ret rng and dispells

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are killing the spec atm.we rely too much on holy power for our heals and mediocre damage in pvp.and to make it so only crusader strike gives us 1 guaranteed hp is bull!!%!!you guys went ahead and implemented this stupid hp system after we (the ret community)warned you of how this system was gonna kill the now that cata is live and you have proof that the spec is currently garbage please fix it.Also most of our ability's are dispellable making it really easy for mostly everyone to counter us,its stupid how 1 class(mages) with the push of 1 button can completely gimp us!a fair way to fix this is by adding a debuff to any class that dispell/steals any of our abilitys.
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85 Human Paladin
While I would suggest you learn some punctuation, most if not all of your points are right.

The spec has horrible weaknesses to offensive dispels which 4 classes, 1 pet & a tank spec can do. It also has a terrible amount of RNG that cannot be controlled. This leads to half the of the classes out there being hard counters in pvp (something they said they wanted to reduce) & luck being the deciding factor in everything instead of skill.

Also as a byproduct of this RNG in resource generation all other melee classes end up with the same if not better survivability & self healing then ret does even though they also provide much better offensive potential/pressure.

We are also now again dumped in the role of support class yet again, even though GhostCrawler himself along with the other designers have admitted this role does not work.

The reasons for why we developed this way is most likely due to the design is most likely do to a few reasons.
A: The design team cannot agree with each other on what they want the spec to be.
B: They still have people on the team who agree with what Kalgan said. (for those who do not know he admitted he disliked he had kept hybrids ret in specific in a non viable spec because he felt they should be forced to play holy to be viable).
Or C: GC and the other designers just do not care about = viability among all specs much to the contrary of what they have said.

There really cannot be another explanation as to the gross design flaws with the spec.
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85 Draenei Paladin
Yeah, I went into a bg as ret, though I'll be going holy anyway, saying "oh lets see how this plays out."

I was disspointed. A warrior with around the same gear and stats with me can hit me with 10k and 20k like nothing, while I have to wait for my crusader strike to come off cooldown.
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