90 Night Elf Druid
When I heard about the new healing change, I was overjoyed. I thought, "Hey! This is going to be awesome! I'll do more than blanket the group with Rejuvenation!"

I was, naively perhaps, imagining a system where healers had to play carefully and shepherd their resources. We would have powerful spells that could more than compensate for incoming damage, but misusing them - by overheal, by failing to see that someone had moved out of the fire and were no longer in danger - would result in running OOM and wiping the group.

In this world, we would cast our potent spells once ever couple of seconds, maybe less often than that. We would weave in some heavily discounted damage abilities and, if we were quick enough, maybe offer direction to our teammates. "Boss is going to AoE soon, run!" might be something we could actually type during combat, because our role would be as much guide as creator of green numbers. We would be in control of at least part situation.

Instead, we are slaves to the ineptitude of others. We barely can match the damage produced by standard trash groups, and pulling even a single extra mob or failing to crowd control usually results in death by overwhelming damage than death by exhaustion. Each encounter runs us to the limit of both our output and our mana reserves. We cannot pull amazing "Wow, you were amazing!" lifesaving moments out of a hat, because the hat is empty - we've used every single rabbit simply trying to survive the standard encounters!

You've taken away the mindless spam and given us responsibility, but you've also taken away what gave us power and made healing fun to do. Instead of being a careful game of moderation of power, it is a desperate struggle to cope with the idiocy of others. I want to risk failure, yes, but I loathe this sort of not-quite-capable model of healing. It is my hunch - and I welcome people to correct me if I am wrong - that the healers object less to mana mattering as to mana mattering and feeling like we can't save anyone.

We are healers. We correct for the mistakes of others and we are here to be responsible for them. We should risk failure when they make too many mistakes. But, outside of truly epic foul-ups, we shouldn't feel like we can't save anyone because our tools are too weak to do so. And that's what it feels like now.
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