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I have found that there are trends to the posts being posted here on the Blizz forums concerning healing and I will attempt to address them as best I can, through the tinge of a pally healer of course due to the fact that this is the only toon I have had since the announcement of BC.

My credentials to speak on this:
Joined WoW shortly after BGs were added. Started playing on World PvP server as an UD warrior who played fury spec. Shortly after BC was announced and my guild went poof I rolled a Tetra because I was tired of being cast aside because I wasnt the correct spec for my class. I have not had a similar issue up intill Cata

"oh and as opposed to rewriting these the examples will just be unaccredited to their original authors"
Remark type 1:
" Do you remember back then, when DPS had to CC, follow kill orders, not be stupid so the healer didn't oom? Do you remembering ooming before Cata?"

This is in fact untrue. I remember when I as a pally healer in BC and LK could have a pally tank run through 4 groups in a heroic and I could heal him all the way through no CC required. At this point AoE was required and blizz decided this was not a very good way to go about it and they changed this early on in LK.
-If you don't remember how it was or never healed back then please refrain from speaking the adults are talking.

Remark type 2:
"In other words, it's not that the content is too hard on healers. It's that the tanks aren't geared/specced right and using appropriate cool downs, the DPS isn't killing fast enough, mobs aren't being cc'd enough, and/or you are not using the most mana efficient heal spells (I'm looking at you flash heal) for the job."

The original poster here fails to see that not every mana problem across all healers is related to Flash heal and more to address his point I would like to say this: Making the game harder on DPS and tanks would mean we would see some sort of Aggro trend wouldn't we? currently we have the problem that some one runs out of health dies and no longer DPSes or tanks and the whole pull falls apart but if it was hard on everyone not just the healers then the case might be that the DPS must watch their aggro when going all out to try not to pull aggro? No blizzard in their cookie cutter wisdom has decided to make the ability of a tank to generate threat higher than the DPS when every one is pushing all the buttons in a mildly competent manner. So no DPS are not getting a challenge that was not seen in LK. Well what about tanks? how would one make the game harder on a tank? Well if a tank had to choose between mitigation and threat that would probably do it. Separation of the tanks abilities where when he protects himself he is not threatening at all ( as a man cowering behind a shield shouting insults would certainly fail to be in a real fight) or he is being very threatening but has left himself open to attack ( as a man doing a large amount of big hits would be making avenues of attack).
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-It is in fact that the content is too hard on healers, no it is not just one type it is all of us. A system has been put in place as to make the game hard on us Blizzard has a history of doing this (i.e. When heroics first came out in BC the only change between a heroic and a regular dungeon was that the mobs hit much harder and had much more health).
[for those who say well mobs having more health is not a strain on the healer you may need to have a look at healing (at the time of the first heroics) like this, an encounter is a balance between many things for a healer, the tanks ability to mitigate damage shows how quickly the timer is going to run, the size of my mana pool, amount of mana my spells demanded, and the amount of regeneration in combat I had accumulated. and lastly the ability of the DPS to beat that timer. As long as there were the three elements in place tank DPS and heals in sufficient amounts then the pull would be successful]

Remark type 3:
"Nope, if healers are ooming every pull, it's because they're using their quick big heal too much. Spamming Flash of Light, Flash Heal, Regrowth, and Healing Surge will wipe you mana after 7 or 8 casts. The healer has to cast more than 8 times on most pulls."

Your ability to state the obvious is astounding! I wonder if this could be a marketable skill for situations where something is hiding in plain site and people just cant see the big picture or you do that thing where you cant find your glasses so you put on your glasses and go looking for them. You could do some real good in the world if you would harness that skill for the betterment of man kind!
-Of course we have to cast more than 7-8 times no one is saying we have to cast less nor are we complaining with the fundamentals of what blizzard offered up as changes to spice up healing, but what they have done is too extreme and you are going to find healers a rare breed if healing stays as it is... and if finding a healer is a hard task then I think a blizzard Cataclysm released on December 7 is going to give both blizzard and Mr Churchill a very ironic twist.

Remark type 4
"Healers need to learn which spells to use and when. As you can see from posts in this thread, many healers are not having the same problems that "everyone" else is."

Yes many of us are still learning and there will be this all getting better to a degree when we all get to higher gear levels, but as it stands right now not 6 months from now we do not have that gear nor do we have that skill to proficiently make it through these dungeons with out taking a little side damage here and there. As an Ex warrior I can tell you that damage just from being in proximity of a mob will and does happen quite consistently and the way to avoid it is to do one of two things ONE: do not stand near mobs TWO: dont be a melee dps and roll a ranged DPS. I personally like seeing melee DPS when I ran my guild <The Decepticons> in BC I was fairly popular for giving melee DPS a chance when others wouldn't just because there were so many advantages to being ranged.... but you know some people just like to hit something and make it not forget that they hit it.
-I think that if we continue with what we currently have and we do not change healing with the times and as the servers progress change healing with it then we will end up having problems that we cannot surmount and continue to have enough people still with us to have a game to play.
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Remark type 5 {two posts from a warlock here}
"It's almost as if I keep up on things, and know every class or something."

"Rejuv + Life blooms on the tank, let them bloom. Use Swiftmend like it's going out of style. Wild growth only when more than 2 people have taken damage. Only regrowth in a pinch. Use Tranquility when the crap hits the fan. Healing touch but only when it's not going to way over heal. Toss a single rejuv on a dps that took some damage, but only if it's significant damage."

You have no concept of mana usage, yes we healers know about our spells and you obviously have a druid you dabble with. I am healer by trade I do not dabble in other classes though I have seen other classes a thousand times... I still do not propose that I am some how empowered how to tell them how to do their job on their forums when they are complaining about a game that they play for a monthly fee stops being fun, the same courtesy extended to the people that keep you alive would be appreciated.
- There is an obvious way to do things on every class now, blizzard has seen to this... I am not a huge fan but I try to work with what I have got. Just because you can see a process like cyclical criminal behaviors that are perpetuated by how a government handles people who break the law, that end up in a system that involves a goal of reforming people but ends up with the same people who go to prison again and again doesn't mean there is not something wrong with the system fundamentally. At this point I would suggest that you do with healers and our forums that you do with the example that I put up, ignore it if it doesn't apply to you because the world is filled with more pleasant things to think about and devote yourself to, OR you can look at the underlying problem and suggest a way to fix the fundamentals of the problem. Be warned if you have no knowledge of this system you will look foolish if you give suggestions that show this implicitly .

=There are more remarks out there if people will bring them here I will try to address them in turn, but the above 5 are the most fundamental that I could find.=

So what did we learn from all of this? I think that reply one showed us that the game changes over time and so do the roles of Tank Heal DPS. One instance in the 6 year history is not how the role worked, works, and will work forever more. A thing must be taken in context to its history and examined as a whole, if you cannot live up to this lofty goal then you should only be as bold as to the amount you can live up to this goal.

Reply 2 expressed the balance that used to exist between role and how if this was fair to healers what the other classes would be dealing with. As a healer I am dealing with aspects that are not healing. If a DPS ran into aggro problems like I ran into mana problems he would dealing with aspects that are not doing damage.

Reply 3 expressed, not only that idiots live among us and sadly they to have freedom of speech, but also that I believe that all healers are feeling the pinch. Now there are examples of whole groups that come together and use team work to make a crutch for the healer, but I do not want to have to have every one behave in such a structured same manner that if some one takes a wrong step in the tango the dance might as well not been danced. There should be more flexibility in people's actions and how we do things. Having 2 things CCed and every one avoiding as much damage as they can does not make you a good healer, it does not make healing valid because you pull it off, it just means that you have the ability to take smaller bites than most. It is my job to heal people when they take damage it is not my job hope that no one takes damage. I am a healer not a Hoper... though that would explain why Blizzard gave healers SO much more emphasis on spirit I guess.

Reply 4 showed us that if things stay as they are we are going to a bad place that we do not want to go to. Sure we will get to a place eventually that thing will work a little better... but at what cost? Blizzard needs to design a game that is built to be played from level 1 to a top level who is unable to get better gear. Not just a game that pushes you to the top then says “Good luck we hope that everyone around you can carry you along till you get gear!” The school of hard knocks may work for some and may be the best/only way to learn some lessons... but this is a game it is meant by definition to be fun.

Finally Reply 5 shows that just because you have something figured out that doesn't mean it is something that works... hell take troll physics for one, just because you can explain how to make a bullet catching magnet helmet doesn't mean it works the way you describe or at all. Hell communism works on paper.
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