If our Work Horse Heal Spell Doesn't Work....

If our Work Horse Heal Spell (Holy Light), doesn't generate Holy Power from Tower of Radiance anymore, and you've nerfed the group healing spell that uses Holy Power (Light of Dawn).

Why should I care about trying to generate HP, and using it?

I mean, Word of Glory? (lol)

Moving around to position for a subpar Light of Dawn? That's time I could be casing Holy Light instead.

It sounds like you're change will making healing only more monotonous and give us less options.
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Welcome to the world of the other healers. Tuff aint it?

Pfft, this not the world of other healers. Not all of them, anyway.

We may have been kicked out of uptown penthouses to hang out in the Lightwell (lol) Suburbia of Priests, but we're still far from the High Price No Heal HoTs Ghetto where the Druids currently live.

Don't even get me started on Shamans who live in Lazer Healz Lane. *sigh*
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88 Blood Elf Paladin
Welcome to the world of the other healers. Tuff aint it?

Not quite.

Just to point out, I am against the Holy pally nerf. The correct strategy should be buffing the other healers.

Then stop making stupid comments. I agree with you though, let's throw some buffs on the other healers and stop killing playstyles. Blizz has already declared that nerfing is easier and therefore their preference. Which is sad. :(
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What I find frustrating is that Blizzard wants to make healing challenging, but the path they seem to be taking is:

1. Giving Healers less options by way of flawed mechanics, high mana low heal cost spells, and bad regeneration options.
2. Dis-Proportionately increasing damage done by mobs vs. players hit point totals.

So encounters will fail not because we aren't healing enough, but because tanks are taking too much damage (that is to say, their mitigation or hitpoints are not high enough), or pulling too much, or DPSers are being dumb and pulling aggro or not CCing.


Why the Exclamation Point At Symbol Pound Sign Dollar Sign would a healer even remotely consider using LFG to PUG (the program blizzard worked so hard to implement last expansion) in this kind of environment?
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I just want to follow up after running a few randoms last night.

Yup, it's pretty sad now.

The only way to reliable generate Holy Power was to spam Holy Shock on cool down. (Really eating away at our mana.)

Spending that HP on Word of Glory is rather lack luster and not mana efficient. (Casting a single target instant cast Heal 3 times just to use another single target instant cast heal that only heals for a bit more?)

Or I can spend on Light of Dawn heal. It's really a bad AoE healing spell now. I need to take time away from other heals to move into position. (Boss encounters I've seen so far pretty much require constant movement in the fight. I actually like this, but it means I'll almost always have to waste 5 seconds getting into position to heal.) On top of that, the only way I've found to put reliable output for the AoE heal is to use Holy Radiance at the same time! So this "free" AoE heal is really costing me 5k mana!
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