There are few balance issues. Its just boring

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I'm honestly not having any real problems healing on my holy paladin, even post lod/hl-tower nerf. We're still fairly efficient, can do enormous amounts of AOE healing, and I feel we're balanced generally fine. But that's not the problem at all. It's just that it doesn't feel compelling enough to want to pay much attention. It's all too slow-paced and most wipes are out of your hands. Moreover, you can see them coming from a mile away.

I'm sure it'll speed up in a few tiers once healers get more haste. But until then, the reason why I find it fairly boring to heal is because it's all too slow. There's a lot of time (too much time in fact) available to make the right choices when healing. You're literally just sitting there, watching and waiting while your HL or DL cast bar finishes, twiddling your thumbs and hoping that something good or bad happens. It's pretty hard to make the wrong choice when you've got that much time to consider.

Wipes happen to better-experienced players in five mans by OOM these days. The party generally won't die to lack of throughput or bad choices because we have enormous capacity for it and ample time. Instead, you get to call the wipe before it happens because your group just pulled and you realize heavy AOE damage is happening (you correctly popped your most mana-efficient AOE heal--Holy Radiance; 6.91HPM for my toon in a five man), your CDs and HoJ are gone and your tank is sucking up his fourth in a row Divine Light because the CC broke. You know you'll be OOM and wipe the group in about eight seconds. So you succumb to the inevitable and just stop healing.

Raids are the same thing. The healers can see a wipe coming long before it ever happens, but all the same we just keep healing and healing hoping that someone else will stop screwing up. Winning is basically you doing your job with nobody else screwing up. Gone are the days of being the heroes that turned bad attempts right around. So healers themselves have become a commodity. Clutch heals in a split second and the risk of losing a GCD (and your heal target/tank) trying? It's not clutch any more if you have 1.9 seconds every cast to decide to lay that heal down.

I'm not trolling. I'm just giving my opinion. And in my opinion, being GCD limited was more fun. But I realize it's just too late. We'll have to wait 'til the final tier until things finally start to pick up the pace.
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It's definitely too late to change anything. The problem is their model, and they'd have to re-engineer everything from the ground up to change that model. From a cost and time standpoint, that's unreasonable I guess.
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