People Dying is Not Your Fault!

85 Troll Priest
I wanted to write this is response to claim after claim that I have read, which all amount to approximately the following:

"All of the challenge in this expansion is being put on the healers."

Healers seem to think that if anyone has died it is entirely their own fault and that you have failed in your role.

The challenge is being put on everyone. The challenge is to take less damage. To CC mobs. To move out of fire. To use those lovely self-heals most classes have. To take damage-reducing and healing increasing talents. To do enough DPS that your healer has enough mana to finish the fight.

We have gotten so used to the Wrath model, where a DPS could stand in an AOE for 2 -3 ticks, sometimes more, and the healers could keep them up. Where the raid could ignore abilities that could and should have been interrupted because the healers could compensate.

We could only do that because healing wasn't challenging. We weren't keeping people alive through mechanics, we were in charge of cancelling out mechanics. Now healing is actually difficult, and we need everyone else to do their job as well. Get out of the mindset that a person dying is automatically on the healer, and see what could have been done differently to make the fight go smoother.

The new model is great, learn to love it.
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90 Human Priest
I'm an 85 and have done every heroic (and even a raid boss), he's right.

Most wipes aren't because I accidently healed someone's pet or spammed PW:S for no reason, it's because:

  • DPS is too low. I often find some players doing 4K DPS. 4K! They're also not gemmed, have no enchants, and cheated the system by buying iLevel gear they don't even equip just so they can queue heroic. They just assume its a cakewalk, and that they'll "start" gearing in Heroics. Sorry, you need to have decent gear now to do heroics.
  • People standing in fires. Blizz changed the fires to do massive damage to people now, to punish DPS classes more. But I can often times just flash heal to save them, but that will mean I spend more precious mana than I needed to. That causes me to go OOM faster, and us to wipe.
  • People not doing the encounters correctly.
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90 Tauren Druid
As a 85 non-paladin, I also agree with the paladin and OP!

I haven't completed all the heroics, but the general idea is people need time to upgrade gear, learn how abilities work now (not how they worked last expansion), and how encounters operate.

Professions are still leveling up enchanting and jewelcrafting. When more people reach max level and the prices even out a bit, more and more people will have proper gems/enchants. There are still epic shoulder enchant reputations and other exalted rewards for most people.

And yes, I like formatting text.
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90 Tauren Warrior
Our guild motto
If the Tank dies, its the healer's fault
If the Healer dies, its the Tank's Fault
If dps dies, its usually their own damned fault

90% of the time this is the case. I've see soooooo many melee dps die in regulars and heroics because they were standing in the wrong place (not standing fully behind the flayers in H-SC for example)

When I tank on this guy or my DK or when I heal on my shammy, unless I think it has the potential to wipe the group, I have no problem whatsoever letting a stupid DPS who wont do what they are supposed to do/stand where they are supposed to stand die.

Let these baddies die, they'll either learn from their mistakes and get better or they'll ragequit and get swept off with the rest of the mouth breathers who will never and should never see a successful raid boss killed in cata.

This is the expansion of L2Play boys and girls. Be part of the solution not part of the problem. Don't be a Baddie Enabler.
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85 Worgen Druid
Hear here!

Stop blaming yourself if the DPS dies healers...
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90 Goblin Death Knight
There are still mechanics that force dps to take damage no matter what they do.

There's a difference between standing in the fire and being forced to stand in the fire.
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90 Troll Priest
Healers job has never been to keep everyone alive. Triage means sometimes strategically letting the DPS that is sucking all of your mana just die (especially if he won't use lightwell). There are even times when it is appropriate to let the tank die if the choice is that or wiping.
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