85 Human Priest
Can we have bubbles changed, so that rather than just dropping off if unused, they heal for the balance of the shield amount?

I don't see how this would imbalance anything, but maybe someone could enlighten me, if it would.

I think this would help get a little more use out of disc bubbles and the paladin mastery. It wouldn't be huge, but it would be nice.

Thank you!
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1 Night Elf Druid
yea, then they can make it so overheals add a shield instead of just being unused.

yea, no. they don't want to reward bad decisions. that was the whole point of the healing revamp. if you pw:s someone who isn't taking damage within the next 30s, you did it wrong.
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100 Tauren Druid
It would basically just make bubbles a heal, with the corner case (at least nowadays, when tanks are being hit for more than their max HP) of allowing someone to effectively allowing someone to go over their max HP temporarily.
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85 Human Priest
It's not rewarding bad decision making. Most bubbles now are a side effect from other heals... such as paladin mastery and PoH bubbles.

PW shield would not just be a heal.. it would be a shield, but after combat the extra would be used.

In Cata, with the damage model allegedly slowed down, and one shotting not happening, there are a lot of cases where I can see PoH bubbles/paladin bubbles being on injured group/raid members and falling off, leaving them with unhealed damage. That just seems like a waste.

I'll give an example- for disc, your group takes damage... you PoH, everyone gets a bubble- yay! Now if AE damage takes too long, those bubbles fall off and are wasted... same situation for paladins (with very short duration mastery bubble).

This has nothing to do with decision making... it's just the damage model. .. and I fail to see how having the bubbles heal would do anything except in *some* cases prevent the bubbles from being a total waste. If the bubble is actually used, then the damage is mitigated... if that is not OP, then the healing amount certainly wouldn't be.

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85 Blood Elf Priest
You can get a glyph that heals the target when you bubble them.
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85 Human Priest
Well, I know that... I am talking about unused bubbles. I think it would actually help paladins mastery more than disc.

It's not an issue of not healing enough... or bubbles would be used... it's more a quality of life thing... and getting more use of paladins bubbles.
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