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Ok Blizz, I need a blue response for this.

Can someone please look into revamping the mana cost : heal ratio for Restoration Druids. I'm finding that in any dungeon (heroic or normal) I cannot last in most fights longer than 60 seconds before I am completely out of mana (even after a innervate) if people are taking even moderate damage. I understand that the release of Cataclysm brought back the idea of Crowd Control and mana conservation like it was in Vanilla and BC, however the people have just too much hp and take too much dmg for a heal over time effect to heal effectively. Take this following example;

A tank is being hit for approx 20,000 dmg every 3 seconds from a boss, and the raid is taking random splash dmg from adds as well as a stacking debuff that does approx 5000dmg every 2 seconds. my rejuvination heals for on avg, 3000 every 2 seconds, my lifebloom on the tank heals for about, 1700 every second, and my wild growth (which is our only raid wide heal) does a whole 900 heal per second and tapers down to around 600. This means that in order heal the entire party effectively I must cast 1 rejuv on each party member, stack 3 lifebloom's on the tank and then use either nourish, regrowth, or healing touch for added heals as necessary.

That wouldnt be too terribly bad, if Rejuvination didnt cost roughy 5600 mana per cast, followed by wild growths additionaal 6000, then another 1700 per lifebloom, and the additional 4000-6000 for each additional nourish or healing touch. Which roughly equivelates to the fact that I will spend around 34,000 mana in the first 6 seconds of the fight (or when dmg begins) depending on the encounter. That 34,000 mana is a little under half of my entire mana pool.

Please, please please someone fix this issue so druids can actually be a viable healing class again, because until then I will be staying boomkin and restoration druids are useless.
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Druids are a perfectly viable healing class.

You just have to adjust your methods of healing appropriately. There's no need to refresh Lifebloom when Nourish or HT will do it for you (if talented). And you can't just go hitting everybody with Rejuve. If the DPS can't stay out of the fire... let them die.

This post belongs on the Druid (or perhaps Healing) forums, and please keep in mind that you are not guaranteed a blue response.
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