Guardian of the Ancient Kings Broken? (Ret)

I also hate how if you kill your target, sometimes he just derps about doing nothing, or he'll just run off after someone and just vanish.
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12/15/2010 6:29 PMPosted by Criceto
I also hate how if you kill your target, sometimes he just derps about doing nothing, or he'll just run off after someone and just vanish.

I noticed this too, he just stands there most of the time after you kill one thing.
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Not to mention its AI is RETARDED. I poped it on a warlock and it went straight for his pet, and continued to sit on the pet for its duration. It also seems to have issues seeking out a target from range. When everything does work out and it actually attacks the right thing and sits on them for the entire duration its not too bad.
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I just had a few swings at a raid-level dummy. Firstly, it's definitely stacking only ~30 Str at 20 stacks - it's utterly dwarfed by the proc on my Heart of Solace trinket.

Secondly, attacking from behind the dummy it missed 6.7% of the time, so it's not inheriting hit from its owner. It also had 33.3% Glancing Blows vs my 25%, though this is likely the result of a small sample size (it only swings once per 2s for 15 swings per summon, and I didn't feel like spending hours waiting on its CD). Better yet, sometimes the darned thing doesn't even stand behind the dummy with me, but we'll ignore those runs for now. So, the result is that it swings for an average of 4.3K per swing for me (with Might only), or 2.15K DPS from its melee. The explosion was for ~8.3K damage, which averaged over the guardian's 30s duration is another ~280 DPS, for an overall DPS of 2.43K DPS for that 30s. Over 5 mins that's 243 DPS! As I pull over 7K on that dummy with no cooldowns, it's a 3.5% DPS increase at best as it is.

Now, if the thing gave me 1% of my current strength per application, or about 33.5/stack, after the full stack builds up (about 18-20s on the dummy) it'll be a nice little 670 Str bonus, which would probably buff the DPS boost of the cooldown by 50% or more (so a 5% over DPS bonus - AW is a 3.3% increase).

Of course, that's assuming the thing actually attacks something useful from the right direction.

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Question. I was walking around with a 5% increased Damage buff that had no duration after using my guardian. However, It doesn't seem to happen on dummies. Anyone know what's up?
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