For healing, 80 > 85

85 Tauren Druid
As a blanket statement, healer mana wasn’t a big concern in Wrath of the Lich King. You could run out of mana sometimes, but it really didn’t affect your spell choice in the way it did prior to Lich King. We think resources should be important, though. A lot of gameplay in a wide variety of games comes down to managing a limited resource, whether it's Vespene Gas in an RTS, ammo in an FPS, or even time in a puzzle game. Managing your resources well makes you a better player. Not being limited by resources can feel empowering over a short period of time, but only because it feels like you’re breaking the rules. In fact you are breaking the rules, and once those short periods of time have ended, a game can quickly lose its luster. Godmode isn’t nearly as compelling in the long term as it might seem at first glance.

tl;dr you dont have infinite mana anymore
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If 80s could survive damage in 85 content, they would in fact be better healers.
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85 Draenei Shaman
yea im with these guys you dps and tanks are too spoiled i ran 3 heros today with 119k tank in greens and pretty good but not great dps and i healed like a champ you tanks and dps are just to lazy to handle the mechanics behind fights you'll find you actually dont have to heal that much if your group isnt retarded and just stand in boss aoe's, and nothing makes me more angry then you dps who do that, if i can heal dispel and interupt boss while watchin were my feet are, you dps dang sure should be able to dps and watch your feet, like these guys said people just got spoiled and lazy and cry now becouse blizzard actually wants the game to be a challenge instead of a handout
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85 Undead Death Knight
12/14/2010 11:04 PMPosted by Dxlumia
So Tanks get better when they level up, Dps do more dps when they level up, and healers....Suck more when they level up? Did I miss something?

Nope that about sums it up. Btw great healing in lost city tonight:D You made what started out a miserable "why did I do a lfd group?" turn into a "Ok, so what's this pack of mobs/boss do?" scenario. Yeah we all made mistakes, and I died a couple of times do to (mostly) my own mistakes. But it was a nice group to learn a new instance in.

So my druid just hit 81... I'm going to brave healing tonight to see how it goes. I do have to say, I loved loved loved druid healing when I first tried it in BC. Healed all the way through Wrath up to mid icc. I have to say, not really excited about the new direction of druid healing...but will give it a try in anycase.
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85 Undead Death Knight
And I have to say, I feel for healers everywhere atm. But I love the new aspect of dps. In wrath I honestly forgot I had anti magic shell, the other damage reduction cd was for tanks. I've fallen in love with anti magic shell this x-pac. And have made my healers life alot easier by how much it's on CD. The hardest part for me is learning what causes mass amount of magic damage.

Dps seriously needs to dust off their damage reduction CDs, sine healing has been "balanced" around them having it. If they don't use them it's just too much work for healers to have to do.

I think (hope really) that things will get better/easier for healers when dps starts doing their job. Whch is doing as MUCH damage as humanly possible WITHOUT 1)pulling threat 20getting killed by avoidable damage.

Most dps seem to forget the second half of that and think it's just about doing as much damage as possible.
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