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Hope this helps...


You get 2 random bosses then the final boss Murozond

Echo of Bain - there are 3 platforms to stand on. Melee with the boss and ranged/healers split on the others. Boss will randomly throw a totem knocking someone in the lava. Someone needs to grab the totem and throw it back at the boss stunning him for 6 seconds. He will also eventually jump on one of the platforms causing it to sink into the lava (all people on that platform need to move to the other platform). Damage is not that bad and pretty easy to heal even with lower geared healers.

Echo of Jaina – Jaina has several abilities that can cause some serious damage if not handled properly. With a good tank and dps group this is a very easy fight. Healing-wise most of your time will be spent on the tank. First she will throw out a ball of lava – someone needs to walk over it causing them from 5k to 50k damage (depending on how long it takes them to walk over it) but they need to do it before 10 seconds is up or the entire group takes approx. 100k damage each. Frost blades – Jaina will teleport then throw out 3 frost blades from her position out towards the group – avoid these and you don’t take damage. Get hit by them and you will be frozen for 5 seconds. It’s best to dispel people who can’t seem to get out of the way. Pyroblast – hopefully being interrupted but if not does about 50k damage to someone regardless of being melee or ranged.

Echo of Tyrande – Tank and melee need to stand on platform in the middle with him. Unfortunately this means someone is usually going to eat a moonlance when Tyrande casts it. Ranged/healer will stand on the edge of the moat (but standing on land because if you are in the moat, your casting time is severely reduced). Tyrande will cast moonlance which will send a spear outwards from him toward 1 ranged member, once it gets near the edge of the moat it splits into 3. Avoid this as it will stun you 5 seconds and cause 50k damage. Tyrande will also cast eyes of the goddess which sends 2 balls out towards the ring around the moat (where ranged/healer is sitting) and they will go in circles around the moat. Avoid these even if it means moving into the moat – again these will cause about 50k damage and silence you for 6 seconds. There’s other aoe damage going on from Tears of Elune and Stardust all causing between 30-50k damage. These need to be interrupted or avoided. If done wrong this can be a very healing intensive fight for AoE healing. I generally keep moving on this fight until I need to cast a hard cast then start moving again. Makes it easier to stay out of the moonlances and such.

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Echo of Sylvanas – Sylvanas is not really a hard healing fight. You have to watch out for Shriek of the Highborne which will put a big streak on the ground causing anyone caught up in it to be slowed by 50% and causing massive damage up to and including death if they don’t get out of it. It’s best if you get caught in this to move sideways, not toward Sylvanas as the streak that appears on the ground is longer than it is wide (you must move fast though because you will die if in it for more than 2 seconds). Sylvanas will also cast Calling of the Highborne in which you are surrounded by ghouls (think a full circle around Sylvanas), and the ghouls all march inward towards her. DPS must burn one down breaking the chain they form so you can run out through the “hole” created in the chain. If you don’t, you die. This is important to know as you don’t want to be too far from Sylvanas while healing because if she casts Calling, you might get nabbed right away and die. She generally summons you to her feet just before casting it but there are times when I for one reason or another didn’t get summoned and almost croaked. All other damage is fairly negligible. I suggest you keep moving in circles around her just in case she casts Shriek right on top of you.

Murozond- the final boss. Murozond stands near the edge of a cliff with a giant hourglass about 50 yards from him. Generally the ranged dps will be standing near the hourglass to “reset” time. The tank will face Murozond sideways. Do not stand in front or behind as you will either take breath damage or a tail swipe. Try to stand on his side. This strategy generally helps you avoid the distortion bombs he places randomly on the ground (the only downside is you will most likely be out of healing range of the person at the hourglass. This is not a big deal as they shouldn’t be taking damage unless they get caught in a distortion bomb.). As time goes on the more and more distortion bombs will appear, cluttering up the ground and causing damage to anyone touching them. At some point in time, the person at the hourglass will click it, resetting time, all cd’s, health and mana. The downside however is that Murozond will begin to cast the distortion bombs faster and faster. The “reset” can be done 6 times (I think it’s 6, can’t remember). Overall healing-wise, don’t be afraid to use your cd’s as they will be reset once the hourglass get’s clicked and so will your mana so don’t be afraid to burn heals if you need to. If all dps is standing near his side, they will take very little damage and you can focus on the tank (unless he drops a distortion bomb there, which from what I’ve seen is rare). If they are running around all willy nilly, you might need to do some heavy single target healing outside of your tank.
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thanks for the run down, i was just in end time and our group keep wiping at jaina due to noone standing on the flarecore, i was then blamed for being unable to heal through the boss and labeled a scrub :'(
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Guess I'll try:


Arcurion: Not a bad fight to start off. There's some mobs on the cliffs that the party can't touch - these will toss ice boulders down throughout the fight. Arcurion himself will mostly damage the tank, but will occasionally freeze the party in ice chains so they can't dodge the boulders. These are dispellable. About halfway through the fight, Arcurion will freeze Thrall in ice and the number of boulders will increase. When Arcurion is low on health (sub-20% I believe), the ice will break (though you can DPS it away earlier) and the boss will start to cast Torrent of Frost, constant AoE damage. Your DPS need to burn him quickly at this stage, and this is where I'd save your cooldowns for.

Note: If there's a Hero/Time Warp in the group, you can pop it for this fight and it'll be back for the final boss.

Asira Dawnslayer: Either a piece of cake or a pain in the butt, depending on your tank. She'll mark any casters in the group, you included, with a debuff that whenever you cast, she'll throw a silencing knife at you. If you keep a body between you and her, the knife won't hit, so try stay behind a physical DPS or the tank. Every so often she'll throw a smoke bomb on the ground that blocks line of sight to anything inside it, as well as damaging those inside. The tank should pull her out of this ASAP, and you'll have to heal up a bit of damage. Other than that, easy fight.

Archbishop Benedictus: He starts the fight in Light mode, where Thrall can help you out. Benedictus will cast Righteous Shear on a party member, a two stack debuff that damages them and everyone around them. Thrall will supposedly dispell one, but I've found it easier to dispell both quickly. Benny's next move is Purifying Light, 3 orbs which splash on the ground at a party members feet and create a zone of damage. Thrall will shoot down two of these, so you only have to handle one. Finally, Benny will cast Wave of Light, a large wave of energy that moves across the platform, dealing damage and knocking back whoever it hits. Thrall will make a water shield you can hide under to avoid this.

At half health, Benny hits Twilight Mode. Thrall can no longer help you, so you must dispell both stacks of Twilight Shear, heal the damage caused by all three orbs of Consuming Twilight and actively dodge Wave of Twilight.
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Do you have any advice for the Rise of the Zandalari? I'm having extreme difficulty on multiple healers and can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong...
Also, for the Hexlord in ZA, what does he do if there's a Shaman in the party?

This was asked quite a while backs but I know these two still give people problems, and have been seeing a lot of new groups in there.

Hex Lord, when there is a Shammy present will attempt to heal. If there are Pally's, Priests, Druid's or Shammy's in your party (regardless of their role) they will give him the ability to heal himself. These are the number one priorities to interrupt while doing this boss. In high DPS groups, if he does heal himself then the fight just takes longer. In struggling groups this will often lead to a wipe. If you are a healer with an interrupt, save it for this. If someone in your group can purge/spell steal, they may need to take Lifebloom off of him if there is a druid in the group.

For both ZA and ZG only two bosses are required now to progress to the end. This bears repeating and if you are with a group in either that wants to do more and are struggling tell them that they are not required. All too often I have zoned in as a tank to groups doing more then two bosses and wiping repeatedly. This does't have to happen at all these places are already a pain to begin with.

For ZA I always do Eagle and Bear for the two bosses (they are closest). ZG I normally do snake and raptor though some groups will do Raptor and Panther just to see if the mount drops. Panther lady is pretty easy and not to far from Jin'Do. The trash to her is more of a pain but not undoable.

Jin'Do is the real hardship in ZG and don't be afraid as the healer to ask and assign a DPS to help take care of all those little adds trying to eat you. Usually the healer dying early on or DPS standing in everything except by the chains with a slam on them are the reasons I see for a wipe. The encounter has been nerfed and most groups can do it after a couple of wipes even if no one has been there before. Again though, don't be afraid to walk away if the group isn't getting it together. 5 wipes isn't different then 15 if people refuse to stand by the chains or won't get out of stuff on the ground.

ZA has a lot of AoE damage, more so then ZG I've found. Even on my tank I find myself taking a good deal more damage in ZA then ZG on trash pulls and they do tend to be a bit dicier. Expect a wipe here and there if the group is new. It happens. Even with the nerfs they are still pretty unforgiving and I do believe they should be in a different heroic bracket to be honest then lumped with all heroics.
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Just keep everyone above 70% as best you can while running around like crazy.

Looks like OP has seen my healing style.

Great post. Thanks for the information.
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