Perhaps offical fail meter?

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Alot of the valid frustration from the healers is due to the fail dps standing in the fire and the inevitable blame and unwarranted ridicule they will get from a wipe cause by face rolling.

Keep the system as is with tweaks but identify clerarly and plainly when people make mistakes. Via some created offical blizzard interface in some clearer and freindlier way similar to fail addons.

However with the twist of after a pull the following people casted interupts
followng people stood in fire
following people broke CC
<insert typical armless retard action/lack of action>

Blame is the biggest source of frustration imo and wouldnt fail dps be made better for being forced to see the mistakes they are making?

hell throw some achiement points for "didnt stand in a fire 50 times in a row" toss in an armless retard pet or something. There has got to be ways we can train them.
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Could always use Recount. Recount will do everything you suggested, just wont give you a retard pet.
Maybe that was your plan! Maybe you just wanted a one-armed retard for a pet!
Use Recounts CC Breakers, Mana Gained, Damage Taken, Deaths and Damage Done meters to see if people are playing right.
CC Breaker ~ Tracks who broke CC on which mob.
Mana Gained ~ Shows if your healer is doing all that he can to win the Mana Game.
Damage Taken ~ Shows you all the damage you took so you can research ways to ... well, not take it.
Deaths ~ This one will show you what happened in the last few seconds of that miserable PuGs life.
Damage Done ~ This will show you if you are capable at DPSing, and helping those that aren't doing it right.

So you see, Recount is what you want.
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Skada > Recount
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Like the guy above said, Recount is very useful to see who did what. There was a plugin for Recount called "fails," and it counts the number of "fails" a person does but doesn't really specify exactly what that fail was-- so I don't use it.

Grim Reaper is another good addon to see why someone died.
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Obituary was a good fail meter. Just got very spammy so i quit using it. It also counted unavoidable deaths to the wrong people. Such as Frost Blast on KT being a fail on the Blasted target, well there wasn't much they could do about it! lol
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Aloriele, Sounds like you overreacted. Did he simply post it, or was accompanied by ~Zomg healer fails!~
I ask this because i will often link deaths into chat in randoms. For myself, the healer or anyone really. I then explain that what killed them is easily avoidable.

Fail Meters are just like any other Meter. A good tool when used properly.
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my point was to point to offical blizzard thing that cant be turned off in heroics. im well aware there is alot of player created ones.

kinda going for the scorecard at the end of a boss you will(as in built in cant turn off) see kinda like in battlegrounds but for negative player actions.

Im serious alot of healers care and are sensitive and alot of dps frankly need to be shown. and vice versa if it is the healers fault perhaps they are also standing in the fire.

If I was the one standing in the fire i would be like hmm maybe i should work on moving next run so we dont wipe.

a big glaring hey <insert player name> you need to work on this bosses mechanics! at the end of a wipe would aleviate poo flinging and everyone could dust off and go at it again.

the people who really need to have this addon running are the same people who wont install it because it would confirm thier deepest fears. thats its them not the healer at fault.

edit: This game model is harder, harder requires a way to learn. There is only certain ways you can teach stupid people somtimes you have to drag them to what they did wrong and rub thier noses in it. All sorts of video games have scoring systems.

obviously dont call it "failure" cause alot of people will get emo over the use of the word and implication even if it is deserved. How about "technical foul" lol i dunno.
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