The issue being seen with only paladins was/is caused by a couple simple things. Namely you allow LoD and PotI to proc beacon.

So is it any wonder we would have zero mana issues in a raid? Nope

Simply assign Holy paladin to tank, stand just behind melee, HL/HS tank to 3 HP, LoD, Holy Radiance and judge/auto attack away.

BTW, that style does not translate well to 5 man content, hard to get 3 people in cone during most 5 man content.

Eldo, and a few other beta paladins flat out told you on latest iteration of LoD powered by Holy Power that it was OP to pass said heal to Beacon, during Beta!

The correct fix was to eliminate LoD, PotI from proccing Beacon (which you all will go ahead and do anyhow) and to take mana from judgement down to 10% range. Instead you destroyed ToR and 50% of the usefulness of Holy Power :)

You going to give us a useful talent to replace ToR?