Healers and Thier Unique Spells

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I was just reading a thread on how people think the new healing model is a blast. I saw response that inspired me to talk about each healing classes unique heals and how you feel about them being so prohibitively expensive and situational now.

I for one really enjoy that the healers, at they're core, are very similar. Makes it easier to balance and people wont think "dang, we got the underpowered healer this time" (except maybe disc, and thats just right now.). Whenever we used our unique class spells in WOLTK if was just whatever. You were just tossing out another heal. Now when you cast a Rejuv, or a Circle of Healing or a Chain Heal you have to think about the usage because they eat your mana if used incorrectly. But if you know what your doing and make a "special" heal count if really pays off and is very rewarding and fun to cast and pull off.

How do you guys think about our unique heals being used like this? Instead of a spam fest of the fun spells that make you the kind of healer you are, you have to think about each spell and squeeze every point of health out of them to make them worth it. So when that Chain Heal does hit 4 out of 4 targets and you just saved yourself a chunk of mana you feel like a restoration shaman. Your just used the special unique heals in your arsenal wisely and to me that gives a individual healer an edge now and to me thats a damn blast.

OR do you guys wish we could still spam signature spells like there wasnt a tomorrow? Do you miss all the healers being pretty different and distinct to a point where there was a spec that was expected to JUST tank heal or JUST raid heal using the unique tools each class had?

Let me know what you think. Thanks and thanks for reading.
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