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90 Blood Elf Hunter
And about 3 times "Recks" has had to MT tank a regular dungeon boss because the [insert irrelevant tanking class here] tank died because the healer is dead because the dps have stood in fire, ignored adds, tunnel dpsed, etc. On behalf of the dpsers (including me) who has made your life as a healer horrific, I apologize.

In HoO I had Recks OT some adds to keep pressure off the tank who was taking Setish, which worked splendidly for the healer. I've had Recks switch with the MT if I saw that the Tank was 3/4 of an inch from hell in hp. My beetle can pop his cd and survive for a fairly long time with only Mend Pet and can function much like a player tank if healed by a real healer (except he has less tools and a worse taunt). Although not yet, I am going to respec him to be crit immune.

My point being is that I have never actually asked a healer if they want my beetle to OT adds. I just stop dpsing and switch to my beetle if the tank dies or if I know that he's about to die. I've operated under the logic that if the healer has two targets to solo heal, it can be quite stressful, but the idea that the group now has two tank and not one who dies many times in a single run seems too promising to ignore. What do you guys think? Am I making your healing job unintentionally more difficult by having an OT?

In other news:
I use bandages at ~30% health when I'm not standing in fire. I have a stock of healing potions with my alchemist stone ready. I use MD to keep adds off the healer. I cc targets during combat that don't have DoTs on them by using Distracting Shot to peel off the tank and then FT them (but tank usually taunts and ranges them).

I'm sometimes not the top dps, but I like this story:
~Grim Batol reg~
Healer: melee get out of the fire
Arms warrior in fire: what? You want me to use my ranged spells to dps then?
Me: Pro tip: A warrior using "shoot" does more dps than a dead one.
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
No one wants tell me that "Recks" is a stupid name?! What have the forums come to???
Seriously, I need a consensus because I don't know if I'm making my healer's life harder unintentionally. I really want to make their life easier.
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