Holy Paladin nerfs?

85 Draenei Paladin
Having healed heroics at 85 with both a (Holy) Priest and a Paladin-- I understand why they made the changes as it's noticably easier with a Paladin, but failing to CC and DPS standing in the fire causes a wipe just as easily as with my Priest (although my Priest generally is better at recovering from multiple people messing up because their AoEs are easier to use and more readily available.)

Even so, this is roughly at 70% nerf to LoD (50%+ reduction of Holy power generation, 35% nerf to LoD itself). Since LoD can also be a substantial portion of our healing in raids, this is also a direct nerf to beacon healing and our overall throughput (not counting the pvp implications which are also meaningful).
85 Human Paladin
I adore the changes..I was getting tired of spamming fol constantly. I think this makes us pretty effective raid healers and takes us out of our tank healing rut. We could effectively do both now in 10 mans i think with the right play style changes.

Dawn of light is amazing!!!! and if you have enough haste... and are using Judgment on CD.. you shouldn't be having ANY mana problems.

If you are a PREEMPTIVE healer (which all pallies should be) then you don't need to be spamming after big hits. I rarely use DL simply because its not often necessary with WOG/HL and the other procs/instants we now have in our healing arsenal. If you see big damage attacks coming from a boss then ...start your cast early build your HP and then double wammy of HL/WOG. I don't know why pallies want to go back to the old model. I found it dull and rather underwhelming compared to what druids and shamans had going.
85 Tauren Paladin
If they did this for pvp reasons I'm going to be overly pissed. I don't pvp myself, but still the HP generation from Tower of Radiance helps with healing in PvE A LOT. Keeps me from going oom from spamming DL and FoL all the time. The spells are too expensive for under geared people and even geared players for long drawn out fights.

Just not a wise choice imo. If it's going to be nerfed, at least make it that it has a lower chance of procing HP instead of a guaranteed 100% at least. One HP per 6 seconds is really %%%*ty. (The CD for Holy Shock for non pally players).

And to the poster above me...obviously you haven't healed heroics yet. So when you get your paladin to 85 and start doing Heroics then you can speak.
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90 Human Paladin
The real issue with "overpowered" HPS from Holy Pallys has little to do with ToR. It's really very simple. Beacon is transferring the 'bonus' heals from Protector of the Innocent, as well as from every hit from our AoE heals.

Fair nerf: make Beacon only transfer from single-target (FoL, HL, DL, HS, WoG) heals. No PotI, no HR, no LoD.

There, I fixed Holy Pallys and you don't have to wipe out our only viable option for AoE healing!
100 Draenei Paladin

Paladins were far, far more "overpowered" in WotLK than now.

Gotta love it when blizzard balances off of forum QQ by people who try to heal heroics two minutes after hitting 85 with no CC, undergeared dps/tanks, no strategy, and no gems/enchants.
100 Human Paladin
I agree I cant help with think if it isn't a bug that it is for pvp reasons. Currently I'm not having issues with it in dungeons but I don't see how undergeared holy paladins will be able to keep up with the damage in heroics.
85 Blood Elf Paladin
It seems now pointless to put 3 points in a talent that is situational at best. Also, why cant we get an official word about this? stealth patch on something as big as this?
I don't see this listed on the hotfixes from today.

Can anyone confirm this?

87 Blood Elf Paladin
The change to Tower of Radiance has got to be a bug. There is no way this class can support holy power generation without using Holy Light on the tank... I cannot wrap my head around that change.

And yay ninja changes.
100 Tauren Druid
I don't see this listed on the hotfixes from today.

Can anyone confirm this?


Those were yesterday's hotfixes. They generally don't make a blog post about hotfixes until after they're done (sometimes a day or two after).
85 Human Paladin
Do the meter readers understand that when I heal one person, I'm actually putting out 3 heals thanks to beacon and PotI? Also, when I judge I heal myself? Only our direct heals should be going to our beaconed target.

As for the tower of radiance nerf, this really hurts if it is a nerf and not a bug. I'm not sure what paladin could heal a heroic without cc. I know I can't do it.

And do the rest of the healers not realize that a nerf to one healer is a nerf to all? In a raid we have to work together.
100 Human Paladin
I'm sad about this change not because it "makes me less powerful," but because it changes the play-style significantly. All my muscle memory I've worked to develop was based around casting HL on the tank whenever possible to get ready for when I'd need help from WoG or LoD.

I just tried to heal a dungeon (without hearing about this change first) and found everything I had trained myself to do to be a "good healer" was now totally wrong. So I opened a ticket, reported the "bug" (fingers crossed), and left the group.
85 Blood Elf Paladin
I'm not exactly sure what this nerf is meant to accomplish. Were they trying to make us worse at aoe healing (they succeed there). Were they trying to make us use holy light less?

So far all it's changed for me in the one run I've done is that I rely on eternal glory more and just don't use light of dawn, because it's not worth it.
Those were yesterday's hotfixes. They generally don't make a blog post about hotfixes until after they're done (sometimes a day or two after).

Ahh, word, today IS the 14th, ISN'T IT!?

My bad.
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