often lately (Forgive me, Pestle!) due to concentrating on the Horde for the moment. But if you do catch me walking about, yelling at faction leaders, regardless of character, feel free to say hello!

...I wonder how Calco would look like in a tux...
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Scratch that, the Texture problem is driving me insane I'm not making Death Knight, I'll just get to level 80 in two days (I can dream)
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I use a lot of the RP addons like:
FlagRSP2 -
MyRolePlay -

Both of those have helped me in the past find fellow RPers. Though currently I'm trying out a new one called Total RP2 that is suppose to show you RPers that are in your area, allow you to create custom states, etc.
Though it looks like I'm the only one using it right now on this server.

But if you ever run into Disara, feel free to start up a conversation. Just be warned that she doesn't really trust warlocks or mages (aka fingerwaggers).

Though with the new expansion, I did create a Worgen and might be on as Albinia.
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22 Worgen Rogue
hahahahhah! i used talk to npcs for rp too! xD
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85 Goblin Shaman
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Well if anyone ever wants to try to get anything started, feel free to send me a tell. I'll gladly help out.
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