What is going on with healing?????!?!?

100 Human Priest
As a paying customer of 6 years, I have spent well over $1,000 to play this game and be a part of World of Warcraft. In those years, I have NEVER complained about a single thing Blizzard has done, that is, until now. My main character is a discipline priest, and now I want to delete my toon. I am completely frustrated and very angry with what Blizzard has done in the Cata expansion to healers and casters that depend on mana as a life source.
A healer without mana is a dead one, and so is the group/raid. I went from being a top healer to below sub-par when Cata hit. There is NOTHING I have NOT tried to do to fix this horror that Blizzard has unleashed upon us as healers. I’m sorry, but researching other people’s spec to figure out what works “best” to “conserve” mana is freaking ridiculous! My guild is has to use two healers (yes did you hear me?), TWO healers in a single heroic instance!
This is completely out of line! Blizzard has more than tripled the cost of spells, and the mana regeneration is preposterous! I spent well over two years building up my gear in WOTLK to make it to where I didn’t have to sit and drink water after EVERY flippin fight! The Cataclysm Expansion has ruined this game for me. I know I am not alone with I “QQ” about this crap!
I understand that Cata healing was supposed to be different, but this is beyond stupid. It is NOTHING like it was in vanilla! Either make the mobs hit less, fix our (healers/casters) mana pool to suit the needs of our groups/raids, lower the cost of spells, or even increase the amount of spells done! Whatever can be done to fix this extreme stupidity, please do it!
The last thing I want to hear is that I need to “brush up” on my class. That is not going to resolve this issue! I know how to play my character, so no smart butt replies please. Does Blizzard intend on fixing this mana issue? And how come it was never mentioned as a bug in the Beta? (Not that I even got a beta key.)
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85 Night Elf Druid
I completely agree with you, I hate my Healer now and will not play her Resto spec. Blizzard is trying to make a point with their healing mechanics that just is not working. There is not one healer out there (I don't care how good you are) that can say they go into a heroic or Reg dungeon and have no mana issues, never mind a raid! I don't think its fair to healers to take away their mana regan and tell them figure out a way to make it work. OKAY take away a tanks ability to hold aggro and then tell them " figure out a way to make it work" are you F'ing kinding me!
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85 Human Paladin
Yeah, I do not understand why it is so mana consuming in cata. my flash of light absolutely KILLS my mana, my guardian only lasts 10 seconds when its says 30.... i just dont get it, word of glory doesn't do much to a 125K tank and holy radiance/light of dawn is a joke on the party... doesn't make sense, im geared for heroics but run out of mana in regs. I'm trying to watch what i do, making Holy shock proc and all that but this is just getting sickening. thanks blizz for the ultimate nerfffff
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85 Human Priest
As you see the new hotfix. Healers are not on there, so they are letting the fire burn and do nothing about it. Do you see any Blue post?? Nope because they don't care. Its so stupid the mana cost for the heals like 5.7k when a mana pot gives 10k = 2 heals...
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100 Human Priest
I agree with all of you, I'm really glad to see I am not the only one.
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80 Night Elf Priest
Browsing over people's gear levels for their healers, the average rating is between 325 and 330. Gear is around lvl 81-83, blues, with few gems, and often no enchants.

Blizzard wanted to shift back to a similar setup to TBC where you had to gear up to run heroics and I really sense people are trying to treat heroics like how they are in WotLK. And I don't mean tank and spank, I mean thinking that despite all their experience and skill, they can walk in in basic blues and pull rabbits out of their hat to save the day.

In TBC when we were in blues we needed two healers at one point to get through heroic Arcatraz. We're now one week into this expansion, I am curious to see how you all fare when you have a cluster of lvl 85 epics equipped. I am watching my brother play his resto shaman now that he has a number of 85 purples and instances are significantly smoother.

I am not trying to criticize anyone but I am carefully watching how things pan out over the next few weeks with healers in Cataclysm.

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100 Night Elf Priest
Totaly agree.....I'm shattered now I'm running randoms as shadow i dare not enter as disc anymore because i know for a fact it will end in a wipe...switched to holy and its not much better boohoo i want my disc heals back :(
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85 Orc Shaman
Its laughable what my healing wave does...nearly useless..and im not kidding there are times where i wanted to take it off my casting bar. This is equivalent to a level 70 healing a level 80 in a dungeon. Burning through mana like its my job, and this is even when im conserving it, i refuse to top people off. almost 100% of the time at the end of boss fights in heroics (If we kill it..) every one, i mean every one is at 10% or lower hp, sometimes its like this mid way through the fight and im sitting in my computer chair pulling my teeth out looking at my mana, saying holy crap we are screwed...

Healing right now is extremely unforgiving, unfair.
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100 Human Priest
I am in the same boat Brainsick, I am sick of yelling out in vent "I'm out of flipping mana!" It groes tiresome. It's a joke at how my biggest crit in Cata is 32k for a 125k health tank, it does NOTHING. Back in WOTLK, my biggest crits were 60k and I hit that frequently...I'm just saying.
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3 Undead Warlock
I've been here since 2007, I learned how to heal in heroics BC. This is nothing like BC. In BC, there were some mechanics to boss fights and you had global cooldowns, not procs. You also had endless use of mana pots until they made it on a 2 minute cooldown. They've even taken that away from us and we get one shot at it for 10k with the new pots - OH JOY.

I've cancelled my subscription for the exact same reasons the OP posted. Don't even get me started on forcing us to use that stupid chakra. Then forcing me to spam heal... wait, didn't they say they wanted us to choose our skills wisely? HOW SO when they all WORK LIKE CRAP AND COST WAY TO MUCH.

Forget this..
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100 Human Priest
I hear that. They went from one extreme to the other.
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85 Undead Priest
Priests are gimped right now and blizzard is making no effort to fix it.
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100 Human Priest
Blizz is forcing us to pick certain specs instead of us chosing what's best for us. That goes for every class too.
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85 Human Priest
I just hate threads like these. What's the point in throwing in the Blizzard if I can't have my way I'm canceling my account. You said you've played for 6 years which means you've pretty much played Vanilla and TBC. When in your entire 6 years were you able to conqueror every piece of content in your first week of being level capped. If you say WotLK then all I have to say is you're one of those people catered to WotLK.
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I have been healing with my alt druid since vanilla too, my account is from DEC 04 and i'm very disappointed about the new style of the dungeons... i think i can understand now where they implemented the path of the titans.

I was able to heal arcatraz and heroic MgT both without drinking in BC, not the frist time.. neither second, but it was really challenging and fun. Nowdays, i cannot see the fun factor anywhere.

I think actually there are 2 mains problems with the 'new' healing design:

1) DPSers really have no clue about how they can do their job (most think that those spells are for pvp purposes)-> healer is supposed to be the tank, dps teacher: mark targets for focus dps, keep up as many cc as you can, decurse pliss, counter spell pliss use your stupids defensive cd's if needed (elittis jerks should talk about that, they are too focus on 0,1% dps talents and skip all the utility ones, so much needed these days for the 'masses' dpsers. Remember, a death dps do a LOT less dps than an alive one and this is not the healer job anymore). Blizzard should have some kind of tutorials (or class quest chains with cool rewards) for using some abilities, showing them how to help their group to mitigate damage and chain a cc.

2) Heal spells are too low and too xpensive -> this is the first fix we need. Everything will be better if we could heal with the big one heal at least 30-40% the standard tank HP pool, that prolly means like 30-50% more on healing spells and down the costs around 10-20 %

My 2c
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85 Gnome Mage
Sounds like a bunch of worthless complaining. Run with your guild and sail to win. We cleared H SFk and H DM and it was easily the most fun I've had in WoW since BC. Downing Admiral Ripsnarl and Commander Springvale felt like massive achievements, and it was awesome. Our healer was a pally and she had mana problems. Know what we did?

Made her life easier. We avoided dangerous stuff (like fire) interupted every spell we saw, CCed as many mobs as possible, used flasks, potions, ect to maximize our dps, and learned to get better at fights.

First Ripsnarl wipe he was at 70%, four tries later we adjusted strategy and downed him.

It was extremely fulfilling.
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85 Gnome Priest
Lol at all this QQ. Are you sad blizzard is no longer letting you get away with pressing 1 2 3 to finish a heroic?
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85 Goblin Priest
I have to agree fully with what everfire said. When I first jumped into heroics, I was oom about every 3rd pull but i managed to keep the group alive and kill bosses. Now with 339 iLvL(not even full heroic gear), I can go through all the trash up to a boss without having to drink.

Honestly, it realy does come down to your group being willing to use their interrupt buttons and move out of the fire/frontal cones that cause most of the extra healing.

Also as a Holy priest, I have now trained my group how to use the lightwell and its wonderful to see that thing have all its charges used up 2 times over if the fight is long enough. For all my guildies, lightwell is an integral part of their rotations now ^^

Slightly strayed off topic, but in all I really am starting to like the new healing model more and more.
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