Ready to stop complaining about Feral Druids?

85 Worgen Druid
Pretty sure you are wrong and bleeds now tick for full amount in bear. That's what the druid forums are reporting anyways (haven't tested myself)

From :

December 2

* Rake is now dealing the same damage outside of Cat Form when the druid has the Razor Claws mastery. Rake damage also stays consistent when modified by Mangle as a druid shifts out of Cat Form.

Rake does, but Rip doesn't.
Some how this change is what introduced the double dip mastery bug, just FYI.

I also recall a druid saying this change effected rip, but when I tested it, it was not.
I will note I did not test it today (been a week, and I was 81 at time of testing), and don't know if other hotfixes were done today outside of what was said in the previous link.
Is Rip getting the mastery when shifting now, including but not limited to Bear Form. Bear Form was canceling the effect because the Bear Forms mastery was taking over previously, which drops Cat forms.

If it's changed, I consider it a good thing regardless of the complaints.
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86 Night Elf Druid
mostly because the vast majority (and im talking 95%+ here) dont understand a single aspect about ferals because they never had to.

Common misconceptions about feral

1) Feral is immune to snares (False).

This mostly comes from the lack of understanding of the word "immune". If I was to say "Arm-War is immune to snare when they bladestorm" this would be a correct statement (if you attempt a snare on them during bladestorm it will actually say "Immune"). Feral's are never immune, we can just break snares very easily. What is the difference? 2 things.
a) AoE snares (frost trap, petulance) can not be shifted out of
b) It cost us a GCD to shift form, and a small amount of dps. Small adds up to alot in longer fights.

Our hard counter for snare removal actually comes from other mele. Rogue's apply poison too fast (plus sprint to stay on us), Ret can SoJ (even though SoJ sux atm), DK's have CoI/pest/DG, Hance has the weapon chant/FS, and Wars have charges & hammy.

2) Feral's are immune to Poly/Hex (False).

Although this used to be true, it no longer is. Feral forms are still immune to Poly/Hex, but a feral in caster can get poly'd and no longer has the ability to break poly by shifting (like it was in the past). No biggy? Not true. Feral has to come out of form to CC (Cyclone/Root) or Heal & we can get caught with a stun -> Full sheep. Also, to add to that, we also come out of form if we try to shift while stunned (we get stunned as we shift but lag doesn't let the shift happen and we are stuck in caster)

There was more I was going to add but am already TL|DR

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90 Night Elf Druid
I really wish a blue would comment on whether rake is bugged or not there seems to be a lot of disagreement on whether or not it is actually bugged or WAD.
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90 Night Elf Druid

You and the others mentioning that are really missing the point he was making.

Feral Druids have always excelled in 1v1 solo duels more than most other classes.

However, they become a lot less scary the larger the battle is on both sides. Hence, if you wanted to make an ideal 3v3 or 5v5 arena team, feral has never really been one of the classes you would pick.

TL;DR: Stop trying to 1v1 Feral druids and crying when you lose to them in what they're best at, PVP isn't balanced around dueling.
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Posted by Ellesîme

we're in a really good place now

Posted by Ellesîme

we're in a really good place now

Posted by Ellesîme

we're in a really good place now

these magic words when said basically admits their own class is overpowered to a laughable degree. I've heard it from rets at 3.0, Ive heard it from warriors, I've heard it from every class (except shamans, lets be honest) for the past couple years. Once one of their own uses this phase, its basically caving in and admitting a guilty pleasure.
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85 Gnome Warrior
Have noticed that Feral Druids have unparalled survivability that makes them impossible to kill when their cooldowns are up?

Have you noticed that Feral Druids have ridiculous mobility that allows them 100% uptime on pretty much every class unless they are being chain CC'd by 2+ classes?

Have you noticed that feral druids have an insane amount of control that allows them to CC multiple classes at once?

Oh you havent? Maybe you should open your eyes then. Feral druids are broken as hell, even without the DoTs that drop me to 30% in -10 seconds.
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100 Undead Warlock

If I recall, when you exit a form, you're not given a GCD, so you can instantly change to another form basically preventing any actual CC to come about -- which is probably why it's considered an immunity.

Subtletly is made for Mobility and Feral Druids have more uptime than we do even though our damage is skewered. Your damage isn't. Either mobility or damage has to be reduced to make it fair. Uptime with perm. dots that deal good damage isn't acceptable.

except that sub has worked in competitive pvp, it worked for an entire expansion. ferals have never worked in competitive pvp. even in wrath when they had high damage AND high mobility, they were STILL one of the worst pvp specs in the existence of wow.

so far people are only complaining about 1v1 scenarios, which:

A. dont matter and

B. ferals have always excelled and been grossly overpowered in despite ferals being complete garbage in competitive pvp.

it is just funny how far people will go out of their way to ensure that ferals will always be a joke spec in pvp when there isnt even a single piece of relevant data that shows them to be op in any meaningful context.

now, i have no doubt in my mind that blizzard will kneejerk nerf ferals into the ground. they always do. people complain about how powerful ferals are in the beginning of every expansion, blizzard guts them and they become a joke spec before they even have a chance to pvp with it. even if blizzard left them alone, ferals might be viable for one arena season, and then degrade back to a joke spec for the rest of the expansion.

why? for the simple reason that ferals scales HORRENDOUSLY with bigger brackets, and always will. now i will say that is not blizzards fault. the very things ferals have enjoyed about the spec have ensured that it will never see the light in larger scale battles. changing that to make it viable in larger brackets will pretty much mean removing most if not all of the aspects that made feral fun, and they will make the feral community mad. it is a lose-lose for blizz.

that said, blizzard has tried to help ferals out over the years, in wotlk mostly. it is just everything fell way short.

there are a few changes i would make to ferals, not because i think they are op but because their mechanics are either silly or inconsistent. such as rake bug being fixed, tiger fury no longer giving bonus damage to bleeds (this would nerf the first set of feral bleeds by 15% and be one less clunky mechanic for ferals in pve), and nerfing maim to be more inline with kidney shot (which should have been done the moment CS/KS changes were announced).
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90 Tauren Shaman
Posted by Xovian
Your bleeds still tick for far too much, it's not hard to comprehend

In PvE gear, which most people are in, and also of which has high mastery from quest greens. Go look at our PvP gear (I'm wearing two pieces), and find out how little mastery is on it.

Blizzard did this for a reason, if gives them a mechanic they can easily tune for PvE, with out effecting PvP. Sure a Feral can try to just use PvE gear, but in rated teams, especially arena, its a death sentence and will be an outright loss.

Also, all a kitty has to do is put up his bleeds, go into bear form and tank rediculously well whilst laughing at whoever has the DoTs on them.

If you're going to spew nonsense, at least try to be halfway accurate.

If kitty goes bear form, he looses his mastery for those bleeds.

Read the mastery. They did change that going caster will not break the mastery because we are expected to shift (it's what the class does), however, the moment we take another form that isn't cat/caster, the bonus vanishes and becomes almost laughable.

Lol, you are completely wrong. In the future to not try to correct me by spewing nonesense and do your research.

A guildy of mine confirmed it no longer effects your bleeds whether you're in bear or kitty form.
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1 Goblin Warrior
The poor free HK kitty in Wotlk is now killing u, QQ more plz.
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12/14/2010 7:13 PMPosted by Turbowarrior
The poor free HK kitty in Wotlk is now killing u, QQ more plz.

This statement worked well with ret in TBC.

They are still playing for past sins even 2 years later.
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85 Tauren Death Knight
OP has played a total of 22 Battlegrounds and ZERO arenas.

Feral is balanced, lmao. Just kidding!
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85 Blood Elf Mage
if a feral ever gets hit by 1.7s poly/hex they're really, really awful


Posted by Dorkknight
OP has played a total of 22 Battlegrounds and ZERO arenas.

Feral is balanced, lmao. Just kidding!
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85 Orc Mage
Other than lolfrostmages, ferals are veritable gods among men. You can't tank them solo for even 10 secs as a tank class (with resilience) because their bleeds ignore armor/res. Good stuff.

Like my class, if you don't get free glad as feral the problem is you, not the class. Feral is beyond faceroll right and... will be the next toon I PL to 85 for pure lulz in arena/bg's. In the meantime I can't wait to wear out my icelance key.

P.S. Nerf lolret.
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85 Tauren Druid
Posted by Dorkknight
OP has played a total of 22 Battlegrounds and ZERO arenas.

Feral is balanced, lmao. Just kidding!

Did you notice the OP is a SENIOR SERGEANT?

Go on, check out those Feats of Strength.

Now look at when he hit 80, then 85. I played my Druid as a twink YEARS ago in the 30-39 and 40-49 bracket. I've played my Rogue (Treachery) on a modestly successful Arena team in TBC -- go check out his achievements. I've played my Mage (Negator) extensively in BG -- to the point where he has the Conqueror title!

I change classes almost every expansion -- sometimes multiple times per -- to keep things from getting stale. I have leveled every class in the game to 70 and most of them to 80 (not my Rogue, Hunter, or Shaman) simply so I could PvP with them. I know how the classes work. I BG a lot, so I understand the concept of utility DPS (like a Feral Druid, which excels at running flags and coordinating defense).

Given this, I understand the current complaints about Feral Druids: they deal damage, and this is unacceptable.

People aren't used to this. They aren't used to a Feral Druid actually being able to kill them. Now there is another class that they have to learn to peel, and it upsets them. People aren't happy until every class that is not theirs performs at the level that we are seeing of Rogues and Hunters right now.

It's easier to just come to the forums and complain when a fight is lost to a class that they consider to be "overpowered". I can't wait until some of the people here start to run into some really well-played Warlocks and Warriors. Maybe it will take the heat off Mages for a while, at least.
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81 Draenei Shaman
Posted by Dorkknight
OP has played a total of 22 Battlegrounds and ZERO arenas.

Feral is balanced, lmao. Just kidding!

oh my god are you even serious

that's ~50k damage over six seconds. less than 10k dps. and do you know why?


someone call the %!@!ing news, apparently if a class gets extremely lucky with crits, has a bugged ability, and is wearing pve gear and fighting a target with starting pvp gear they can take out half of the guy's health pool in six seconds. THIS IS BOTH SHOCKING AND A VALID ARGUMENT.

screw this i'm going to go level enchanting
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