MS, MS, MS, MB Zzz Zzz Zzz

3xms 1xmb Is this all we are suppose to do in pvp now for damage every damn dot i put up is wiped, people are getting a lot of res now so i'm critting for 9k tops yep 9k mind spikes what kind of rubbish is this.

Dp,Sw:p and VT done rubbish damage before people were getting resilience now the damage is pathetic if they are not already wiped off. Is this your intention Blizzard to screw priests and affliction locks over this xpac??? ya know I'm in any random BG getting cream pied from rogues, Ferals and Dk's because i can't even do damage with dot dispel and its really fun trying to cast mindspike on Melee when they are running circles around you looking like a retard really wtf is this? what have you done. dont even get me started on the state of mages. Why u guys decided to give frost mages a Blanket silience is friggen beyond me. I'm done with this cyas

P.S who wants my stuff???
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85 Troll Druid
lol he said rubbish
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yeah its funny isn't it. Not as funny as using glyph of dispel to heal my self because HINT-->Dispels are to cheap<---HINT i can spam it cant be interrupted and use it on the run
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85 Undead Warlock
welcome to the world of Demonology.

where most of our dmg comes from slow casted spells and easily removable DoTs cuppled by a pet that dies faster than a lvl 80 mob.

isnt it amazing how well thought out and constructive the devs used their time, to make pvp viable in places like.... Tol'Barad... lol

srsly though... dispels are the bane of all magic DoT. just remove them entirely. if you can't find your food in your inventory after a warlock or SP dies to your obscenely *insert class mechanic of unfair advantage or immunity to such by such here* then you suck as a gamer and deserve to eat dirt. not to mention the fact that all melee classes have interrupts, silences, *THROWDOWN* and stupid run-through mechanics all on short cds and costing nearly nothing.

what does a little love to the slow-roast caster DoT class have on everyone else?

aside from presure, which is what we need in this game.....
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
I had Corruption crit for like 3k the other day.
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