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I knew this thread was here.. yet I didn't read it in detail... well it bit me in the ass when I had NO idea how to handle captain cookie and some other fights. luckily for me the groups were incredibly patient and tolerant of my epic nubbery and we worked through it.

I am now reading this and committing it to memory. lol
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would like to add some input and see people's responses about Captain Cookie. I had a druid tank who went kitty form to maximize DPS and we basically made it a DPS race. We just avoided the food and I spammed flash heal (mana inefficient but spammed it on the tank and rogue while everyone just popped everything they had on the tank).

It took a few tries but once I got over my aversion to using Flash Heal and worrying about mana, it worked. Kept the group up for the burn and didn't oom. I'd recommend this method if you've got a group thats putting out semi-considerable DPS.
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Thanks a ton for this thread. I've just started heroics and it's been a little rocky.

I have a question on Throne of Tides. In Phase 2 of Ozumat with all the moving around I lose range on the tank and/or the dps.

Who should I be try to be following? The kiting tank or the dps burning the channelers?

I got myself stuck in the black and died but luckiliy everyone else was around long enough to kill the boss.

Apologies if this should be it's own thread. Thanks for the help.
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In my opinion 5ms are easy if you get a guild group running. but when you pug its a nightmare waiting to happen. Heroic cataclysm dungeons are harder pugged than a Theralion & Valiona attempt with 4/10 people in a pugged group. if people would keep themselfs in a "smart" gamemode or something healing can be as easy as WotLK was.
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would like to add some input and see people's responses about Captain Cookie. I had a druid tank who went kitty form to maximize DPS and we basically made it a DPS race. We just avoided the food and I spammed flash heal (mana inefficient but spammed it on the tank and rogue while everyone just popped everything they had on the tank).

It took a few tries but once I got over my aversion to using Flash Heal and worrying about mana, it worked. Kept the group up for the burn and didn't oom. I'd recommend this method if you've got a group thats putting out semi-considerable DPS.

I normally try to eat the foods of course good, bad, good, bad ect. to get the haste buff. everyone else should also be doing the same with the food or stay out of it. Use bubble as much as possible and being sure to use inner focus when off cd. When about half on mana I pop my fiend and when needed use flash heal. for the most part that works unless you have that one dummy that wants to stand in the food and waste your mana
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I have a question on Throne of Tides. In Phase 2 of Ozumat with all the moving around I lose range on the tank and/or the dps.

Who should I be try to be following? The kiting tank or the dps burning the channelers?

For the most part keep between the two groups keeping the tank bubbled also the melee after the sappers. The tank should be fine with a few renews now and again but bubble should hold them over while keeping an eye on the dps with the sappers and making sure no one is in the ink... if they are and you don't see them move just bubble them and use leap of faith on them to get them out for mana conservation. That is what i do anyway hope it helps :)

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One nice trick I love in Vortex Pinnacle - the healer adds can be MC'ed, and their GHeal will instantly top someone up (~100k) at NO mana cost to you. It's good to be a priest.

Throw in their 20k smites, AND the fact that you are cc'ing them at the same time, and you will instantly fall in love with this heroic.

Their heal is slow though so be proactive using it. They have mana to burn anyway so don't be afraid to accidentally overheal a few times.
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I love to heal not the best at it, but just came back after 2 months off. I like the challenge of it next to wrath. Made it really hard going into it from wrath. I think it promoted healers to learn their class a bit better rather than just spamming one or two things.
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Nice posts. I have done almost every heroic in cataclysm and just find you need to be very well geared with a good group. If you have any lacking in your group it hurts everyone bad. Gear is a must, the new dungeon finder according to armor rating is awesome.
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I love this post.
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I know, right!? :3

The healers in Throne of Tides have Chain Heal too.
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So I would like to add input for the new ZG/ZA dungeons as the faster word gets spread the easier it'll be for us healers to heal these dungeons. I'm not going to include mechanics that have avoidable damage as most are close to one shots so they're essentially unhealable.

ZG: In particular this dungeon is easy to heal compared to ZA. Less party damage, cauldrons are rofl, bosses have better mechanics.

Venoxis - Healing this fight is easy if people don't stand in the bad. Toxic link is easily healed through if the two that get it separate ASAP as it does around 30k nature damage each once it splits. The boss doesn't hit as hard. However, when he's in snake form and begins to do his poison cone breath you CAN'T heal through that, so just have melee (including tank) not get hit by that. For the lazer beams, don't trap yourself in a corner as the beam does reach all the way to the end. If this happens, just stand there as the beam will only hit you for about a second. Not a lot of tank damage, can possibly be a lot of party damage if they're stupid.

Bloodlord Mandokir - I find that keeping the tank topped off in this fight is crucial as if you get the one shot, that's about 3-6 seconds where the tank is not getting any heals. Also, when he does his bloodlink on someone DON'T panic. It reduces their health by 50% each tick but won't necessarily kill them. A hot or a quick heal will suffice, so long as they don't pull aggro from the boss, as there is no other damage being done in the fight except for one shot mechanics. Other than that, it's quite simple.

The Edge of Madness - I've only seen two types. Wushoolay (whatever) and Grilek. Edit: Hazzrah is the third type. Renetaki is the fourth.

Wushoolay - Healing this is extremely simple. He doesn't hit as hard and the mechanics he has are easy to avoid (a charge like Umbriss and a Lightning Nova like Feludius' Glaciate). People getting hit by them, however, makes healing rougher.

Grilek - Healing this guy is a little more involved, mostly because of timely dispelling. He hits fairly hard but more importantly is he roots people. This seems harmless but when he goes into his fixate mode he'll root the person he fixates on. You have to dispel that immediately or that person will die. You can essentially have that person targeted during the entire time and when he says his emote, dispel. Holy priests with Body and Soul can help with the running away. Priests in general can also use Leap of Faith.

Hazzrah - Healing is easy for this boss IF dps/tanks interrupt the wrath. He'll wrath spam essentially which does a fair bit amount of damage. An interrupt cycle can be established since he casts it way before anyone's interrupt CD, but if the tank eats one wrath it should be ok. Just not too many in succession.

Renetaki - Renetaki is a rogue, but he doesn't seem to hit the tank very hard normally. He'll backstab someone, which will do a fair amount of damage, but that's about it if the tank taunts right away. The backstabbed person needs to be healed quickly as Renetaki's third ability is a fan-of-knives-like ability. Some AoE heals will put everyone above a healthy percentage, but make sure that everyone stays at least above 75% so Renetaki doesn't one shot someone with the backstab.

The panther boss - Healing this fight is pretty rough. CDs should be used and though the party can take a lot of damage, your main focus is the tank because he'll be aggroing 4 panthers and the boss until all the panthers are dead. If the tank can use CDs, they should be used in the first phase as the second phase is really simple. The boss does a shadow aoe attack (tears of blood) but it's interruptable. Also the shadow wave attack is a frontal attack so no one should be getting hit by that either. Panthers will jump to random party members so make sure people stay at a decent percent of health. This fight is a healing intensive fight.

Zanzil - Zanzil is tricky, depending on which mode you get. PSN gas mode is minor AoE heals if everyone gets the cauldron. The fixate mob is no real trick to it healingwise. The zombie apocalypse one, however, can be trouble if you're uncoordinated. What works best is if the tank and one other dps (preferably ranged) get the fire cauldron, then the tank picks up the adds first and after the other can go in and overlap the fire aoe so that it's hitting all the mobs but not the tank. Wishful thinking and extremely hard placement but this way you are still concentrating on healing the tank and a simple HoT or quick heal will be ok for the other dps.
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The Godbreaker - Phase one is super easy to heal. When everyone is in the bubble the AoE damage is really low. Use instant casts though, because your casting is longer inside that. I tend to just CoC and wait. Phase two can get really healing intensive if the dps doesn't kill the shadow adds in between chains. The adds have low health but hit fairly hard so don't take them lightly. Make sure to stay close to the tank so your healing aggro gets easily picked up. And those that get body slammed will take a small amount of damage from being in the void zone that shows until they moved out. Pretty easy.

ZA: IMO ZA has some easy bosses and some RETARDEDLY HARD to heal bosses.

The bird boss - This guy is a pain is the butt. Favors ranged, lots of party damage all the time, and dispelling. All the mechanics aren't that hard to heal but the fact that there's A LOT of them going on can make you pull your hair out. The pseudo-chain lightning is not too bad to heal but places a debuff that increases nature damage taken. Probably should be dispelled off the tank only but if you have a spare moment (which probably won't happen) you can dispel it off the others. Someone will also get plucked, and I noticed that you can get CLed while being plucked, so everyone needs to be close to full, no triage healing here. On top of that, little birds will come and deal a small amount of damage to random party memebers. It's all small but adds up really quickly because everything is happening extremely fast. There is very little room for healing error here. The electro storm is unhealabe if someone is outside too long but after that is a good respite to spam as many aoe heals as you can. As a Hpriest though, I basically stayed in yellow because the HW: Se is much better than HW: Sa (it's essentially a dead spell). Use cooldowns, you'll probably need them.

The bear boss - Bear is easy on party, possibly rough on the tank. The boss hits hard in bear form but the charge is easily healed with one fast heal or HoT. He does place a bleed debuff on the tank that can add up to a lot of damage fast. Be prepared for CDs or emergency heals in this case, as well for the silence.

The dragonhawk boss - I found this boss to be the easiest really, if done properly. The flame breath is unavoidable but the crap that's on the ground is, so you'll have to heal through whoever gets hit by the breath. It's not really much but it happens fast and if too many people clump then obviously it's more healing. The adds that the tank picks up won't be too hard to heal through as long as it's just one side being released at a time.

The lynx boss - EDIT: This boss can do a lot of damage to the tank or party members but is essentially trivialized by the fact that the Water totem allows you to spam your most inefficient fast heal the entire fight without running out of mana. Mechanic wise it's not a great way to teach healers how to efficiently heal :P. Anyways, essentially stand in water totem range, heal through the moderate damage the tank will take, dispel the flame shock, watch for the earth shock (it'll interrupt your cast and create a cooldown), and heal the person getting attacked by the lynx in phase two (it fixates).

Hexlord - depending on your party make-up, this guy can be easy or a little difficult.

First, he'll do a weak shadow aoe every once a while. Easily healable though. He also doesn't hit very hard. The adds can be CCed and they spam interruptable spells that don't do too much but can be annoying to heal through if you want to conserve mana. Psn spit from the snake or firebolts from the imp or smite from the blood elf or aoe shadow damage from the apparition are the abilities of the adds.

Priest - don't stand near the boss as he'll fear pretty much all the time. Fear Ward is cute but the amount of times he fears dwarfs how useful it actually seems. He'll also try to heal himself which is bad or cast SW: P which isn't so bad.

Pally - he'll pretty much spam Avenger's Wrath and Consecrate. He'll also try to heal himself too. The consecrate does a lot so don't expect to heal through that.

Hunter - drops random traps. All I've seen is the snake trap though but I know that frost trap and a type of fire trap is at his disposal. Easy to heal through from what I've seen.

Druid - all I saw was that he casted a HoT on him. Dispel is if you can. Also Moonfire spam.

Rogue - Lots of Poisons. Those that can cleanse disease do so as the healing reduction one sucks.

Warrior - He'll charge a target so that person should be healed to a safe amount. He'll also mortal strike, so be extremely aware of that. Priests use your shield during that MS.

Death Knight - He drops a death-and-decay-like zone on the ground that people shouldn't stand in. Otherwise another fairly easy heal mode.
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Drakkar - This boss can be a joke or REDONKULOUS. I had bear --> bird which is super ez-mode. Then again as lynx --> dragonhawk which is NINJA GAIDEN III mode.

Lynx - I have not actually found a viable strat to heal this but I've heard that precise taunting and good shield absorbs can get you through this phase, if not leave you with essentially no mana at the end. The claw rage attack does too much too fast at the moment for me to heal from everything I've tried to do. And if you manage to heal through that, the dash attack does around 60-70k to everyone overtime. You have a VERY short window to heal everyone to a safe amount so they can (possibly?) not get one shotted by that claw rage attack. However atm this aspect is hardcore hard. Edit: Healing this as Holy is almost impossible whereas healing this as disc is SOOO much easier. Pallies use Hand of Sacrifice liberally, especially on the tank, to absorb some of the ridiculous damage.

Dragonhawk - essentially the same thing, the flame breath is unavoidable but does more damage this time as you get a debuff so it's more imperative to move out of the flames asap. Spreading out also is good so only one person will get hit by the breath. He'll also do an AoE holy fire attack, not sure if it's interruptable but rough to heal through as well. A lot of damage spikes here as well.

Bear - a really easy one, it's essentially a mimic of the bear boss with a twist, he randomly freezes everyone in place for a couple of seconds.

Hawk - thought this one would be tough? This is the EASIEST of all the aspects. No one really should be taking too much damage, maybe melee as the tornados shuffle but that's it.

Notable trash: In ZA, the Fire trolls (Flamecasters) going to the Dragonhawk boss are the scariest of the bunch. They have a (dispellable) debuff that increases spellcasting by 300%. Has to be dispelled or spellstolen immediately or the fire barrage he casts is insane. The Sigils of Frost / Fire / Death cannot be dispelled but when the mobs shatter the sigil the icon becomes either a Cone of Cold symbol or Ignite symbol. These are dispellable. The death one just has to be healed through and is undispellable even after the shatter.
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Now just for ZA and ZG
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Awesome Thread, thanks for a good place to go for info :D
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