Funny thing about the paladin hotfix

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None of the actually-overpowered bugs were addressed.

Light of Dawn still hits every target in range, regardless of glyph (certainly not capping at 5 or 6)

Protector of the Innocent still transfers via Beacon, making every heal cast on anyone (even the tank) heal the tank for another 2-4k (making Holy Light a pretty darn good tank heal.)

Light of Dawn still transfers every heal to the Beacon (halved, of course.) This is the real reason it outshone WoG. Nerfing the value doesn't fix the problem.

The things they actually nerfed are practically irrelevant. It doesn't change the way we use LoD. The change to Tower of Radiance isn't going to make anyone spec out of it, despite the random forum clamor about that (seriously, where else are you going to spend those points? Denounce?)

I am almost always on the side of the developers when it comes to these things, and CERTAINLY holy paladins needed to be nerfed (see broken mechanics in our favor above) but the implementation of this just seems... clueless, honestly.

And to stress, I'm not QQing. We're still way better off than we should be.
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clueless is exactly what it is.

fix bugs before nerfs. you guys said it yourselves all through beta
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Ding ding ding.
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Not saying that this implementation of the change was the right way to do it, but I'm thinking it could just be that they aren't able to fix the actual issues you listed at the moment.

I.e., they might be aware of the issue but aren't able to get to the root cause of the bug, or fixing the bug would be too time-consuming. Sometimes fixing what appears to be a small bug may take a lot of work or a complete overhaul and rewriting lots of code.

So my guess is that they went with an easier to implement nerf and assumed it would balance Holy Pallies the same as fixing the actual issues.
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I haven't raided yet so the LoD nerf I know little about (it's just a nice beacon heal for heroics) but holy light giving holy power 100% of the time was far too efficient. I miss it a ton but it was really obviously op.
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90 Draenei Paladin

That may be totally true. It's possible that taking HL out of ToR is the right move. I have no opinion either way.

But I think it's crazy to adjust for balance without fixing bugs that affect balance. Because what happens when you DO fix those bugs?
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So why not make HL have a 50% chance to generate 1 HP through Tower? It's so dirt cheap and weak that losing 50% of it's efficiency by not casting it on a non-beacon target it doesn't need that guaranteed HP.
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They've had a lot of warning about these bugs though. They were happening on beta and I know I reported them then and I saw others post about the also.

They also had fair warning about Tower of Radiance. Their insistence on keeping beacon of light in the game is what is causing this mess.
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