Holy Paladin nerfs?

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So what is our rotation supposed to be now?

Playing last night was a nightmare. Just got used to it.

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Really depends on the fight, if ur talking raid or heroics. Holy light is still in our rot, make sure to put HS on CD every time its up, if u can be in melee use CS to help build HP. Once your there it comes down to if u WoG someone or LoD. When the tank takes harder hits use a flash or divine. When you get daybreak use HS once and see if Speed of Light procs, if so use a HL or DL then use the other HS and then use ur WoG. And the last thing i think alot of paladins forget is Becaon if glyphed is mana free so in 5 mans if your tank is full health but 2 people are 50% waste the GCD put beacon on one of them heal the other then beacon the tank again. Dont do this on fights where tank is taking insane hits, but if you have the tank up feel free to swap targets with it,
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I apologize for the delay in answers. I was not attempting to avoid questions here. I have a bit more information for you:

It is intended that Protector of the Innocent and Light of Dawn transfer healing through Beacon of Light. Furthermore, we didn’t feel that changing either of those would have fixed the problem. When we looked at the numbers, paladins were getting far more Holy Power from Holy Light using Tower of Radiance than we had predicted they would. This wasn’t a problem of paladins topping healing meters or anything like that. The problem was that paladins could heal much more efficiently than other healers. Healers of equal skill should run out of mana at about the same time. In this situation, we didn’t want to buff everyone else to the paladin level, because we think the experience of druid and shaman healers is playing out as we intended. (But we will keep monitoring things.) We understand some healers still don’t feel that they have enough mana to be able to do their jobs and we understand the design has changed somewhat from the Wrath of the Lich King healing model. However, the heroic dungeons are intended to be challenging. Moreover, the Cataclysm expansion has only been live for a week. Players are still improving their gear, learning the boss fights and getting familiar with the new healing philosophy.
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Posted by Amra
So what is our rotation supposed to be now?

Playing last night was a nightmare. Just got used to it.

Divine Light or FoL like a mad man, throw a handful of WoG's or LoD's, oom, thank Blizzard for making content more "challenging". You could do that, or Holy Light like a mofo, watch your tank and dps drop to near zero health, cast holy radiance and see the awesome 500 crits, fol since holy radiance is just a mana sink, oom, get replaced by another healing class. A third option is to only heal your tank, using every cd of holy shock to attain holy power to be put towards a subpar heal, and tell your dps, "gl, i can only heal one target effectively." A fourth and final option, and my favorite, is to not heal until this is fixed.
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When we looked at the numbers, paladins were getting far more Holy Power than we had predicted they would.

Again, if this is the problem (and it was), how does the reduction on healing for LoD have any impact on this? Not all AoE healing needs come in a burst every 30 seconds.
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So in other words, all you Paladins that are saying the sky is falling.....chill out!!!!!!!!!!! Take a deep breath, calm down a little, and learn to adapt like the other healers have had to do.
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Honestly, the nerf did hurt regen a bit, but its mostly just a clunky fix. I do appreciate you guys keeping things challenging, this just didn't seem like a well thought out fix. Sorry.
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Good healers do well in current content regardless of how long they spend playing, and the bad ones that you seem to be mislabeling as "casual" will quit or reroll. The skill cap has been raised, learn to live with it.

Can we get the word casual added to the profanity filter so people stop misusing it?

double edit: edit button breaks posts. I was trying to quote the guy a few posts up.
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