You must be joking.. Pally Changes..

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THAT problem is solved, not to say there aren't others.

Some would argue that the problem wasn't with paladins being over efficient but with the other classes being under-efficient. Surely a priest could understand that. Or are you one of those PWD spammers?
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Posted by Baggerz

We were seeing a strategy develop where paladins would cast Holy Light on a Beaconed tank, and then cast Light of Dawn on the raid (and use very few other spells).

So, you tell us Holy Light is supposed to be our go to heal.. Flash and Divine are supposed to be situational.. This is why the ungodly Mana costs were justified.. And now.. you're forcing us to use the situational spells to generate Holy Power, which by design is now a staple in our healing. Flash and Divine, combined with Holy Radiance which are 3 spells used quite often if you have a clue how to heal.. Holy Light was supposed to be our most used heal.. now I'm not sure anymore.

Make up our minds would ya.. Learning to play my class over again every other day is getting old.

Light of Dawn was adjusted because it was completely eclipsing Word of Glory. We lowered the healing of Word of Glory late in development, but also redesigned Light of Dawn. They had fallen out of sync, and Light of Dawn was just too good.

Maybe you should consider the fact that there is More AOE damage than there is single target...this is quite possibly due to bad players, however its there. Could possibly be why the AOE heal was eclipsing the Single Target heal...
Pallys are not raid healers, but when doing heroics, we at least had LOD and HR to fall on when people did stupid things and large amounts of AOE heals were needed. Now, LOD feels like a waste of a GCD and holy power, and as everyone knows.. Single target healing everyone up to a reasonable amount kills your MP.

All I know.. I'm feeling like Vanilla Pallys are making a comeback..
Welcome back to the world of buffbot..

/rant continued

I find it ridiculous that we're having to find out we got our healing hacked n slashed after we enter a random heroic and wonder wtf is going on.

When you decide to make a nerf, without using the same wisdom you're pushing onto us (give it time and see what happens) at least have the common curtiousy to list it on your hotfix pages. We have enough political sneaky shady BS to deal with IRL, we don't need you guys trying to sneak stuff in hoping we won't /rage when we read it.

You want .. no expect us to wait wait wait for you when the community feels a buff may be in order, using the excuse that we're not geared or havent given it time to settle in. But you in your all mighty (sarcasm here) wisdom see fit to make snap judgement calls on something that may or may not pose a problem in some unforseeable future realm of possibilites.

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Come on, we all knew we were getting holy power far too quickly to be reasonable.
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85 Goblin Priest
12/14/2010 6:04 PMPosted by Snerus
Vitaunus- While I understand your argument, the solution isn't to nerf the only class who is able to survive healing in the current environment. The more valuable, and I dare say smarter, solution is to buff up the other healing classes to the point that they are viable.

Prior to release, devs have stated in several postings that holy priests were roughly where they wanted healers at. Looking at raiding pre hotfix, paladins had more mana compared the other classes in the same raid. Raids were starting to stack paladins. Change was inevitable. Now as to how they changed it, it remains to be seen if it will be good or bad in the long run.
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85 Troll Shaman
Oh my. Paladins got a nerf. 4 years of being OP and they got a nerf. What a surprise. I am shocked. Really. I can't believe it. I can hardly believe that after seeing that paladins would somehow get nerfed. So. So surprised. *sneeze* I mean. Like..
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12/14/2010 3:23 PMPosted by Earthenring
Sorry, but holy paladins had a rotation. That isn't what healing was about.

This is true but paladins had to keep the rotation up to have a group heal on hand when it is needed. A nerf may have been in order but these changes pretty much leave paladins with a group heal which can only be used every thirty seconds unless the paladin is doing a bit of inefficient healing. It would have been a better idea to remove lod from the holy power system and give it a mana cost along with a cast time or cooldown rather than attach it to inefficient healing spells.

Whichever path they took, it was still low to implement the hotfix in the manner it was done.
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90 Human Warrior
I can hardly believe that after seeing that paladins would somehow get nerfed. So. So surprised. *sneeze* I mean. Like..

If balance changes were made based off of world of logs, we'd have a much much different game so much so that everyone would be nerfed into the ground.

Don't worry, a brand new raid and the first week of raiding surely shows exactly how overpowered everything is... right? It couldn't be effected at all by gear scaling or fight mechanics ... -.-
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85 Night Elf Priest
It certainly could be argued that other classes needed to be buffed. Maybe they do, maybe they don't. As a priest, I can tell you, at least doing heroics with a competent group, once I grabbed a little gear, I have very few mana issues. It was a struggle while I grabbed some of the gear in the heroics and regs, but that's the way it's supposed to be.

I would argue that the other healing classes don't really need buffed to the old paladin levels. Playing the class with the worst mana efficiency/regen, heroics are already easy to heal, and mana is already an afterthought mostly. (Starting raiding this week, so no comment on raids.) Priests and shaman, are what the devs want healer mana to feel like (as such, priests are indeed in need of a mana buff) not paladins. That being said, I've run with a paladin healer as dps as well. His regen/efficiency as a fresh 85 in mostly greens, was where mine is now. He was a tier, tier and a half, ahead of me in efficiency if we were in equal gear. That was the issue. While I was certainly capable of healing all the heroics with little issues, the paladin was able to do it better, quicker, and more efficiently, all the while allowing bad group habits to persist.

I'll tell you right now, it is certainly possible to heal an entire heroic dungeon run spamming your piddly 8-10k holy light most of the time. But dps can't stand in aoe's, a token cc should be used, tanks should use minor cooldowns during trash, spells should be interrupted, etc. Only a handful of encounters are difficult by any standards, but they also require good play by the entire group. With a paladin healer, the skill required by the rest of the group to complete a dungeon was significantly lower than with other healers. Which, of course, led to people stacking paladins for raids, and booting other healing classes from dungeons in order to get a paladin. It was easier to get a paladin healer than it was to improve or actually learn and execute encounter mechanics.
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