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Let me preface this with that I have absolutely believed that holy paladins were overpowered. Not significantly, not in a game-breaking manner, but noticeably and enough that we were using our bad holy paladin as our seventh healer rather than a couple of other slightly better players. I expected changes to come, and thought they would have been deserved.

What happened, however, went a bit overboard. Uprising doesn't raid for another hour or so, so it's possible that things aren't as drastic as I'm anticipating. If it turns out I'm wrong, I'll gladly edit this post and take it all back. Bear in mind for all of this that I'm considering raids and not heroics, as I don't give a toss about the latter anymore, and I know a lot more people are offering perspective on the effects on heroics than they are on raids.

@Light of Dawn change

This was expected. LoD was very strong, both as an AoE heal and as a tank heal. However, the primary issue with it was definitely the beacon transfer. It didn't have to hit very many people at all for it to be better than WoG on the tank. This does simply beg the question of why it transferred through beacon in the first place. Beacon heals should be, and should have always been, generated from nothing but single target casted heals. This means nothing from HR, LoD, PotI, or EJ.

@ToR change

Wow. I'm absolutely mindboggled by this. When I read this (I found out about the changes from Nef's post, as I hadn't actually run anything by that point), I read it and thought to myself, "Man, either I'm misreading this, or Nef made a typo." So rather than freak out on the forums, I did as ever good paladin would do, and log on, beacon myself, cast HL on myself, and then attempt to WoG. When I saw the message "Not enough holy power" pop on my screen, I literally burst out laughing. Basically, here's why:

HS is now our only reliable way of generating holy power. FoL and DL cost far too much mana to be used for that purpose, to the point where I've spec'd out of ToR. I'm instead testing out Blessed Life to see if it procs enough in raids to be worth it, and if it doesn't, I suppose I'm not picking up anything from that tier and grabbing 2/2 Denounce for Chimaeron. The effects of this are several-fold.

1) This greatly nerfs our tank healing ability. WoG when tank healing is what LB is to druids, renew is to holy priests, PW:S is to disc priests (I assume? I haven't actually seen a single disc priest in the last week), and ES is to shamans. We now simply have Holy Light. WoG was essentially our "buffer" by giving us a much higher HPS spell to use fairly frequently. If you feel the need to mention HS, it's not significant enough to compare to any of the other tank buffers. You aren't going to stick a holy paladin on a tank and just a tank on a single tank fight if you have someone else who can do it.

2) When not healing the tank, Beacon is a super-powered ES. (I'm guessing here, I don't know exact ES numbers, but I assume that Beacon is stronger, especially when you factor in GCD's. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, as I don't have time to check our logs.) However, it's only effective when not healing the beaconed tank. What this means is that unless the beaconed tank really really really really needs heals, it is almost always going to be the wrong choice to heal the beaconed tank. We will instead be healing the other 9/24 members of the raid and letting other healers take care of the tank we have beaconed. Yesterday, whether or not to heal the tank directly was an important choice. Today, it's not a choice at all.

3) Either our AoE healing or our single target healing just went down the drain. HR is great, it's still my favourite spell (sprint woo!). However, LoD got gutted significantly. The cooldown on it has been effectively doubled at best, tripled at worst, in addition to the pure output reduction. It is also entirely possible for us to be essentially forced into destroying our AoE healing ability because we have to use WoG. That's the problem with letting resources like HP and combo points be consumed by multiple things - each finisher effectively shares a cooldown with each other. This means that the finishers you're expected to use need to be buffs (SR), DoT's/HoT's (Rip), or direct damage/healing (FB). Having more than one of any given type of finisher is generally a bad idea. See TV/DS.
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Accept it.
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The coupled nerfs to LoD and ToR have significant repercussions on both our single target and AoE heals. I'm going to somewhat reserve judgement until after our raid tonight, and again, I'll edit this if my experience is different than what I'm anticipating. However, I want to quickly outline the changes that I've been hoping would go into effect for holy paladins. I'll try to be brief, as I know I've posted quite a bit thus far.

1) Nerf beacon significantly, and let it proc when we heal the beacon target. Balance it to be roughly the same amount of healing as earth shield when not healing the beacon target, and keep our HPS when healing the beacon target roughly the same as any other healer healing solely the tank. Let it remain a percentage of our healing that only procs when we heal though, so as to make it different from ES, but just average out the healing based on normal amounts of HL/FoL/DL. Don't let anything but HS, WoG, FoL, HL, and DL proc it.

2) Give us ToR with HL back.

3) I don't know how LoD healing is now compared to WG/CoH but obviously make it so that it's not a significant outlier in either direction, even if it's still weaker or stronger than the other two.

4) Scrap PotI and give us some other sort of survival talent that prot won't want.
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Verrez... I've been reading a great deal of topics related ot healing on here, and your name invariably pops up. When I read your little turdlets of insight, I die a little inside. You give no good responses, no insight, and no meaning to anything you post about. I, like many others, am here to express my dismay with the healing style now- granted I was happy until they nerfed holy paladins' holy light. If you can't respect that, I kindly ask you to refrain from demonstrating to the wow community just how void of electrical impulses you and your kind are.
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