90 Night Elf Priest
Like most other healers I talked to, I was for a lack of better words "furious" with the way heals were nerfed. I understood and was all for Blizzards plan to bring back a more challenging form of gameplay for everyone. But after healing lvl 83+, I was convinced that Blizzard were nerfing heals in order to get DPS to realize the importance or reintegrating Crowd Control and ending the all too famous WoTLK tactic of "run in, grab everything in the room and AOE everything".....

BUT.. After a week of running randoms, I see that most groups realize the need for CC and equal teamwork. I am actually able to finish randoms now without wiping at all and without getting kicked for yelling at the rest of the group to CC over and over.. I dont know about other healing classes, but I do believe Blizzard can make some minor adjustments to mana requirements and cast times for priest spells.

I was upset with Blizzard before but I actually believe know that Blizzard new that the only way to re-implement the way raiding and grouping used to be was by shocking everyones job in the new Dungeons.. I sure a month from now everything will be back to normal and there will be no more gripes or complaints
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Seriously, I thought cast times and mana was fine? As a holy priest, I find the new method of healing not only fun but easily manageable and sustainable in long fights.

I am ALWAYS casting something if I'm not moving. I always have a heal going because in combat I am regenning the majority of the cost. This allows me to throw out triage heals while still trying to proc my 6% chance for a free flash heal that I then have a few seconds to use.

Seriously, I think mine is:

Shield, PoM the tank before the pull, renew as he's going in, pop chakra and start casting heals until his health gets below 70%, when it does, instant cast serenity or refresh PoM. If he takes a nuke, flash heal once (maybe twice) then cast a mana reduced and hasted (Serendipity) PoH if the group has any damage or a mana reduced and hasted (Serendipity) Greater Heal on the tank, followed by Serenity if its up....then BACK to heal and getting renew to refresh for free. Another reason I want to be constantly casting is my mastery stacks a HoT on the target so I need to maintain that as well on the tank. DPS is getting triage heals or using my lightwell. If I have to focus them with flashes, something has gone wrong...if they die, well, then we evaluate why and pull again.

I'm curious as to what the other classes do as a standard.
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