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First off, I want to try make this sound as less 'QQish' as possible - And I hope it doesn't come across that way.
I actually really like the new healing system, and ultimately, the Druid style of healing; Using our entire arsenal, instead of carpet bombing Rejuve and sitting back.
It was challenging to begin with no gear, and even with some gear, it 's difficulty is enough to keep my attention, but you can notice it getting slightly easier.

My only real problem is when multiple people take damage, especially in raid. Wild Growth just doesn't seem to heal enough to counteract any of the damage that goes out. Providing no ticks crit, it heals for about 5k over 7 seconds, and as it's now on a 10 second cooldown, my other raid healing choices aren't always great choices at all.
During the Chimaeron encounter, I'm sometimes faced with 3 people being taken down to 1hp, with about 4 seconds to top them off to 10k. It doesn't seem much, but as everyone is spread out enough not to be affected by a Efflorescence, I'm left with Rejuv'ing and WG. To make matters worse, sometimes a precast Rejuve doesn't even tick fast enough (with my current haste, which is pretty low, I guess) to keep them alive!

I'd just like to see Wild Growth's coefficient raised a bit, to give us a little bit of an easier time healing a group when time is not on our side. And maybe Nourish's cast time reduced to 2.5 base (so it's a 2 second cast with talents), as I feel (perhaps not in the above situation) it would help it to become a little more of a raid top-up heal.

Has anyone done Chimaeron? Am I doing something wrong? :(
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i think removing swiftmend from, but letting WG and rejuv consume OOC would go a long way in aoe longevity also.
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Rejuvenation is still our main raid heal. Actually wild growth + rejuvenation so mastery takes effect. Then follow up with nourish.

EDIT: I am currently focusing on Mastery above 915 haste. It is really helping my overal healing. It is far easier to get a setup heal on targets than people make it out to be, and that extra healing really seems to help. Not only with the rejuv on wildgrowth targets, the the follow up nourishes. Nourish crits with high mastery actually do something.

The issue with this is decision making.

Rejuvenation is still a very efficient spell if none of it is overhealing. So on targets with < 70% health I feel safe casting it freely. It is entirely worth the cost if you have the mana reserves.

BUT do not go overboard, because even if it is efficient, its not as efficient as others and mana will become an issue it its use is not controlled. So you need to use the rejuv's to make the situation more managable, and reduce the number of "critical" people to a more manageable numbers. Then let use the more efficient/extra/proc heals (wild growth, efflo, swiftmend, nourish, regrowth on clearcast etc..) to top them off.

EXAMPLE: Lets say 5 targets get hit by the AOE. I will cast rejuv on the three lowest below 70% and wild growth them all. I will watch the other two for continued damage, and start spamming nourish on them. I will hit WG again on cd.

This makes the situation more controllable, and I will use wild growth and nourish to slowly top everyone off. In 10 seconds everyone should be close to full.

If they continued to take aoe damage, then something is wrong or it is a mechanic that calls for a CD (either ToL or tranq), and both these cd's make aoe healing a non-issue for almost any amount of people.
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Stack enough haste that WG gets 9 ticks :P

The main druid weakness right now is sustained raid damage, which is ironic considering WotLK. The flip side is our burst CDs are incredible for raid healing (ToL and Tranq), so it's actually not so bad to let the raid sag and use those.
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Should have read more thoroughly, since it was just a raid mechanic and not in general, sorry.

I have yet to do that fight, but if healers can space out cd's for that mechanic I would use ToL and time blooms for one of them. Or you could just regrowth spam for that short period to get above 10%

ToL being only a 2 minutes cd, I think druids need to be quicker to use this, getting multiple uses in fights and handling issues just like this.
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