Druid heals broken

90 Tauren Druid
Idk about other heals but i just started getting into heroics and its almost impossible to heal all the way through a fight. I just dont see the logic in uping the stamina and damage taken while totally nerfing the amount healed and consuming mana like a fat kid in a cake factory. I know its mostly leets that post in forums so they all like having to struggle for 2 hours in a heroic haviong to teach dps raid awarness but i dont. nuff said
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100 Tauren Druid
your probably hotting people still Blizzard broke hots for the most part just lifebloom X3 nourish or HT to keep LB up regrowth/swiftmend on clearcasting procs and wild growth for group heals - from a sticky on elitist jerks. and no its not fun but thats druid healing now
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Resto druids only need two things right now:
1) The +mount speed guild perk needs to work for flight form.
2) OoC should not consume swiftmend, but should consume WG and rejuv.
EDIT: 3) Using survey should automatically cancel form that don't allow it (i.e. flight form).

I've done every heroic, plus Halfus, the vault boss, and work on Omnitron. The raiding is 10man and 2healing (opposite a priest, he's been trying both specs).

In heroics, it's lifebloom and rejuv on the tank, mend basically on cooldown (unless you're saving it to use efflo on a gimmick), nourish as necessary. If they dip too low, an HT instead of nourish. Regrowth or HT on OoC procs, just if you want a faster heal or a bigger one--regrowth usually works better for me, but it does depend on the situation. Group healing is a mix of efflo, WG/(rejuv or nourish for a particularly low target), and regrowth/HT (followed also by rejuv or nourish, for a particularly low target) from OoC procs.

We've already cut way back on the CC we bother to use. I drink between a half dozen and 10 times a run, generally. If you get behind, tell your tank to use a cooldown, pop Broccoli and lifebloom everyone--with the ridiculous number of OoC procs you get, insta-regrowth anyone low. Bonus points for WG up first, so the lifeblooms get mastery. If you get really behind, tranq.

For (10man) raids, lifebloom/rejuv on tank A, rejuv on B and use OoC for regrowth on B when possible, for mastery. Mend either, preferably the one melee is near. Raid healing works the same way. If you want to deal with it, you can keep lifebloom rolling on both tanks by using nourish (or HT, but you shouldn't need it often) after getting the stacks up via Broccoli, but that cuts significantly into the time you can spend on the raid.

/cast [target=focus, exists, harm] Entangling Roots; Entangling Roots
/cast [target=focus, exists, harm] Hibernate; Hibernate
You can only use one at a time (that is, you can't use both if you're CCing two mobs in a pull), but they make life much easier otherwise.
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