Compulsive Re-Roller Needs Class Advice.

12 Goblin Warlock
I know probably a million of these posts fly up and get shot down, but I'm still hoping that I can find some advice on how to pull myself out of this hole I always seem to dig myself into. See, I'm a compulsive re-roller.

I just don’t think I’ve found ‘my’ class yet, I’m all alts and no mains, and I get a little envious of friends and guildies that find a class and never want to play anything else. I get it all tangled up in my head. I’ll be excited about a class, but then I’ll hit a snag, major or minor, and can’t decide whether to jump ship, or stick it out and try to get better gear and see if it gets better, but then if it doesn’t it would be time wasted. But I figured with so much that changed with the expansion, it’s like everything’s a blank slate.

So I’m hoping I can get some advice from the folks, because I’ve been thinking about it so much I’ve reached the mental equivalent of a dog chasing its tail.

What I’m looking for in a class, based on what I’ve done so far:

Dynamic- I have to be doing something, and hopefully not something repetitive. If there’s a break in the action longer than a few seconds I tend to abuse my keyboard. (OMG WHY AREN’T THERE BUTTONS FOR ME TO PRESS O_O) I guess you could also say I’m attracted to a sort of high risk/high reward style.

Melee- For some reason I just don’t have as much fun on ranged classes. I’ve leveled a few to 80, and enjoyed them in PvP settings but don't really like them in PvE. I don’t know whether it’s the cast times or what, but I'm just more amused while punching a digital representation of something in the throat. I guess I feel like I’m more involved.

Utility- I like having a little something extra, whether it’s interrupting, snaring, cc’ing, whatever, but this would be more a bonus for me. I like being assigned to do auxiliary stuff in fights with interesting mechanics.

Offspec - It might be nice to be capable of doing something besides DPS, but is by no means a requirement since I can have other characters do that stuff.

After that it’s all fine. A little extra mobility might be a nice, but I won’t shoot down a class for it.

I’m not looking for a class that has the easiest time topping the damage meter, or is the flavor of the month. I’m just looking for something that, given the above, would be fun to play. So any constructive advice would be greatly appriciated.
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80 Draenei Shaman
Shaman will be the most fun for you I'd say. It has RNG mixed into its play to keep it interesting, lots of utility, damage is decent but have to be competent to be able to shine, you have the options of melee or ranged or healing. It's just a fun class.
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85 Tauren Paladin
LOL man you sound just like me. I started 1 in every class and scrapped it. Until I went Pally....
After several charactors: mages, rogues, druids etc., I found warriors. Had some fun but, I felt like I was missing something. I knew I wanted access to all gear. I wanted melee. I wanted the ability to heal (LOL). I wanted a lil AOE, and may be a spell or to. Most of all, I wanted the ability to take a beating as well as woop some A$$. I chose Paladin man. As the enviornment changes, so can I. In dungeons, I can save healer's from spending all their mana. I can take on large mobs and keep threat or I can dish out a lot of damage. Consider it man good luck!
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22 Worgen Hunter
If you know you want a melee class, that leaves Warrior Rogue Paladin Druid Shaman DK. Not wanting Repetition immediately removes Paladin (unless they've drastically changed it, levelling to 40 or so was pretty much pulling mobs and watching my 3.60s autoattack, with sporadic judges and seals thrown in).

Rogue: stuns and saps give you some CC options, vanish and stealth mean you can do some fun things with quests and PvP. I found Rogue to be pretty repetitive, but I only leveled to 40 or so.

Mobility, utility, and a little something extra points you away from Warrior and DK, since they are fairly linear in their design: bash face. Limited PvE CC options may make you undesirable to some groups in certain situations. DK has 55 level bonus start, worth considering if you're easily bored.

Shaman, Druid; Shaman the most easily flexible because you can stay in one form. Druid the most versatile since you can TankDPSHeal with the change of a spec. Again, unless they've changed leveling specs since the patch, Druid doesn't really become a melee class until like 28 (cat form and some gear and actual attacks). Shaman doesn't really become a melee class until they get Dual Wield (shield, shock, autoattack. Shock. Shock. Shield). I hear after DW, it becomes a festival of fun. I didn't make it.

Druid was my personal choice, and my main through 80. Slooooooooooowly taking him to 85. Druid catered to my gaming ADD since I could do anything with just a spec change, and once upon a noob-time I could shift from cat to bear and offtank, or cat to healerform and offheal, and just felt generally more useful than the Rogue next to me.

My 2c ;)
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85 Undead Warrior
Warriors are pretty mobile. Charging around and hitting hard is really fun. If you wanted something engaging our weapon swap/stance mechanics keep you on your toes. There is no other class currently that has to weapon swap to defend themselves and when you reflect that sheep or death coil you feel like you've accomplished something great. Warriors also have CC in the form of an aoe fear and a 5 second stun in arms/prot. If you also wanted a spec that isn't really DPS you can choose prot and survive much longer in pvp or find dungeon groups in mere seconds.

Paladins are too repetitive and lack a competitive DPS spec, plus they are reliant on mana which I hate.

DKs are kind of like warriors except when playing the class it feels boring. You push a button and it does something other than warriors where you have to lets say example weapon swap to shield wall instead of pushing IBF with hardly any trouble. The attacks feel bland as well.
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91 Worgen Hunter
Feral Druid
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80 Orc Warrior
Give honest thought to trying a tank, the play style is a lot more fun then people give it credit for. There's almost always something to press or do and if you slack at all you'll know about it, but when you do well you'll see it. It's pretty satisfying to. Plus you always feel like a damned hero just standing their rolling with the punches that NO ONE else could survive.

The role is rarely repetitive there's always something that could and will go wrong, every pull, every boss, every event, you're on your toes looking out for your bros. Warrior tanks have solid mobility in their tank tree and their primary pvp spec. Paladins secure their own mobility with blessing of freedom as well but, IMHO they're a little dull to tank with and let's face it ret's hurting right now. DK's are rather interesting in that they play slightly different than the other tanks, rather than running to a mob and establishing aggro, they bring the mob to them. It seems like a subtle difference but you really notice its utility at times - they've also got just a fun play style.

That's my two cents on it anyway. Whatever you take out of this post I hope you at least walk away with the thought to maybe try tanking, it's worth checking out if you haven't been satisfied so far because maybe it's not that you haven't found the class that's right for you, maybe you haven't found the role that is. Food for thought, I hope.
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12 Goblin Warlock
I've been thinking about tanking again. But then i remember how I used to tank back in BC, the unappriciative rabble of stalkers that was my guild, screwing pulls, breaking CC, ignorning marks entirely, wiping the group constantly, while I try to rationalize why I have to fight with the healer for the spellpower plate (effin' continum blade) forcing me to take responsibility for everything because they took responsibility for nothing, ultimately swallowing so much rage and angst I throw up and pass out in a pile of bargain brand liquor bottles, only to dream of taking a special needs class full of arsonists with the mentality of ferrets on a field trip to the landmine and shiney object emporium.

So yeah, DPS became my perferred role. I don't mind tanking sometimes, like if a tank bails or can't make a raid, but I think I need a few more years of therapy before I consider main speccing it again, but who knows.

I'm actually trying a feral druid currently, but more often than not I find myself standing there in the cata instances with TF and Zerk on CD and an empty energy bar, glaring at it until it fills enough for me to hit something while everyone else is fighting away. I probably need better gear and some haste, but any source I find says to stack mastery, and it just seems a little bit plodding.

I'm currently looking more into Arms or Fury Warriors, and possibly Enhancement Shaman and Death Knights since they seem like melee casters and that seems intrigueing.

Thanks for all the input thus far, this is really helping me sort my thoughts out.
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12 Goblin Warlock
Just want to thank the folks that answered thus far.

I've got a warrior and a DK in the 75-80 range that I haven't touched in a while, so I'm going to level them both up (Unholy/Blood and Fury/Prot) to 81 and jump into some early instances. I figure one will come out on top. Warrior seems like it'll be frantic enough to keep me interested with a good mix of procs and pace, and DK seems to have a better rythem to it now with the rune as they are where changing the rythem to use different abilites as needed might give it the dynamic that I'm looking for.

And I'll likely start a back burner shaman on the side for when I need a break, and want to see the new cata 1-60 quests.
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