Do you actually like carrying people?

I have found in pugs that if someone is just unable to stay out of the fire its better to just let them die. May be a crappy approach but it works.

I think the design of paying attention or you lose is leaps and bounds better then spam heal spike damage to no end.

Healers mind set has been if the dps dies its your fault, and we need to get away from that because its no longer true. If a dps is dying it is the dps that is at fault 90% of the time now.

Also, to all healers keep in mind that very few fights are a dps race so letting the one die that cant pay attention usually helps in the long run. There have been a few runs where i will just neglect to heal a dps cuz they are unable to pay attention. Not only does it teach them to be more aware, but it also doesn't wipe the group because i go oom. Best part of this system is that you won't get kicked from the groups because you are still dowing the boss.

You will be shocked to see how much mana you end the fight with when you just let the guy die. This is not WOTLK they need to adapt just like we are.

I by no means think this is a bad design. Good players will go far and baddies will die in the fire and get kicked when they realize its not you its him.
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85 Worgen Priest
It is not that healers like to carry people but rather healers are weakened by a lot in respect to healing power and mana. What frustrates most healers is not that they can't just carry anyone trhough a heroic, but it is that thos people who got carried in WOTLK didn't get any better in Cata to compensate for healer nerfs.

I would encourage any and every healer out there to avoid LFD tool for until another 4-8 weeks, find yourself a guild, try to form groups in your realm (then que for heroics). You will realize that the healing is actually fun when people co-operate to overcome pulls/boss fights and do their parts to contribute.
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85 Draenei Paladin
and in wrath as a tank i carried bad dps and heal. of course tword the end you didnt need heals for heroics really just dps zer tank aggro word of glory
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87 Troll Druid
I find the cata healing style more enjoyable than in wrath. I think it is much more challenging and far more gratifying to get a group out of a sticky situation or avoid certain death in cata than it was to keep people topped off in wrath. “Holy **** we’re alive, nice heals!” is far more satisfying than “ooooo green bars.” Although I would prefer a few small tweaks to my heals (none of which would change the play style drastically), I think healing in general is much more fun than jumping around the group spamming rejuvenations and randomly pulling more encounters to make my role more entertaining.

Last night I was in an already difficult to heal LFD Grim Batol group without proper CC; at one point during the instance, a large roaming encounter attacked us while we were already fighting another large encounter. This type of incident would have resulted in a wipe under ordinary circumstances but somehow, someway, the group was able to pull together with some good healing and some impressive crowd and damage control (well timed CDs, interrupts, stuns, silences, and etc.). We barely survived but we still survived; I felt great whether or not the resultant survival was due to my healing or their CC and damage control. Carrying a group isn’t quite as fun as being an integral part of one.

I completely agree that gear at the end of wrath made heroic dungeons silly and I assume that cata dungeons will be similar to that again nearing the end of cata. It should not come as a surprise that better gear provides the opportunity to increase healing throughput and endurance. Experience shows that well conserved 90k mana takes longer to drain than well conserved 75k (surprise!), perhaps only seconds in some situations but seconds that might mean win or lose.
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85 Night Elf Warrior
no I dont and sadly thats what most DPS expect now....
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85 Human Priest
Back wrath I didn't Mind carrying people that were just new or slightly undergeared, as long as they listened and improved on the run. Mouthy idiots standing in fire? Been letting them die then kicking them since I started healing on this toon. And you still Can save the group, pull of some amazing hail mary's. But there is a limit. Got my first herioc clear today, at commander springvale, nobody knows the fight.

Adds that come in during the fight caused massive dmg, it really looked like were going to have a sub 1% wipe. Last ditch effort I pop a PWS and PoM on the ele shammy right before I go down. Bam survives 1 adds hit, and she and the boss kill each other at the same time. Epic :)
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85 Human Paladin
Put another way...

If the tank and dps always do a great job of avoiding damage then what is the point of the healer? Any monkey could keep that group alive. If the healer can't make up for bad play then this expansion is going to kill the LFD tool.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
I haven't read the thread, the title asked a direct question.

Yes I do. I like covering for people's mistakes. That's why I played Disc and Resto Druid. Fade is immensely useful for starting heals as soon as I need to, Shackle was omfg awesome cc in Wrath where needed... Double or *triple* spell flingers, undergeared tanks in HoR, and very very rarely, Psychic Scream (which I now have glyphed).

I would often do things with undergeared groups (<3 undergeared tanks) just for somewhat of a challenge.

I love the encounters in these new dungeons but I hate that my skill can't make up for their bad. Simple as that, I do.

I hate ooming every few pulls.

And the glaring hole in the design philosophy is having to heal up people between pulls. You'd be an idiot not too but it takes as much as 15 seconds and plenty of mana to do this. Out of combat healing...I don't know...needs to scale with spirit as well. Even with mages in groups people still don't eat.
List of CC and Interrupts
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85 Troll Priest
I think the main reason I started playing my priest over my mage was that I felt like I had more control over the fight. As a mage, it was "I'm DPSing as hard as I can already! I got nothing left!'. Whereas with a healer, I could see "oh ok, after the transition to the 3rd phase I need to save some mana to go nuts with healing". It was more dynamic. The same people don't always take the same amount of damage, the fight isn't based on a rotation. In that sense, I liked carrying people. But just cause you're a DPS doesn't mean you can't carry people either, I just think for healers, they like to be in control of the fight.

I feel like we've lost part of that control, and it's gone to people who we don't trust to be in control (DPS), otherwise we wouldn't be healers in the first place.
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8 Night Elf Hunter
No, I don't like to carry people. I like to finish instances. Having to leave or kick someone is a huge waste of time. Also, the fact that every mistake in an instance costs in loss of HP -- the one thing that healer's have to prevent -- means every tard action simply adds to a healer's stress. At least before we could roll up our sleeves and take care of business. Now we are helpless to every mistake made by the 4 other members. And worst of all, most of the time the other members simply notice that their health "isn't going up fast enough."

The devs are trying to bring skill back into instances. Cool. Unfortunately they are doing so through healer's expense.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Depends on how bad the carry has to be. You can't carry as much as you used to. All the insta gib mechanics 60% of deeps die to these days and the fact you just don't have the mana, GCDs/Cast time to heal a dps through cleaves or through big aoes (H BRC, Deadmines Reaper Boss) its just not possible.

Ive returned to my old early wrath and BC tactice. If your taking aoe you shouldn't be, im going to save my mana for someone its worth using it on. You, instead you get a repair bill.

I find that most groups i have been in have been very reasonable about vote kicking the right people. Most people will see that one persons health seems to drop more than others, and tanks take huge spike damage when a spell isn't interrupted. On the case that the whole group is being bad, Vote Kick me please. I'd rather get upt in a 4 minute queue again than have to run a 2 hour heroic cos people are bad.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Most people enjoy being overpowered.

I have to admit I agree with this statement.
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85 Gnome Priest
I started in wrath and while it was fun being OP and spamming my highest spells with little to no consequence it got boring. Cata changed that. I'm working with a group of thinking people in my randoms rather than lolaoeeverytingwithonebuttonandiwin. And most bosses in Wotlk were tank n spank. Cata bosses require a brain, and to my pleasure a lot of the brainless people are cancelling their subscriptions. Oh happy day.
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85 Goblin Priest
It used to be, having an amazing healer meant your group could do amazing things. Now you need an amazing healer not to go OOM in the middle of a boss fight.
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85 Human Paladin
I <3 carrying people and if you acctually played at the start of WotLK where we had our first heroics IT WAS NOT A WALK IN THE PARK but seeing as you joined the game at the end of WotLK and you where OP with 3k Gearscore and saw that you where being carried by healers who where in 277 gear. It was fantastic. at the start of every new expansion comes nerfs/buffs and changes. The changes to healing destroyed the fun in it and i'm rerolling to pvp holy pally which is probably one of the best IMO
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85 Human Paladin
We'll buff the tanks and buff the dps.... wait what the that healer is carrying a group *clicks big red nerf button* GG healers. Oh my god IDIOTS YOU MAY AS WELL NERF EVERYONE by decreasing tank threat by 60%. Decrease dps by 70% and keep heals the same. you watch the only change will be that we'll be carrying groups again oh yeah and going oom after 1 thing is killed lol
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