Why does Blizzard double nerf abilities?

85 Blood Elf Paladin
How is it that they can have two months of beta and not realize something is overpowered and then a week after release instead of making one huge change (Tower of Radiance) make two (additionally nerfing Light of Dawn)? It really makes no sense to me. Maybe Light of Dawn is still too good when used every 12-18 seconds instead of every 6 seconds but shouldn't you test it first? Is there a process in this madness?
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85 Orc Shaman
Guess instead fixing the rest of the healing classes they just thought it was easier to throw holy paladins into the fire as well.
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85 Tauren Priest
Sometimes it takes a larger pool of players to confirm something went wrong, those that played the beta were on average much more devoted to WoW than the normal player (with the whole 'everything you do here will be erased' thing), and that overlook might have passed as something top players can do.

Now that a decent amount of players reached 85, and that the Holy Paladin community was shown as being the only one that did not struggle with the changes (As in: able to carry groups despite all the damage being thrown at them), a change was in order. Welcome to Cataclysm!
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85 Human Paladin
Light of Dawn was too strong in raid environments and the up the beacon targets health too much.

So instead of LoD not healing the beacon target (Which would be the smarter fix.) They nerf it to be Holy Radiance strength but mana free. Which is equal to a waste of a cooldown.

Also paladins were too mana efficient (or right at the spot all healers should be.) and could use some various of spells before going OOM (instead of 3 spells.) So they wanted to prevent LoD while also nerfing paladin efficiency.

Instead of pulling out the battery and replacing it. They take apart the engine and place the battery in a new spot and replace it in a harder to reach area.
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