85 Blood Elf Paladin
I was fine without using it before, I'll be fine now. What irritates me the most is all the other classes saying "welcome to cataclysm healing"
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
12/14/2010 9:59 PMPosted by Drenex
Welcome to Cataclysm healing pallies. Get use to it like the priests/druids/shaman have.

I'm fine with running OOM. I'm not fine with having our main resource that Blizzard had the great idea of implementing gutted. Yea, we're broken now. Healing as a holy paladin is full of gap fillers and flat tires.
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85 Tauren Paladin
I've had no trouble adjusting. It's just knowing when to pop a flash of light or divine light for that extra boost of holy power. Synergizing it with Infusion and Divine can help as well.

I know it sounds weird, but feel the flow of combat to get an idea of who to heal when and what combo of abilities or cooldowns to pull.

...or whenever DBM says "PRESS X TO NOT DIE! DEATH RAY".
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84 Human Priest
QQ for the 1 2 and sometimes a 3 button class healing being brought up to speed with other healers. Tehe, i been waiting for this since cata beta. HAH! Welcome to the healer pool where you USE your mana and abilities xD
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95 Human Paladin
12/15/2010 6:52 AMPosted by Liferunner
QQ for the 1 2 and sometimes a 3 button class healing being brought up to speed with other healers. Tehe, i been waiting for this since cata beta. HAH! Welcome to the healer pool where you USE your mana and abilities xD

You are knowledgable in the ways of paladin healing mechanics priest? Experienced?

I doubt it.

Since the dawn of the game Priests have been butthurt that Holy Paladins could heal while being an overall much cooler class. I see nothing has changed.
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12/15/2010 6:52 AMPosted by Liferunner
QQ for the 1 2 and sometimes a 3 button class healing being brought up to speed with other healers. Tehe, i been waiting for this since cata beta. HAH! Welcome to the healer pool where you USE your mana and abilities xD

You really have no idea how many spells a Holy Paladin has do you? Hell, I have 9 on my mouse that I use regularly and that doesn't even count the key bindings I have (which I use another 7 or so). Just shut up.

My issue is the spam heal that we were supposed to use for small damage is now worthless. When you only crit for 7k and it has a 2.5 second cast time, there's no point in using it. You tell me a situation where a tank is only taking that much damage, and where it's not hurting the group to spam Holy Light, and I'll gladly shut up. They need to buff HL and DL, or lower the mana cost of FoL, especially since our main AoE heal next to Holy Radiance just took a gigantic hit and doesn't do much now (especially since it will take too long to get 3 bars and make it worthwhile).
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
ok so... first off priests, shut the *#&@ up, your problem and every other healing people stand in @*@% so you oom, i see priests who never go oom while priests oom 15 seconds into a trash pull, its a matter of gear and skill, but the fact remains they gutted our holy power making it so damn hard to get it and killed LoD which wasnt that great to begin with, way too situational. @Liferunner, we have more spells than you think. LoD, WoG, DL, HS, HL, FoL, HoP, Guardian, HoF, LoH, AM, BoL, Cleanse, Divine Illumination, Divine Plea, Wings, HR, Hand of Salvation/Sacrifice (sacrifice is useful as a healer because if somones taking damage combined with beacon and splashover from Protector of the innocent you are usually fine) and Judgment for that little extra haste.. that if i counted right is 20 spells. we were not as OP as people say, i oom on trash in a group that dosent know what they are doing, however i never oom on a good group, talking with shaman/druid healing friends, they say oh its hard i wish wed get a little buff" which imo they should have, pally healing was hard not faceroll like everyone says, priests i dont know any but i see you all be just as godly as a paladin. im attempting to adjust to this but its hard, getting kicked from a group for ooming in a boss fights a bit fail. we can only get 3 HP every 12, 15, or 18 seconds, thats with procs and CS. unless we are spamming FoL we can get it in under 4.5 seconds but come on at 7k mana thats freaking 21k mana for a 12k heal, not that great of a trade off. Paladins could have used maybe a smaller nerf say HL only grants holy power on a crit or 50% chance or hell even 30%. HL is hard to use now because it heals so litle its barely worth using on the tank without teh backup it gets from WoG. it just was not a good call on their part to nerf HP and LoD without giving us something in return imo, now im gonna get hatemal from the priests/druids, i have yet to see a shammy comment here.
Edited by Siasish on 12/15/2010 7:41 AM PST
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85 Human Paladin
Well, no one else is apparently going to say it but all u bubbling retarded priest (& druid/shammies ) who are screaming L2Heal now can seriously stfu cause our skillz and abilities still make our class and spec OP. So they changed our mechanics, whoop-dee-do-da-day...we still out heal you and are still preferred in dung and raid grps 24 hours after our "HAMMER OF NERF" session. yea yea yea...it's not fair. Guess what...no one cares! The only way Holy Paly is gonna be gimper then u is if they completely take away HP and Beacon...two of the most fundamental elements of our class spec that Blizz has said they will not touch. So go QQ some more and /cry about "I iz hated and kicked because Im not a paly." Instead of gripping about ur lack of ability to heal by throwing a "They're OP NERF them!!!!" tantrum, why dont u l2heal with ur own abilities and stop worrying about the numbers for other classes.
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90 Dwarf Paladin
Posted by Xiacera

This mentality is the problem with the whole situation. Paladin healing wasn't the OP god-mode it's being made to be. It was fun, and according to the blue was "too efficient" and was too 'strategic'. For once I felt that they did us right, our talents and spells had an awesome synergy; and TBH I am ok with the LoD nerf. Other classes are coming in here whining about our 'OPness', but the issue is that we were OP relative to them, not the game itself. Many fights were still challenging and it's not like I never went OOM. Other healing classes need to be buffed instead of breaking a class that was good...[/quote]

What on earth can you be OP relative to other than the other healers? If you had a less stressful time because you weren't close to OOM all the time then you are OP.

The healers are now under a lot more pressure and have to manage mana a lot more carefully. Paladins weren't suffering the same issue and so the choice was to either buff the other healers to paladin level or nerf paladins to the level of the other healers. Seeing as the other healers are working as intended paladins needed nerfing.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Posted by Nerdstomper
I run a Ilvl 340ish Hpally w/ 83k manapool-plenty of regen-haste-etc. mostly all BIS chants/gems!

Where is the reasoning behind this backdoor nerf??? healing was fine a few days ago and all hpallies were comfortably finding their own niche. Then BAM--U gimp our main filler/HP generating heal and LOD???

HL is our filler/spam heal when judgement/HS is off CD. IT IS MEANT TO BUILD HP--that is our core mechanic!!!

Now we can only build holy power with our shocks or Flashes. try spamming Flash as a filler and see how fast you OOM. Its ridiculous. With heavy spike DMG and HS off Cooldown we are FORCED to OOM via flash or DL. we get globaled waiting for HS to come off!

Yes, obviously SKILLED holy pallies can still heal heroics/early raids--But by the skin of our teeth. If any1 in here says otherwise-they are lying or work for blizz!

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100 Blood Elf Paladin
To be honest, I don't even think LOD was that OP, I used it, but not as often as blizz seems to think people are. Maybe I didn't see it, but I found that either the tank was taking most of the damage, so use WOG, or the group was taking damage, so use FoL. Mainly because my guildies dont always group up and like to be at max range from bosses, so LoD wont always hit all of them or the tank.

And LOD only ever hit 5 targets, I don't see how it was OP for raiding as that blue post suggested. I see this as the majority of holy paladins getting punished because of the elite group of raiders who are too good, and know how to abuse mechanics.

EX. The only real fight I relied on LOD on was the first boss in h.SFK, LOD the casters so they dont die at 1%, HS the tank, and start healing, and it would still only bring them up maybe 10-15%...

overall i think that 40%LOD nerf is pretty big...and the tower of radiance on HL is lame, now we have to basically wait for HS to come up to gain holy power or start spending a bunch more mana for FOL, because using HL as filler now is almost pointless since its such a pathetic heal to begin with.

What's next blizzard? paladins can no longer use maces?
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85 Gnome Priest
12/15/2010 5:28 AMPosted by Qtlol
Lod was faceroll easy mode costing no mana, All the paladins were doing in dungeons and raids was beaconing the tank, and shock/holy lighting and lod every 3stack and staying above 95% mana the entire fight. It was a joke, east mode. and compared the the amount of mana other classes were using and button mashing they do to keep the raid up, paladins had it easy.
Pretty much this. And don't deny it any of you.
You know it's true unless you were doing it completely wrong. This nerf was well needed to fix the ridiculous mana regen they had and free healing output. I wish it wouldnt have to be like this as holy power is a staple resource for paladins now, hopefully they find another solution. Either way something was needed to change.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Posted by Nethaera
These hotfixes were intentional and we wanted to share more information about the "why" for you all here:

Mana is supposed to matter for healers, and in the case of Holy paladins, that just wasn’t happening. We were seeing raid groups attempting to learn new bosses where the other healers were out of mana while the paladins were still at 90% of mana. We also thought the experience of paladins healing harder heroic dungeons was inconsistent with that of other healers, or our design intent. We thought it was only a matter of time before groups started going out of their way to stack paladins for raids or recruit them for dungeon runs, which of course is not our intent. For this reason, we thought it was important to address this point now rather than sitting on it until a future patch.

The main culprit for the increased paladin efficiency this was Holy Power from Tower of Radiance. We were seeing a strategy develop where paladins would cast Holy Light on a Beaconed tank, and then cast Light of Dawn on the raid (and use very few other spells). This strategy was remarkably successful considering how simple it is. The Holy Power-based heals are supposed to be an important component of the paladin kit, but because Holy Light is designed to be super efficient, the overall strategy was too efficient. The intent of Tower of Radiance was to make directly healing a Beacon of Light target less punitive, but instead it was becoming the only smart way to play. You can still generate Holy Power by using Flash of Light or Divine Light on a Beaconed target, or through a variety of other ways. Remember, overall it isn’t balanced if paladins are just as mana efficient as other healers and have several mana-free spells.

Light of Dawn was adjusted because it was completely eclipsing Word of Glory. We lowered the healing of Word of Glory late in development, but also redesigned Light of Dawn. They had fallen out of sync, and Light of Dawn was just too good.
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85 Gnome Priest
And LOD only ever hit 5 targets, I don't see how it was OP for raiding as that blue post suggested. I see this as the majority of holy paladins getting punished because of the elite group of raiders who are too good, and know how to abuse mechanics.

So what you're saying is, you were incapable of doing the same? That's retarded. It wasn't just raiders, it was many people, hell, even people doing heroics that were doing this.

LoD was overpowered, it hits for like 15k to 5 people, instantly, that's huge if you ask me.
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