spam healing bait and switch?

85 Undead Priest
I was so excited for cata (no i didnt have the beta) because I was told (or read) that blizzard wanted to move away from spamming 1 spell over and over and over and .. ok enough of that

but instead, we get to spam a SLOWER less pwoerful spell twice as much or risk running oom??

is anyone else feeling like they got taken ..?

and i dont mean spam as in total amount healed or even number of that spell used, im talking about the amount of cast time required.

100 renew is not the same as 100 heal becuase renew is instant no gcd (talented) and heal is a 2.3s dreadfully slow cast.
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88 Blood Elf Paladin
No, because I had enough brains to read through the BS and see the eventual result. I also kept up with the changes and the feedback on the forums.

Critical thinking is hard, I hear.
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55 Human Death Knight
I'm not. While it is true that Heal is the spell I'm using the most and it IS true that it's being spammed, it is not the only spell I am using and there is no person playing using JUST heal to, well... Heal. Why? Incoming damage is much greater than the output of heal.

That's where the fun comes in.

While for the most part normal instances are boring, Heroics and the odd normal PuG do keep me on my toes and heal just isn't enough to keep my party going. Sometimes I have to throw some flash heals around or use Prayer of Healing to spread some Echo of Light around and then a circle of healing to get just a tad bit more HP out there. I actually have a use for greater heal now, which I didn't prior to Cataclysm. It wasn't even on my action bar, truth be told. Prayer of mending, Serenity, renew, and even sanctuary all have their use in my daily healing and while I still go OOM on some fights, it has become much easier as I've adjusted to the flow of things.

tl;dr Yeah, I'm spamming heal, but I'm also using every other spell in my arsenal. Now if only I could quit coddling and babysitting DPS with leap of faith, life would be perfect.
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