So, is healing still "fine"? lol


You're not listening. I despise spamfest style healing with a passion - the fact I actually have to watch my mana bar again does in fact make me happy.

What distresses me is how pathetically wimpy my spells are; their low scaling and puny coefficients mean that once again, I am spamming. The difference is I'm not hitting as hard as I used to.

As I've said many times, I envision a healing mode where mana is a factor, but spell payoffs are big. Combat proceeds at a decent pace; we don't heal constantly, but we make what heals we do cast count.

I'm with you there, and I apologize for the confusion. However, although I misapplied it, my point stands: we lost.

I actual like the idea of having a little downtime, too. But we lost that fight, just the same as I lost my "make ToL a toggled ability, permanent but not useful 100% of the time." The decision was that constant casting, slowed down so you can think between casts and choose which tool to use, was the best option. I was all for a return of the FSR, with shaman and pally healers getting in on it.

If you consider the heal-autoattacks as "downtime," and pretend that their healing is rolled into the other spells, is that in line with what you would prefer?
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"You can live with only one lung too, doesn't mean life with be especially fulfilling."

This anology, I dont even....

You are unhappy, I get it, you can still heal, you need to adapt and work together.
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I have. Yet I'm not finding healing as enjoyable as it was back in the day.

So downing hard content when you are OOM isnt fun? I think its a thrill, on the edge drama. MORE i say!
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Very much so. I like having a few extra seconds to get my bearings and plot out my next action - it was what made the Burning Crusade so enjoyable for me.

Plus, this "don't top people off" concept is honestly bull!%%%. If you're a dps, the goal is to make the enemy health bar go to zero; if you're a healer, the inverse is true.

Your objection is one of the few reasonable ones, then, and credit to you for sticking to your guns through all the noise. That did lose the argument. However much you want it, however much sense it makes that spamming autoheal is exactly equivalent to actual downtime, however much a little downtime would allow for additional mechanics (like active regen), I don't see Blizz reintroducing it. They managed to restore heroics to "hardmode" status, instead of them being the baseline (and normals being pointless)--that's going to cost them enough subscriptions, despite it being necessary for the game, I'm sure.

As far as the "don't top people off" issue, I agree it's kinda counter-intuitive, but it wasn't actually ever the healer's goal to make health bars = 100%. Our goal is to keep everyone alive. WotLK got us so worked up in "if they're not at 100%, they're in danger of dying" that it's hard to internalize that a DPS can sit at 50% and slowly tick back up without needing instant attention. I'd suggest giving that issue a little more time, to see if you can reconfigure your mental alarm bells.

No, I think it's stressful and the mark of a bad group of players. I get far more satisfaction from downing a boss at 30% mana and smile knowing that I managed my mana well.

The really fun part is ending a pull higher than you started it, making your tank say "need to dr--guess not."

Edit: fixed the quotation.
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Glad its not like that anymore and skill is a deciding factor in success. Fun aside of course.
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"Protip: Not everyone who dislikes Cata healing enjoyed the Wrath faceroll."

^ I hate it for a whooollleee nother reason. I hate faceroll, but not as much as I hate how boring and frustrating it is now.
- World of Warcraft
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Even with the hotfix, I did some heroics just now and It's still fine. Do I find myself lower on mana? Sure. Does that mean I get to see Angelbro a little bit more? Definitely :)

BC required more skill than Wrath has or Cataclysm ever forseeably will in terms of healing.


/cast Chakra
/cast Renew
/cast Heal
/cast Heal
/cast Heal
/cast Holy Word: Serenity
/cast Heal
/cast Heal

etc. takes skill, right?

I don't know about you, but my healing kind of looks like this:

/cast Holy Light
/cast Holy Light
/cast Holy Shock
if Daybreak;
/cast Holy Shock
/cast Word of Glory
/cast Divine Light
/cast Holy Light.
if AOE;
/cast Holy Radiance

That's just me though.
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+1000 for a Kreia quote
90 Orc Shaman
Yeah i does. You have more than one spell and ability given the situation you know.
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Ya lol these changes were small and only noticeable sometimes. they didn't fix the super bugs we still have and that they have refused to acknowledge
I think there is a very real possibility of them reintroducing it; what I'm banking on is the imminent failure of the LFD system. It's antithetical to the current playstyle they've introduced - pugs simply lack the skill to perform to an acceptable standard. Already I see decent players reverting to the old tradespam system. Perhaps the death of LFD system will be the clarion call of a healing revision.

Before you ask why I use the LFD system, I will respond with a Kreia quote. "I use it as I would a poison, and in the hope of understanding it I will learn the way to kill it. But perhaps these are merely the excuses of an old woman who has grown to rely on the very thing she despises."

I see your point, but I guess I'm just not as optimistic. The only possible results I'm expecting are that everything gets nerfed to oblivion or Blizz sticks it out until people finally remember that heroics are supposed to be the hardmodes of normals, just like hardmode raids are to those normals. The self-proclaimed casual community doesn't whine that they can't do hardmode raids (until the next tier is released)--by extension, they can't reasonably complain that they can't (yet) do heroics.

Pugs can perform to the standard required in normals. It may not be perfectly smooth sailing, but the bosses do die. If people actually learn to CC, interrupt, and get out of fire (which I see as reasonable requirements to graduate from solo to group content, on even the most casual of players), it'll get smoother. If.

Of course, people are rarely willing to be logical, especially in large groups. (And major points for the reference--both because it did preempt me and because it was well placed!)

There is truth, but back in the day DPS who weren't in danger were usually the target of HoTs. Nowdays they heal for so little at such high cost it's hard to justify using renew except upon a tank.

Let 'em get lower. When they're at 60k/100k (or I guess more like 40k/80k, before heroics), then toss the HoT. Anything that'll instagib them at 40k is something they should be able to avoid, anyway (pulling aggro, standing in fire, failing to interrupt OMG-this-spell-kills-you, etc).
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Come on that so pro I cant believe you dont think it is.
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