Healing isn't broken...

85 Undead Priest
If you are running with players from your guild or server that you know are good, healing isn't broken. It's only broken when you try to use the dungeon finder. There are only window lickers in there. I've abandoned it. I'm going completely elitist now. If there is even the slightest hint that you don't know what you're doing, you're on my black list. This is the result of the changes blizzard has made. The casual player will be left in the dust because people are not going to heal for them. They cause the wipes and QQ that it's the healer's fault. It isn't our fault and there's nothing wrong with our abilities. It's them. It's THEM. Stop begging for buffs and raise your standards.
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90 Orc Shaman
Well said and ive done the same thing.
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85 Goblin Priest
LFD is like the casino, 9/10 times you lose. Be social meet people on your server :)
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85 Tauren Druid
Mmhm, thats what i do. only pug 1 or 2 dps at most, and thats rare. Pugs are fail. Or if you cant find a guild for some reason, build your group from trade chat like from the days of BC to background check people. Filter the bads = win.
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85 Dwarf Shaman
^This. I'm having absolutely no problem when I run with my guild. Warrior tank/ele shaman/marksman hunter/arcane mage.

CC stuff...we can usually bind elemental/hex 4 targets between the shaman, sheep another, and freeze trap yet another. We have CC wars at times to see who can CC first and laugh when one or no mob(s) run to the tank.
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90 Orc Shaman
Yep i agree with everything said here. And I love the fact that they are making us find good people on our local server. I like it!
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