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85 Gnome Mage
yaaaaaaaaaa 2400-2500 player, mage hereeee hit me upppp
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85 Human Warrior
needs more 5+ healers/dispellers.
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90 Troll Hunter
Needs moar red in here.
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90 Undead Priest


Preferred Poptart flavor:


Arena Experience:
Moderate Experience thus far.

Highest Arena team rating and in which bracket:
Just started this week ended above 1200. 2v2 with a DK/Frost

Duel Win/Loss Ratio (Seems silly, but helps):
Don't duel as DISC

Title (If applicable):

Connection (Because random disconnecting during arenas causes Blitz to enrage):
Cox Cable

Can you handle constructive criticism? Because i sure as hell give a ton:
Yes. Only way to improve!

Can you deal with occasional vent rage?:
Always a good time!

(Dps) If our kill target in a 3v3 is extremely low on health and your healer is in deep !*@@, do you attempt to CC the attacking player, or risk your healer and try to down the target? And why?:

(Healer) You're getting your sorry !@# handed to you by the opposing team's dps. There's a pillar that could be used to LOS right next to you. Do you A. "Just take it" and try to heal through it until one of your team members can save you. B. Take a leap of faith and leave yourself vulnerable for a second to get around the pillar. C. -Custom Response- Why?:

Depends on the current cool-downs and relative positions of my teammates. If jumping behind a pillar to reduce my incoming dps and its the only way to live then I'd do it.

Any additional information or bribes:

Now that my ramen is completely on fire, it's not mandatory for you to fill everything out to be considered, just gives me a better idea of what kind of player you are and makes you even more desirable.

Raid times (Helps to schedule times):
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90 Human Warlock
That's quite the necro.
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