These are the healing numbers that count!!!

85 Troll Druid
Out of our 9 ICC 25 experienced Healers that have been playing this game for at least 4 years, all mature players, all "students" of the game, Only one is still trying to heal, the rest are parked for good.

nuff said!!
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The first four ICC bosses on normal =/= ICC 25 experienced, so if that's one of the 9 you're referring to, I agree, enough said!

Further, nothing in Ulduar? So you didn't even start healing until it was already about spamming your max HPS every GCD. No wonder you don't like having to actually pay attention to mechanics.
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100 Night Elf Druid
Our healers actually like the changes. They can't just watch TV and spam Rejuv, Shield, et cetera. They like having to use a large variety of their spells.
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78 Blood Elf Priest
healing at 85 is broken in pvp at boring and frustrating in pve all you do is get yelled at and kicked for not healing to 100%...I regret leveling my main healer to 85. I don't blame most of your guild for putting healing "on the shelf".
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100 Tauren Shaman
I have noticed one thing. The Que times for dps and tanks has increased drastically.
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