Holy Paladin nerfs?

85 Blood Elf Paladin
So you made a change for raid healing but didn't take into account how this kills efficiency in Heroics. Things that i used to be able to heal but were stress full are now almost impossible. One thing that frustrates me is that certain heroic bosses you have almost no time to hit divine plea without getting far behind on healing and than having to use FoL or DL too often and putting yourself in the mana gutter again.

Please blizzard if your going to stick with this terrible change to ToR please take a look at the MS on Divine Plea no other healer has a situational mana return C/D. I understand we might of been too efficient in Raids but i just don't think that was the case in heroics, and i think part of that issue is Divine Plea being a %%!!% to find time to use.

Edit: If there was a more useful talent i would spec out of ToR.
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You know, if us not going oom was the issue, I would probably have preferred they just increase the cost of our other spells to counter the fact that WoG and LoD are free. I liked the rotation we had most of all. Now that's all in shambles and I'm not sure I'll enjoy it nearly as much. I don't care about nerfing us, I just don't like that it changed everything after we'd all gotten used to it.

Oh well, now that I know this is intended, I guess I'll redo my holy tree and make up a new system to keep people alive.
85 Draenei Paladin
Nerf was needed.
But this was just too much.

Now are do we need to use Crusader Strike to charge HP?
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40 Night Elf Hunter
To be honest, I feel sorry for the Holy Paladins.

Being a resto shaman, I was a bit taken aback when Cataclysm hit. And to be honest, it still feels like swimming up stream.

I think increasing mana costs, or even bringing other healers up to par would have been a far better choice then gorking up an entire mechanic and rotation for a class. My wife plays a pallie, and I feel bad for her. Healing was fun with the rotation they had, now it seems very dull and boring, and slower, and once again.. up stream.

Healing hasn't been fun for me. I can do it just fine, and have healed most of the heroics. But there is a fine line between challenging and fun. Cataclysm healing and the design choices that have been made are more on the challenging/less fun side. It's dull, it's stressful. And if I play a game, stressful does not equal fun. I have a job that can be stressful, so I get enough of that aspect.

Resource management does play a factor in WoW, always has. But it shouldn't be the basis of the healing and/or dps part of the game. If I wanted to focus 80% of my energy on resource management, I would play RTS's.

I will keep chugging it out though. Unfortunately. Perhaps it will change. Although by the next change, I would hope it would be a buff, not a wrench in the spokes of a class mechanic.

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84 Night Elf Druid
Terrible way to fix this... Any person with sense would have realized that LOD is trivializing WoG because it transfers through beacon, not because of how much it heals for. Come on.

Oh well not really that big of a deal, the math I did shows that moving to DL spam with LoD spam should be more effective then using HL on a non ToR rotation, will have to see if this still holds with the LoD reduction.
51 Blood Elf Paladin
Can't say I didn't see this coming. The healing classes had to be brought in line with one another, be it nerfing paladins or buffing the other 3 classes. Guess it was the former!
85 Human Paladin
I'm not a holy pally, I'm a tank specced prot/ret but seriously this is retarded to nerf healers lol. I'm not sure what the thought process is on this.

It's going to get to the point where there won't be any healers to queue up for random heroics because nobody is going to like playing it. The majority of ppl playing the game are by definition of average skill level, nothing more nothing less. Just going to reduce healing numbers even further.
90 Blood Elf Paladin
This was the last straw; I'm canceling my account. However, when I attempted to, I got put into an infinite loop where they kept asking me why I was canceling.

So now I can't cancel my account.

Way to go, Blizz.
90 Blood Elf Paladin
I'm fairly disappointed in the double nerf bat on this change. Also seems like knee jerk reaction, since ToR is deep in the Holy tree. It is practically optional now and hardly justifies itself as a 6th tier in the tree in its current state.. I mean it's "supposed to be" better than beacon because it's a later tier. Right?
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
I'm not surprised there are so many other classes in here expressing opinions since Paladins are a class people seem to take a much greater interest in than most others, but keep in mind that this class had band-aids for most of the other expansions to cover for a clunky and boring playstyle. It will be hard to judge how it feels to be a paladin healer when you are level 83 priest, a level 82 mage, etc.. You can claim you have a level 85 pally alt or something, but we all know you're not playing an 85 paladin. Until you do, try not to pass judgement on a playstyle you haven't done yourself.

Edit: the anger from other healing classes is interesting too. Nerfs to us are nerfs to your raid as well. Pointing and laughing or whatever is happening is juvenile and kind of silly since you have to heal alongside us.
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