Posted by Malekus
I posted this in another thread, but I'll repeat it here: Blizzard made healers the rate limiting factor in dungeon runs. They decided they didn't like the WotLK model and so they nerfed healing output and mana regen in the hopes that it would force groups to slow down, use cc, los pull, etc.

The problem is, they only nerfed healers. Take a gander over at the dps and the tank forums. How many posts do you see about dps casters going oom? How many warrior posts on rage starvation? How many posts about how hard prot pally tanking has become? None.

We are now the ball and chain slowing down the group, the ones tasked with yelling at them to use cc, not break that cc with aoe, learn to pull, etc. Why not nerf the hell out of aoe tanking as well? IDK.

I'm not complaining that the healing model has changed (although it has become more boring even as it has grown harder). I'm complaining that we were the only role to get our heads bashed in by the nerf bat.

Take a single class - priests. Now look at the Evangelism/Archangel talents. Awesome for shadow priests (I know, because that's my offspec), total suxors for disc (I know that too, because I've been trying to make it work). WTF?

You want to punish bad play? Let dps get one-shotted if they stand in aoe. Don't put the burden of their deaths on my back, so I can get yelled at for not healing them. The learning curve for healing now is steep, but the learning curve for dps and even tanking is not nearly so. That's what's not fair.

It's not the healing nerf that annoys me, it's the unfair punishment.

This guy couldn't be more right in everything that he said.

I attempted healing a regular Halls of Origination the other day in what, was just peaked, at 300 gear level. I was kicked for the reason of '##**ty healer' because the tank had ADD and couldn't understand the fact that healing has gotten /extremely/ hard for healers now. So being kicked, you sit back and wonder, 'wtf is the problem?'

I agree with this guy I quoted.

I get crapped on for everything if this is the case.

"Anime crying face! WAHH!"

Whatever the hell you wanna put it as, I don't care. But if I'm whining about being kicked from a regular dungeon pug because DPS and Tanks still HAVE a WoTLK mindset, how the hell do you combat that? So yes, I think DPS and Tanks should be brought down to the healers level then, if that's the case. Let them suffer just as much as we did. I think that'll balance things out as oppose to this low mana regen, not enough critting power, not enough haste, all this BS that healers shouldn't have to combat the horrible way we are now.