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ROFLpwnicus is a casual leveling, pvp, and raiding guild. We enjoy playing WoW, and want to experience all the game has to offer, but don't want to schedule our lives around it. We came in via transfer recently, so are recruiting EVERYTHING.

Guild Tenets:

-No raiding requirements. No attendance requirements. Play and raid when you're able to and don't schedule your life around it.

-No drama. We play this game to have fun and relax. People that cause the game to be another headache or stressful won't be allowed to stay.

-Maintain a fun, comfortable guild environment that's laid back and casual.

-Be accepting of all kinds of players. Some of us like to raid, some just like to quest. Others enjoy 5 mans, a little pvp, or general fun. All these kinds of players are welcome.


We like to raid, and many of us will be doing regular 10 & 25 mans at 85. Just because we're in a casual guild doesn't mean we don't like to progress or can't be serious when it comes time to raid. The guild leadership has an extensive raiding and raid-leading background. Please expect that most scheduled guild raids will occur during evenings or weekends, as all of us have day jobs.


We all are rerolling alts to experience the new content. You are welcome to bring in alts/rerolls for leveling in a casual guild.


We will also be doing PvP as a guild. Rated BG's, a few arena teams, etc. We keep it casual, but like to think that we know how to play also.


Let us know in-game if you are interested in joining or would like any more info. You can contact Vynesticles, Rukishi, or Azmodaguar for more information and/or an invite.
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
bump :)
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85 Undead Mage
Welcome to the server. We're a little smaller than most but we're pretty laid back. Definitely interested, and glad to have you guys in the game with us. :)
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Bumps :-)
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