What is going on with healing?????!?!?

90 Draenei Shaman
Tonight I couldn't heal Grim Batol on heroic, couldn't get passed the first general. People didn't move out of Blitz, or the quake (I myself included when i was dps-ing at the start), the tank was losing chunks and even my GHW with the UE buff with 1.53 cast speed (From tidal Wave from riptide) couldn't keep him alive long enough. So no heroics yet, all right...

But I'm doing too well in normals. Very, very rare wipes on normals, some deaths but frequently because the DPS don't know how to throttle that dps. Mana issues are there, but only on what I would call a bad pull. CC-less pulls, too many dots to dispel, no interrupts being used. Those pulls would wipe my mana out fast, and I make that clear. But given a group that uses CC, and also doesn't break it with blind AoE spam, with controlled dps, i might never drink, even after some bosses.

Overall, I'd say the biggest fault in the cata healing style is that it's relying more on the actions of your team than before. If the team is being stupid, healers suffer most for it.

The final run of the day today was normal Tol'vir. The first healer had left, but the group claimed that he had left mid-pull for no reason. On the first boss (which drops bombs around and launches ground spikes) just before pull I call out if anyone doesn't know the fight. No response. So we go into the fight and the first wave of bombs hits both melee dps and the tanks.
I call out "Watch where you stand". Next wave, they all get hit again. By the third explosion i was spamming riptide and GHW to keep everyone alive. Thank god the caster knew the fight and never got hit, I couldn't have handled another idiot. I left after the fight, no one died and I was at ~20k mana.

Point is, my group screwed my mana regen over, not my class and not blizzard. I've come out of that fight with 85% mana before, clearly it's not my healing.

I think that gear is certainly important. Better gear will make these dungeons as easy as utgarde keep or the nexus was last month. But, more importantly, people make more of a difference than gear ever will.

Sometimes I can get by using HW and riptide, with UE for effect and come out with everyone topped off because the tank was solid, the dps played it safe, and the mob was kept in check with well placed Hexes, saps, sheeps, and even hibernation a few times tonight.

Other times, the DK died, the tanks at 10% health, the mage Invised away thinking we were screwed (I can imagine why), The rogue DCed, and I don't even have the mana to res the DK.

With Reforging and gemming and enchanting, we have more wiggle room with our gear than ever. Low on regen? Add spirit. Weak Heals? Add intel. not enough Crits (this is killing me, actually >.<. Moar crit heals pls) take off some of that useless hit.

The Core of healing is working as intended. The outside influences, extenuating circumstances, etc. are not. Ultimately, it can all be fixed by getting better, Healer, DPS and Tanks.
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90 Orc Shaman
I think the new changes are great. You have to work together now not just faceroll content. I really hope they dont change anything.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Healing is not that hard once you get all superior gear, but it was very hard before that. You just have to figure out a new rotation in your healing spells. I've been able to heal through almost all of the heroics without huge mana problems.
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85 Human Paladin
It's called triage. Only heal when you have to, using only enough mana to get the job done, and you wont run oom.
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85 Troll Shaman
Learn to play. Seriously. Not just you, but your group as well. God damn.
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100 Tauren Druid
"Yeah I'm a 4 year vet and I think I'm about done as well."

Im with you, im just not having fun anymore sad cause ive put all this time into my guild, friends, and my character but im not having fun im pretty sure that's what games are for?

I had such high hopes for healing in cata and for my resto druid to be fun again, i understand ypu cant spam heal and i don't run out of mana anymore but if i wanted to play a pally i would have rolled a pally druids aren't single target healers, well there are now and that's just not fun to me its frustrating

Trolls can say what they please doesn't bother me im just voicing my opinion
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90 Blood Elf Priest
really..the game has only been out for a week and people are QQ'ing over not being able to faceroll heroics?

I highly doubt the noobs stopped to think that once they have an average item score of 360+ how trivial some of these dungeons will become.
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85 Human Paladin
When lack of triage isn't the answer, then it's likely the group. I've run groups that I can heal with no issues and I never once drink. I judge every so often to snag some mana, and that's it. But I've also hit groups (of appropriate level) and I'm tapping out of mana on every other pull.

It's simple: tanks need to learn to use their cooldowns more often, and (more importantly) DPS needs to learn to avoid damage and watch their threat. When I recognize this happening, I put out the warning that any DPS that continue to pull hate will be left to fend for themselves. For those of you touting 6 years of experience (such as myself), you should be familiar with this mindset. If you're a DPS and you pulled hate, you better hope I have mana to spare. If I don't I'm letting you die to save the tank.
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100 Troll Priest
I really like the new healing model, however I only do guild groups.

I couldn't imagine doing pug heroics, and definitely understand where the complaints are coming from.
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85 Gnome Priest
I'm a disc priest, its not that hard...stop crying.

Honestly, I think you all need to rethink what seperates humans from dog and cats. We adapt. We adapt and we survive. If you don't adapt, you don't survive.
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I have to say that I was all into the QQ at the start with everyone else. It is definitely a change. However, it may become easier to heal with some decent gear. To get gear, you need to run heroics. To run heroics, you need a decent group. Plain and simple. Gone are the days where the tank can just chain pull and every dps pewpew a different target and call it gg. Everyone needs to work together to down not only bosses, but mobs as well. DPS needs to CC certain targets, focus fire others, stay out of void zones, fire, etc and the tank needs to pick up adds and move out of certain places too. Everyone needs to work together.


I do run oom rather quickly. I pop CDS at the earliest moment so that I can have them handy again when I need them most. Blizzard is making us use all of our spells for a reason. They want us to pick and choose what will work to keep the group alive. DPS DOESNT NEED TO BE AT FULL HEALTH. Keep the tank close to full, make sure dps sits are half health or above, and you wont go oom as fast. Have druids give you innervate, pop tranquility, have shamans throw in a healing surge here and there if you need an extra boost, etc... There are ways you can be helped. If someone dies, IT IS NOT NECESSARILY YOUR FAULT ANYMORE. It's their problem. Groups rely on you now. Enjoy your new power. You run the ballgame.


I do understand that my disc spec isn't nearly as efficient as holy. Lightwell sure comes in handy now! Heal takes forever to cast and is our only mana efficient spell... and once it goes off, it practically does nothing.

I do feel that priests need some tweaks here and there, but it's not impossible to heal heroics. This is where guild efforts come into play. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for randoms. That's a different story.
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85 Blood Elf Rogue
Yeah well look what they did to the cast times and the mana and i dont know what to do with my holy paily anymore... I am trying to learn how to be a ret paily just to run some dugans trying to get a half way ok hela set. I have the gear score for horices in my holy set but its not at all were it needs to be because i have a 3 sec cast for all my heals that do anything for making the heath go up... This is stupid i have to drink after every pull and strigul to keep up the people in the party because of long cast times... I want my holy paily back so bad its not funny and I have been working hard. I have looked up all kinds of things on new specs and gear and what we need in mastery and hast and sprite but I have found nothing out there to help what the lvls need to be as of yet.... If I find anything I will post it I dont want to give up just yet there has to be something out there if anyone finds it please let us all know......
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Theres a reason why its called a *HEROIC* If they were to be easy then it wouldn't be a *HEROIC* now would it? I thought blizzard changed things from lets keep the party topped off to OH *#@% DONT DIE DONT DIE!? If your having issues healing bads in RDF let them die so they learn what not to do, or you can run with guild members like most of the progression oriented people are.

We are a week into the new expansion, people @#!#*ing about this are undergeared, overhealing more then they should, grouped with dumb people in randoms and have been extremely spoiled by the last year in wrath. By the way I do realize holy paladins may have it a little bit easier for healing in heroics.
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100 Tauren Druid
"We are a week into the new expansion, people @#!#*ing about this are undergeared, overhealing more then they should, grouped with dumb people in randoms and have been extremely spoiled by the last year in wrath."

Um no and your a level 82 pally, im a druid and now i heal like a pally (except not as good) tell me how that works? spin that for me.

At 85 you'll sort of see what we are talking about though pallys do have it easier
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85 Blood Elf Priest
I think the headache healers have now is, after the increased mana cost of healing spells, healers can no longer carry failure group or raid members anymore, so if some group/raid members are brainless, healers will experience really bad headache.

After the healing adjustment, all mistakes (include but not limited to fail cc, ot, decide to stay at these red/blue/dark weird circles and/or ignore boss aoe ability warnings) group/raid members made will lead their healers oom very fast. Healers are the one who will suffers all pressure, responsibility and penalize which made by failure group/raid members (most-likely those dpses).

This is not very interesting, and currently I think the only way for healers to solve this headache is to avoid using LFG tool, pick people healers think are good and make their own group.

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90 Troll Shaman
someone needs to make a petition or something to change the healing model or something...

healing is no longer fun and for the casual players it is a huge problem...
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85 Troll Shaman
someone needs to make a petition or something to change the healing model or something...

healing is no longer fun and for the casual players it is a huge problem...

Petition = auto lock by the forum GMs.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
TBH theres no need to complain, it's a game, and so the mana is @@*!ed, I understand that.
But me, I went into SFK and DM without a problem. Though we couldn't down Commander Springvale like Everfire's group, I still felt really good when we downed a boss, Blizzard isn't gonna just hand you free epics and easier ways of healing. It used to be "Lets work for it" now it's back to that. don't complain just play the game.
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100 Human Priest

As you stated, you have a deleted priest. Obviously you don't know what priests, in particular, are going through. I am a 6 year player, get at least that fact straight. So let me redo my claim, unless you have a PRIEST healer, you have no say in the matter.

Oh and I don't pug anything, that was your assumption.
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90 Undead Priest
Been here since beta (with a 6month break a couple years ago). So far this is the best expansion IMO, second best being TBC, then vanilla, then WotLK.
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