What do you like, and dislike?

85 Human Priest
Alright, so after browsing through here, I see a lot of arguing.
I see people who love it, people who hate it, people that deal with it (like myself), and people that just flat out quit because of it.

Both sides of this argument have good opinions.
So, I want some opinions on one thing you like, and one thing you dislike about the new healing system.
If you're going to say anything about disliking QQ, don't bother posting.
I want valid opinions.

Like: More challenging, PvE feels a bit more PvPish with the need for CC, and Interrupts.

Dislike: Scaling of SP with heals, being kicked for not keeping bars at 100%

Your turn.
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95 Night Elf Priest
I like the challenge of new boss mechanics, of groups having to use CC, stuns, and interrupts if they want to be successful, and the excitement of trying to get an instance really dialed-in. I like that I have to keep an eye on my mana bar now. I don't mind having to drink after a pull.

I don't like how Blizzard spent all that time coming up with revised talent trees and then nerfing disc's signature mechanic (Evangelism/Archangel) so hard. Honestly, it needs some work. I think it should be moved further down into the tree so that shadow can't spec into it (and I say this as someone with shadow as offspec). It was probably OP before, but they hit it really, really hard.

I also don't like how heavily we are penalized for using all the tools at our disposal. I stopped using flash heal altogether, because by the time I have to use it we are most likely going to wipe anyway. It used to be that I could save the day with a couple of well-placed flash heals. I thought - perhaps wrongly - that that was what the spell was for, to save the day in a dire circumstance. Now though, one flash heal isn't going to save anyone, and spamming a couple of them in a row means I will go oom that much faster and we wipe anyway.

I also don't like how so many priests are just saying to "spec holy," and how so many other healers are saying "go pally." I know there is a lot of hyperbole out there, but I haven't heard anyone say "spec disc" as a solution to the problems healers are having.

What I wanted and kinda expected was that feeling I got healing Dire Maul that first time: challenging, hectic, but fun and doable. A good healer could save the day back in vanilla. Now, a good healer is one who saves mana first and people second.
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85 Human Priest
+1 internets to you.
"A good healer could save the day back in vanilla. Now, a good healer is one who saves mana first and people second."
I can agree with this.
I prioritize by Tank, Myself, then highest to lowest DPS.
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100 Worgen Priest
- The challenge of the dungeon encounters themselves.
- The necessity / encouragement of Crowd Control
- The theory of triage

- The prohibitive mana costs of spells and abilities.
- The lack of proper scaling of spec-specific spells (such as Shields, or Penance)
- The (questionable) balancing of Mana Cost vs. Healing Output

In practice I do not find myself carefully selecting the optimum spell to properly heal my tank or group. In practice, I find myself spamming Heal a lot, and using my others spells only when Inner Focus is up or there is a complete emergency. I also find myself avoiding using a lot of my spec-defining healing or damage mitigation abilities either because they cost too much mana, don't do 'enough' of what they are supposed to do to really matter, or both.

Because of that, I'm not having a lot of fun with this spec. It doesn't FEEL like there is a defined style to this tree anymore.
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85 Goblin Priest
The actual thought process before using X heal on Y player
Having to deal with a (somewhat) rapidly declining manabar
Not being able to carry a group
Eating Tacos

PvP Mana regen
Not having Tacos to eat :(
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58 Draenei Death Knight
I like that healing is more deliberate instead of spammy heal everyone on gcd.

I dislike I have to spam my one heal forever (interweaving other spells as necessary)

I dislike not being able to save anyone without being oom.

I dislike the progression path we currently have.

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There's more dislikes then likes.
But one big dislike is no mana regen while in combat =/ and my casting time, and the cost of spells.

And agree with Eldalina, no tacos = bad
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85 Draenei Paladin
I like that you now have to special pick you heals instead of just sitting back with high haste and spamming FoL all day

I like that CC is coming back into runs and that some skill is actually needed now adays when before it was any 3 year old's game...

I like the new arrangement of the FoL and HL and there switch-a-roo! really makes things a challenge.

I dislike the mana cost of alot of spells... you give us some great spells and awsome new Holy Power deal that really adds new feels to it all but cmon Blizzard... almost 5k mana for an aoe heal.. seriously guys...

I dislike that many players aren't picking up the fact that healers are having to revamp there styles and really watch there mana.. if your healer goes oom after a couple pulls... dont just kick em out! WTF man! it's not that we aren't skilled its a matter of it's all new for us all and this is the way things are NO MORE KICKIN THE HEALER CAUSE OF OOM ISSUES! be patient
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85 Draenei Paladin
Like: That a game I play isn't a faceroll anymore. Being challenged makes it much more rewarding when bosses die. I'm loving healing dungeons.

Having to use CC and properly execute mechanics. Seeing teamwork be a necessity again instead of yawning through dungeons.

Dislike: Questing solo. Pulling more than one mob at 85 almost guarantees you get your face ripped off as holy. And a lot of times you can't help but pull more than 1-2 mobs at a time.
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85 Human Paladin
Dislike: People that dies then quits... I can't top off everyone and I'm doing the best I can to keep you topped off. Some tanks are harder to heal than others... but I blame CD usage. I'm looking at you DKs

Like: The Healing of Holy Paladin it's very fun and intuitive. I Like the synergy between all my heals and the holy power just makes it more rewarding :)
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