So get this crap guys!

Here I am minding my own business drinking from my bottle like I always do. And all of the sudden one day (we'll call this the shattering) my mom tells me I need to stop using the bottle and use a normal cup.

Well...this is complete and utter bulls***! What the hell is this? I can spill my drink with this weird cup! I don't get it...before I sipped from my bottle fine, but ever since my mom gave me this normal cup I can't, what the heck was she thinking?!

How am I suppose to use this thing?! I mean really, it spills if tipped over! I have to think and concentrate to sip from it without spilling it, what's with that?

I just can't stand this, this isn't fair. It makes no sense, everything was good before now its all messed up! This is all my mom's fault.