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I have played and heard from Druids and disc priests who heal heroic dungeons with ease, and here's why these classes do spectacularly IF PLAYED RIGHT.

Alrighty Blizzard, time for some real talk. I hope I'm allowed to put blizz in the header, if not let me know and I'll remove it, just thought it might get your attention

Now I have a disc priest at lvl 85 and my guild now has 3 cata raid bosses down after 1 day of trying. We will most likely down more after maintenance.

From reading these forums youd no doubt get the idea that healing is hard for druids and disc priests. This is true. Healing is difficult for all classes, you made it this way AND I THANK YOU.

How to heal a heroic:

Have DPS CC at every possible occasion. Have a geared tank who knows how to use cooldown and move . Keep everyone as low as you can without putting them in jeopardy, I have found this to be 60-70% so if they are cleaved or take spike damage I can hit em for a 5-10k heal or two and get them back to this level.

I had a resto druid complaining in my guild that resto druids couldnt heal so I said ill go shadow and you come heal a random heroic. You know what he did? Tried to top us off, spammed heals when we were topped off, didnt rotate cooldowns and even with a group of competent DPS and tank he wiped us a few times until I woke him up and taught him how to heal. Once I did, we didn't wipe again.

You see Blizzard, druids and fellow disc priests are complaining here because they DONT KNOW HOW TO HEAL. You know, from your alpha/beta testers that healing is possible. They are making it sound like it's impossible but don't forget your testers did it, I can do it, the druid in my guild can do it.

So my request is to PLEASE not change these classes or healing in general. Raids are a joke, we have downed first 3 bosses in heroic gear but some ppl in less than 333 gear. If you were to nerf content or buff healing it would make it EVEN MORE TRIVIAL.

So let heroics remain hard. Dont cave in to these people who just a year ago were complaining that you were too stupid to design challenging content, that they could pull an entire heroic dungeon and smite individual mobs to death while healing themselves. LET HEROICS REMAIN HARD. Raids and regulars whatever they are fine but leave heroics as something that is 'heroic'. In a few months everyone will outgear them terribly anyway .


Thankyou Blizzard

Don't Change a Thing :)

tl;dr: Raiding healing is already too easy, dont buff healing to suit heroic dungeons where people are undergeared and generally don't know how to heal. If anything nerf heroic dungeons a little bit until the general gear level is higher and the baddies on these forums can once again faceroll.
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85 Human Priest
Using the word "baddies" doesn't help get your point across.
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68 Night Elf Priest
Dude...GTFO of here with that crap ...really. Like no your annoying as hell. These epeen idiots are really begining to annoy the crap out of me.
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Could you also please inform Blizzard to only put smart DPS and Tanks in RANDOM heroics/dungeons.

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85 Tauren Druid
Actually, now that I've been healing at 85 for a few days I am beginning to agree with the OP. It's all about mentality and adjusting your healing to compensate for the changes your class has gone through.

Here's a copy+paste from a post I made on our guild forums:

OK, so healing instances once I got the Druid to 85 was a complete system shock. It took me a full instance (LCotT) to get out of the habit of rolling Rejuv on everyone!

So, here's what I've found from healing and some thoughts on instance progression, especially as a Druid:

- Insane amounts of HP sucks! Seriously, Blizz gave EVERYTHING more +sta and didn't modify the mitigation stats for tanks or scale the healing to compensate for it. Tanks: please start gemming/enchanting for mitigation and not HP! When your tank has 150k HP and you are only healing for 20k with your biggest heal you are in deep stuff :)

- Regen, REGEN, REGEN! Can't stress it enough, Mana is a serious issue at the minute. With my ilvl now at 339 I am finding it alot easier once I started stacking +spirit on everything. I rarely finish a boss fight with >20% mana but at least now I have the regen to be able to handle most fights without issues.

- Learn your heals/rotation. It is definitely different post-Cataclysm as a Resto Druid due to the normal pre-Cata 'rotation' being so completely useless in terms of mana efficiency.

- Movement sucks! Blizzard seems to think that messing up the scaling on healing wasn't enough so they decided to make most boss encounters have a movement requirement. As a Druid healer with my normal heal being HT with a cast time of 2.3s it's very difficult to move when you have 2-3 people needing healed at the same time. Rejuv and WG don't cover it and Regrowth is way too expensive to be used (highest I've had so far is a 12.2k crit on it, ~10% of a heroic-capable DPS's HP pool).

- Take regular breaks. Yes, it's needed now as a healer. Healing is now more stressful and requires more focus that I have seen in the game so far. It's way beyond what TBC heroics were like. And with some heroics currently taking up to 3 hours while still learning them you really need to chill out between runs (or even on runs).

- Go at your own pace. Don't feel forced to jump straight into heroics. It's quite simple: if you don't have the gear don't go there. Spending 3-4 hours wiping on a heroic is not productive if you don't need to do it. Instead, go run easier instances, build up rep for better gear and only move onto heroics when you are having zero issues keeping the group alive on normals.

- Make sure your group knows your strengths and weaknesses! As a healer my main concern is keeping myself and the tank alive, DPS are secondary. It doesn't mean I don't care about the DPS but if the tank and/or healer dies it's a wipe 90% of the time. As a Druid my main heals will be on the tank but I also have some abilites to make sure the group is healed alongside the tank. For example: I keep repeating the phrase "stand in the green stuff" at least 3-4 times a run. Efflorescence is a very nice effect for healing the group without having to spend extra mana. Combined with WG it should be enough to cover incidental group damage. But people need to use it! Ranged DPS needs to be close enough to the tank to get the effect. I know it's not the way people were playing pre-Cata but it's something that needs to be done. You don't need to stand on top of the tank, just the green :)

- Make sure everyone uses whatever they can to help you out, especially tanks! Haman does a nice job of reducing incoming damage and doing self-healing to help out. Tanks need to not be afraid to blow cooldowns, they are needed at this stage :(

- Consumables: they really help! Unfortunately at this stage they are damn expensive. But Spirit food is easy and cheap. Ghost Elixirs are easy to get as well.

- Insist that incoming potential damage is minimized through use of CC, placement etc.. Most fights, especially trash, are now designed to be done with CC in mind. It's needed and should be used at all times.

TL,DR: Initially starting to heal once you hit 85 is a complete ***** but stick with it, figure out what faction rep you need to get your healing gear (I went Revered with Hyjal first for the gloves and the head enchant) and work on it.

As long as you are in a group that knows what they are doing there's no issues. Heroics and Raids are currently not designed to be facerolled. If you can't play properly you have no right to be there, stick to normals until you learn the mechanics and what to look out for.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Like a poster above said if you got a good group its fine.

I have had a huge issue with a lot of groups where people stand in things they should not, and boss fights like the dragon in stone core going for 6min boss at 50% people standing in vortex downwind etc.
I looked online and I saw most people get it in 1-3 min.
Led me to think if the DPS is to slow and standing in things healers will oom? amirite?

Now... healing is not a issue if you do it right...

So many dps queue up the moment they can not hit cap / expertise cap etc wearing greens and 316 ilvl etc and queue up often from stuff outa their bags that they wont actually wear during a fight to 'trick' the system.

Now, if we are healing on well after the boss should be dead. We will be oom.

This is the main issue I run into, I usually heal them through 1-2 mistakes after that my mana is for the tank and those taking acceptable damage. So, usually I end up with 2-3 dead dps.

I am waiting for my guild to be ready now most people have a lota RL hitting em hard so hey more time for me to chill before I do heroics. But I am very comfortable with myself if the fights are pulled off corrently and the tank also has proper gear and avoidance.
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100 Tauren Druid
I guess I haven't grouped much with other healers (especially Paladins, done quite a bit with Priests/Shamans), but I don't quite see what's wrong with druids. If we have a problem it's the lack of a quick group heal, which is generally only an issue with achievements (first boss of SFK, third boss of BRC, etc) and not with just doing encounters.
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100 Tauren Druid
ive been a resto druid for 4 years its not that easy, and its way different then it was we dont have HoTs anymore, actually you know what roll a priest or pally something imo
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58 Draenei Death Knight
We get it, you are a good healer. Stop making these threads!
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90 Night Elf Druid
I think you should have to pass a test to queue for a random heroic.

It should include questions on CC, threat and avoiding AoE damage.
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100 Worgen Priest
So if I always get a DPS (or two) with Crowd Control, and a Tank that knows their class abilities and role.... and they are all geared, I'll be fine. Well; I'm sure Blizzard can hotfix their Looking for Group tool so that always happens right?

And honestly... my BIGGEST complaint, as a Discipline Priest is boiled down to this.

The healing changes make me nothing more than a less efficient Holy Priest.

My Mastery improves my shield. Shield damage absorption is not scaling relative to Cataclysm mob damage to any useful degree. Combined with the high cost of Shields; my Mastery now seems useless.

Many of my Talents reduce the cooldown of my Shields, empower my Shields or provide other benefits to using my Shields. Again however, the mana cost of Shields make them prohibitive to utilize.

My Discipline Tree 'special' spell is Penance, a channeled heal that in my current gear (average i329 so not that great I admit) ends up healing for about 12,000 at best. When I have 110,000 health 12k is nothing. Penance also costs like 2.8k of mana for such a weak heal. Yet another Discipline ability I find myself NOT using because of the mana cost.

What I AM using - heavily - is Heal. The talents I have that interact with Heal effect my shields. So I'm Heal-spamming now instead of keeping Shields up and then healing the excess. All I feel like now is an inefficient Holy Priest who happens to have a few Disc abilities like Inner Focus.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Tanks: please start gemming/enchanting for mitigation and not HP! When your tank has 150k HP and you are only healing for 20k with your biggest heal you are in deep stuff :)

This. 1,000,000,000 times THIS.
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85 Troll Priest
I like healing as a Disc priest but i cant help but feel that im not healing as much as I am slowing my groups death. Eventually we are going to reach 0% health, I just have to hope my dps can bring down the monsters before that happens. Maybe i would want a tiny buff to Penance so I could feel like a healer again but, I think wow wanted disc priests to be seen as preventer's and not healers. Whatever, Im still having fun!
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85 Human Rogue
I wonder how many people are going to quit because this game isn't and won't be a free ride that was WotLK? Welcome back to the days of old, a challenging, strategic game that makes you feel rewarded for accomplishing something.

Thank you Blizzard, the ways of Wrath were just getting so old and boring.
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85 Troll Druid
Ive had good runs, bad runs, and wtf just happened runs. Most of the bad runs if had are due to players thinking we are still in WOTLK. Every player needs to contribute to the run to make it clean and sucessful run.

Want a good run? Form your own group with friends/guildies and dont rush the dungeoun and make every person in the group contribute and use their class to the fullist(interupts,cc,cds, etc) every bit helps.

I actually enjoy the challenge!!!

LFM randoms dungeouns pst, lol
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91 Night Elf Druid
OP - Feel better now that you've stated how wonderful you are? Good.... We are thrilled, honestly.

Healing has changed, mana costs are absurd and successful healing is no longer all skill. Indeed, if you have a guild group who you are familiar with, that have the appropriate gear, that understands the instance and changes in healing, that pays attention, that does not break cc.... healing is fine. Unfortunately, most pugs do not fit that description. Stop spouting how wonderful you are long enough to q for 5 heroics as a healer without the support of your uber friends. Report back your findings.

Cata healing is more about group dynamics than healers. In one run, I had a shaman die 6 times.. no one else died, just him. Funny how I don't blame myself.
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90 Draenei Priest
Disc heals just don't scale with the HP pools, at all when you figure in how much they cost to cast. I came from a heal intensive game, a mana watching game, I'm ok with that. I'm not ok healing such a low amount of a tanks health even with a big heal.
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85 Troll Druid
Dont get me wrong, i dont think im great. I was simply stating to run a successful run everyone needs to contribute to the run, its not just the healer healing throught that whole thing like everyone was use to in WOTLK with high end gear. That will be impossible believe me :( i know. Best way to do that is with i premade grp. I dont run with guild im not part of the core grp so.. happy?
you made me sad :(
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